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    Very Worried
    Anon_16960 posted:
    Hello, I am 18 years old and incredibly worried about becoming ill. I have always been a hypochondriac, even when I was young; every little ache or pain turns into a crises which can be hard to shake. That being said, I believe that I could be developing symptoms of oral or throat cancer. Over the past four or five days my neck has been very sore, I have had frequent headaches and my ears have been throbbing. I have also noticed similar pain in my jaw and that my lymph nodes are swollen, not visibly noticeable but I can feel them. My throat is also constantly feeling clogged, I believe this may be due to post nasal drip from allergies or all the dust flying around from harvest this month but combined with other symptoms its frightening.

    Now the reason that I am even considering the prospect of cancer is that I have been using chewing tobacco for about three months off and on. A terrible idea for someone with an anxiety problem, I know but I figured it would do no harm to chew for three months and stop seeing as my dad has for 20+ years with no problem. I'm quite sure that cancer can develope in three months but it's hard to think rationally at this point. And the scariest of all is the chunk of gross colored stuff that I hacked up today, it smelled vile and I looked up that it could simply be related to tonsil stones or allergies.

    I leave for college in a day and all I can think about is the fact that I may have cancer. I cannot get excited about my new start because I feel as though my life is about to come to a screeching halt. I need a fresh perspective on the symptoms I have analyzed over and over again in my head for almost a week(maybe more, i can't be sure). I have talked to my parents about seeing a doctor but they quickly dismissed my symptoms as allergies. So, is it reasonable for me to believe that this neck pain is a result of too much time slouched over looking up symptoms on a computer; that my jaw, ear, lymph node, and throat problems are the result of seasonal allergies? Or should I be worried about these symptoms and take action? I know it rediculous for me to need opinions of strangers for a piece of mind, but it would truely help if someone would take the time to help me out. I have a hard time feeling that these symptoms aren't all related to a deadly cause. Any feedback is greatly apprecitated.

    Thank you.
    worn1 responded:
    Sorry about the delay in respondig. If you are still experiencing these
    same syptoms see a doctor and explain you situation. It is better safe than sorry. Let me suggest you lay off the tobacco. To take youur mind off things get a hobby. It can be simple as reading or put you creativity to work by sculpting, drawing, painting or anything else that uses your immagination. In other words redirect your energy to something that will help you make friends who want to be around you do to a positve attitude instead of a negative attitude. no one wants to listen to health problems or to some one who has nothing positive to say.


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