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    Includes Expert Content
    Tooth soap better than tooth paste?
    DesertRat2012 posted:
    I have read that normal toothpaste has harmful ingredients like triclosan that seep into the body. Are "natural" tooth soaps safe and effective? Their main ingredient is coconut oil, and they supposedly allow for better re-enamelization/re-mineralization of teeth. I am seriously considering switching to tooth soap but would like some professional perspective.
    Zev Kaufman, DDS responded:
    Dear SesertRAt2012:

    The internet is available for anyone to write anything. The fact that it is "there" does not mean that it is right or that anyone else but you is reading it. Most "hysteria" articles about any substance should be coming from a refereed, industry journal, not from the national inquirer, or a celebrity blog.

    The main point of oral hygiene is getting the bacterial plaque off your teeth. The only way to do this is by the physical actions of BRUSHING and FLOSSING. Tooth paste IS NOT needed to complete the action.

    Tooth paste is used to lubricate the brush so that the action is not "dry", as well as deliver very minor amounts of fluoride to the tooth surface.

    The effects of tooth paste come into play ONLY if your brushing and flossing are immaculate. It is as if you were worried about whether it is better to run in special running shoes or tennis shoes, while sitting on the couch eating ice cream and chocolate. The important thing to do is to have a proper diet and exercise. Whether you run 4 or 5 miles is inconsequential.

    Brush and Floss your teeth. Use whatever tooth paste you like (I personally choose one based upon the flavor--I like mint), If you want to rinse, that is fine too. Just make sure to go to your dentist and have your brushing technique checked when you go in for a professional cleaning (at least every 6 months).

    Best wishes,
    Dr. Zev Kaufman
    DesertRat2012 replied to Zev Kaufman, DDS's response:
    Thanks for responding. You're absolutely right about anyone putting anything online, especially if it makes a buck.
    Zev Kaufman, DDS replied to DesertRat2012's response:
    You are very welcome.

    Best wishes,
    Dr. Zev Kaufman
    ZevisLying responded:
    dude, doctor zev is very wrong, yes the internet is flooded with lies, but lets use logic here. on one hand you have toothpaste: many chemicals, flouride, and if you swallow too much it says "CALL POISON CONTROL" wow. your skin is a sponge so anything in your mouth will be absorbed into your bloodstream even if you spit it out afterward. now on the other hand you have something all natural with a better pH (being acidic is the main cause of aging and cancer) hmmmm EASY CHOICE! dr zev is a doctor meaning he makes money from your ignorance, you go to HIM and PAY HIM so that he can offer his services and since tooth soap isnt one of his products he will not recommend it obviously. trust me i am a damn genius and i use tooth soap and my teeth have repaired the cavities on their own, SCREW TOOTHPASTE. i am enraged at dr zevs response i really am brother. i am here to spread the knowledge and truth to help my children of the world. i even created this account for the sole purpose of saving you from his evil nonsense. live long and prosper. email me at my random email i made for nonsense stuff like this if you have any questions:
    ZevisLying replied to Zev Kaufman, DDS's response:
    shut the fukkkk up dr zev you piece of sh!tttttt. you dont even inform him of putting teatree oil on his flos, or using an all natural bristled toothbrush. you obviously know nothing of real health ideals

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