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    Metastatic Neck Cancer, radiation, chemotherapy, surgery to remove muscle and then spread to carotid artery and now has mrsa through neck wound
    LYNNY47 posted:
    I am trying to find out some information. 4 years ago my brother was diagnosed with Neck Cancer and was radiated and given chemotherapy. After the chemotherapy about 6 months later it was in the muscle so they removed the muscle. Now he has a tunnel in his neck, he had an actual almost hole in his neck which looked infected to me. Finally someone listened and they realized he had an infection in the neck wound and now it is being treated by nurses on a daily basis. They come every day. My brother used to weigh 250 lbs. 4 years ago and now weighs 130 lbs. He has mrsa now and is going everyday for IV antibiotics. The cancer is also wrapping around his carotid artery so they restarted stronger chemotherapy. He is weak, tired and just looks so old. Heis only 58 years old. He can't seem to swallow well so we have to puree everything and hope we can get some calories on him. With the mrsa now it makes it harder. I think his cancer has also spread to his throat but we won't be able to find any of this out until after the IV antibiotics. This is not what I call any quality of life for him. I worry about how the carotid artery with bee affected and if it will just burst on him. It is very scary watching someone go through and like no one tells you exactly what is going on. If the VA had not over radiated him his neck might not be in this condition. His neck can not be repaired without skin grafting but I don't know if he will ever be a candidate for this. Any information anyone can give me will be really very helpful. Thank you.
    jgcjtk96 responded:
    First I am so sorry for what you are going through. I do understand. Our nightmare began in December 2012. My mom found out she had oral cancer with a mastitis spot on her carotid artery. She had to have massive radiation treatments on her neck. My mom died almost a year after her surgery. The cancer was gone but the treatment killed her. She could not eat or drink. Every time she was taken to the hospital, they gave her iv fluids and sent her home. The kept saying that this is normal. And you are right they do not tell you everything. They can do surgery for the artery but what can happen is far worse if it goes wrong. Three years before my moms cancer she had staff in her joints. She was in the hospital for a year on antibiotics. They she had to have 2 knee replacements and a hip. First find out if your brother wants to fight. Not for you but for himself. He is the one having to do all the treatments. Next do a lot for research. Then stand up to the doctors and fight them til they give you answers to the questions you ask. If we had the chance to do this all over again. My mom would not have had the surgery and would have enjoyed what time she had left with her family instead of the hell she went through. I do not know if this helps. But know I have been in your shoes. My mom was Marie P Walsh died January 11, 2014. This has been the longest year of my life and I miss her so very much. I am glad she is not feeling anymore pain.

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