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    Includes Expert Content
    Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy
    aggies93 posted:
    My periodontist has told me that I need to have gum surgery for all four quadrants of my mouth. The thought of the gums being cut and then sewn back is very distressing. I am also concerned that the recession will be greater after gum surgery. I began researching the laser surgery and came upon the procedure known as Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy, or RPE. Has anyone had this procedure? Can you tell me your experience and provide results? When I mentioned RPE to my periodontist, he seemed to not know what I was talking about at first and then said it was only for localized areas of the gum and not a procedure for the entire mouth. Any first hand experience with RPE would be appreciated.
    Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP responded:
    Hi aggies93,

    Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy is still a relatively new procedure. There are not many scholarly articles published on the topic so I am hesitant to give you definitive advice. I would suggest having a second opinion with a periodontist, I know the thought of having surgery all over your mouth can be overwhelming, but it may also be the right procedure.

    Newer procedures like Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy and laser therapy have shown good results but it is still early and the results are not in yet.

    Dr. Gwen Cohen Brown
    Californiadenizen replied to Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP's response:
    Based on my experience, I would suggest exploring ALL alternatives before submitting to traditional (osseous) peridontal surgery, where your gums are cut back and stitched together. It is horrendous.

    After two weeks of my surgery, I am still in constant pain and am virtually unable to chew anything solid. I have lost 20 pounds. My teeth now have huge gaps where supposedly "diseased" gum tissue was cut away, exposing the underside of my crowns. In addition to being unsightly in the extreme, these gaps and sub-crown ridges now make it almost impossible for me to keep my teeth free of food particles.

    Finally, my teeth are now loose.

    Now, you might say that perhaps this is all necessary if all of this pain and travail will save your teeth. But there turns out to be NO SCIENTIFIC evidence for that whatsoever.

    I hope others will benefit from reading this and avoid this barbaric, painful, and damaging (not to mention exorbitantly expensive) procedure.

    Ask your dentist about these after affects and ask them for specific evidence that it works.
    Tajokase responded:
    I also am looking into treatments, please do let us know what you decide and how it works. Thank you for starting this thread.
    Mountains2102 responded:
    I am looking into the RPE prodedure. Did you ever find out anything else about it?? Is there anyone else out there that knows anything about this procedure?? thank you
    gillymc replied to Mountains2102's response:
    I have been researching and have contacted this clinic:

    I sent them my xrays and perio chart for review and they are calling me in the morning for a consultation. I am in Canada and nobody does this procedure here. My dentist says my teeth aren't the problem, my bone loss is. Her solution, extract all of my teeth, dentures, implants and it will only cost me $35,000.00. If the RPE might work, I will give it a try.
    reuben70 replied to gillymc's response:

    I have had Periodontal Endoscopy treatment at Periopeak 18th months ago and after this treatment along with very good dental hygene I have kept all my pockets down to below 3 with most at 2 and 1's. I travelled from the uk for this treatment and it was well worth the money and effrord. The other option was 4 x surgery on each quarter of my mouth over a very long period. The treatment I had at Periopeak was done in a day. If you have any further questions reagrding this please do not hesitate.
    Good luck

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