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    Please help, need insight before Dr. on Friday
    Mkxoxo3 posted:
    I am literally obsessing over my health right now. A few months ago I was in the shower and was rubbing my neck (which has been giving me issues for MONTHS) and noticed a very large hard lump on the right side. When I jumped out of the shower and looked in the mirror you could clearly see if from the outside of my skin. The lump is very hard and seems to be getting bigger. There is certainly some tenderness when I touch on it but it is not painful, just more of a discomfort. I went to the Dr. who told me it was a swollen lymph node. I had NO other symptoms at this time of a cold or anything of that sort. He prescribed me an antibiotic for my mysterious condition which I know I did not have. Mind you he didn't even touch or feel my neck. What a quack! So fast forward a few weeks and the lump is still there, hard, solid and driving me insane.
    So last week I saw online a Groupon for a cheap chiropractic massage. I said what the heck why not, maybe this will help relieve some of my neck pain. So I went to the chiropractor and he took x-rays of my neck but couldn't really tell me too much from what he saw because it wasn't a formal appointment. In the x-ray you can CLEARLY see a large mass on the outside of my neck. I am literally freaking out. I have 2 young girls, I am recently single raising them alone. I don't know what to do. I made an appointment for Friday with a different Doctor in my practice to get a second opinion and I refuse to leave without answers. I am just not sure what this could be. It doesn't seem like a swollen lymph node. I am not really experiencing other symptoms as of now. A slight cough due to the cold circulating around my family, constant headaches that persist throughout the whole day (catscan of head came back clean) and achy shoulders and neck.
    Does anyone have ANY insight. I just need to calm myself down before Friday. I am constantly crying literally obsessing over this. I just want to be ok

    An_249879 responded:
    Go to an ENT and ask for a biopsy. You need to find out. Do you have ear pain? Pain from the ear to the lump? Are you more fatigued than normal? Are you becoming hoarse? How long with the cough?
    Don't waster time or money with a GP, go to an ENT.
    Best Wishes to you.
    roxiwood responded:
    Hi... I just read your post and I am at a loss for words! I am in the exact same place that you were! I've have a big lump on my neck/ collar bone, throat area for a few months now and it is getting bigger and harder! I have been too scared to see a Dr. I finally made an appt for this Monday. I have a really good doctor but am really scared that it could be some form of cancer! Everything you said is what I'm going through. I know it's been 2 yrs and you probably won't even get this but I can always hope. How are you doing? I hope things are well for you and you are thriving.

    An_262708 replied to roxiwood's response:
    Still going through this?contact Dr Double of final solution spell temple... he can help you get a permanent solution to your illness. his email address is ([email protected])

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