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    Throat Cancer
    Bonnieshusband posted:
    Can any one help me with any information about throat cancer. Has anyone had it or are you a caregiver of someone that has it. My husband got it 7 mo. ago. He has had chemo and radiation and we are waiting for surgery now. His neck is swelling now and real hard. He is very tired and dozes most of the time when he is sitting such as watching tv. If anyone has any comments of this type of cancer and its outcome or after treatment I would be interested in hearing your story. Thank you.
    dons1caregiver responded:
    Hi Bonnie
    My name is Carol & I am a caregiver for my husband who has Squamous Cell throat cancer. He had to have a Trach put in because the tumor was cutting off his air. How can help you?? Also their is a site written by a man who went through all of this & he describes atep by step of what happened & how he felt, he also gives a lot of sites for help.
    Let me know if your interested, it helped me understand a lot of what my husband is feeling.It is as scary for you as it is for him .Support & getting info is important for the caregiver you will have a lot of stress put on you. Keeping all the appointments straight is a job by itself.I created a spread sheet to list all of his stats throughout the day & eve.
    joni556 responded:
    Various situations in ingesting thier food and beverages exist as a result of powerful anguish in the throat attributable to the strep throat infection. If this happens you need to seek for quick medical help when your overall body could possibly get weakened because of the lowered food intake. In order to avoid lack of fluids additionally it is advisable to take sufficient essential liquids. If by any chance that happens, getting plenty of sleep plus taking in additional fluids may fix the trouble. It truly is especially good to use liquids which contain carbohydrates. You should stay away from sipping gourmet coffee or even employ other coffee since they help out with loosing normal water from the body.

    If you want to alleviate your current pain you can also utilize throat lozenges in not so acute conditions. It's also advisable to apply gargling your strep throat using warm salty normal water or maybe get herb teas which get proved to be effective for a sore throat and also anguish inside throat. If you ever can't stand the pain sensation, you can use some pain-killer, but it's the very best to get to sleep lots because it's a creative way to feel better easily.
    Huggybear53 responded:
    I have the same type cancer only at the base of my tongue and in the lymph nodes in my neck. I was diagnosed on 10/01/2012. I went through 7 weeks of radiation, twice a day and chemo once a week for seven weeks. The tumor on my tongue was to big for surgery so I did the chemo and radiation to shrink it, hopefully completely so I don't have surgery. I got a good report from both doctors saying I won't need the surgery. I was really dreading the chemo. I had heard so many horror stories of how sick it made you and how bad you always felt, but the chemo was the easiest of the two. the radition burned my neck and throat really bad and my throate is still really sore. It feels like you are draging something prickly across the raw tissue every time you swallow. the salava glands are gone so I have to drink water all the time to keep my throat moist so I don't loose my voice talking. I can finally eat whatever I want as long as its not too spicy.The taste buds are coming back so the food tastes better. I use Biotene toothpaste & mouthwash to help with the dry mouth. I use a prescription swish & swallow medication to dull the pain when I eat. I was like your husband the first few weeks. When I got still i went to sleep.I still don't sleep but an hour at a time and wake up. I do that all night long still.I still drink a lot of Boost and Ensure to keep my strength up and take a good Multi- vitamin & Mineral suppliment.I'm still a little weak in my legs and have to be carefull not to fall going up & down steps. I was lucky I guess to be over weight when I started with treatments. Some had to have a feeding tube put in they had lost so much weight and was so weak. I have lost 75 lbs. so far but I had it to loose and wasn't much of a problem. I've talked to several people with this same type of cancer and they all say it gets better. It just takes longer than we expected or wanted. Good luck to your husband and I hope this in some way was helpfull to you and him. If I can help or answer any other questions, please let me know.
    real_spellcast responded:
    CONTACT DR DOUBLE OF FINAL SOLUTION TEMPLE...HE CAN can visit his webblog to reach him...( sorry if this coming late....

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