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    Strange irritated tastebuds for more than six months
    ashler posted:
    Good evening Doctor,

    I am writing for advice because this problem is really starting to worrying me.

    I have a strange problem in my tongue since June (about six months now). I have the following symptoms:

    - White tongue
    - Irritated taste buds (sometimes painful)
    - Hypersalivation
    - Teeth marks in the border

    I think the white tongue is product of the excessive saliva. My saliva is white and foamy.

    You can see pictures of my tongue here:

    Notice the raised tastebuds in the front part of my tongue. Does are sore specially if I talk too much (due the friction of my tongue and teeths). Sometimes my tastebuds are sore because I think they are "broken" (I don't know how to say: like if I click on them with a nail to pop them up)

    Raised tastebuds in the border side of my tongue

    Notice the borders of my tongue. Teeth marks are specially noticiable in the mornings:

    I have been tested for several things. Tested 5 times for HIV (Negative) out to 9 months from last sexual exposure with 4th generation Elisa.

    Tested also for Hep B, Hep C, Syphilis, etc. (Negative). Tested positive for Herpes 1/2 (reinfection?), also tested positive for CMV, EBV, Hep A and HPV-16 (being in treatment now with ISOPRINOSINE).My dermatologist thought to irritated tastebuds could be due HPV, but the treatment does not do anything.

    Tested positive for yeast (oral swab) in June. Two tests done around September, and another in October were negative yeast.

    These strange symptoms in my tongue ocurred about 4 months after I had a sexual encounter with a girl. I am not sure if my tongue problems are related to that.

    Does this looks like a virus? Does it looks like a geographic tongue? Have you ever seen a case like this? Do I need a biopsy?

    Your advice will be greaty appreciated. My quality of life has decreased a lot because of this issue.

    Thank you in advance.
    ashler responded:
    For bigger pictures of the pics above, you may see here:

    Tongue left side

    Tongue front

    Tongue another side

    Tongue border side

    Thanks very much in advance for your answer.
    Ralf4400 replied to ashler's response:
    have the same exact situation, i have tested many things
    STD, Blood, Vitamins...etc many many diagnoses

    all negative
    ashler replied to Ralf4400's response:
    Hi Ralf,

    does this strange tongue issues occurred to you some months later after a sexual encounter?

    do you still have irritated papillae in the front of the tongue (mine persists for more than six months now). what are you doing to deal with it?

    all the best.
    Ralf4400 replied to ashler's response:
    yeah, but no doctor could address the issue

    actually they only diagnosis blood and vitamins issue

    my tongue is healthy now, i don't know how but the only effective thing i remember is the vitamin B12 shots
    fanmickey responded:
    Have the same also, going on about 3 months now. Blood tests are all normal, and ENT doctor not concerned. Sometimes they stop periodically, but never even a week of relief. Have been using Lysine (herbal supplement) as well as B vitamins, with little effect. When symptoms peak, I am sluggish, tired and feel overall sick. Did do a course of steroids which did wipe them out, but symptoms returned within a week of going off the meds...Please post if your doc figures this tired of it!
    ashler replied to Ralf4400's response:
    Thanks Ralf,

    Sorry to bother, but I have some questions as my symptoms persists for more than six months now:

    1) which of my symptoms did you have? all of them? some of them?

    2) when you say 'shots', do you mean Vitamin B12 injections?

    3) what do you mean with 'blood' issue? what kind of things they found in you?

    4) how many months after your sexual encounter do these symptoms appeared?

    ashler replied to fanmickey's response:

    1) which of my symptoms do you have? all of them? some of them?

    2) do these symptoms appeared out of the blue? do they appeared also some time after a sexual encounter?

    3) what kind of steroids did you take?

    captmacoy replied to ashler's response:
    Hi Ashler,

    I had this symptoms for 8 years.This blisters came out after I had a sexual encounter with a woman and my tongue becomes white(just like yours) and I had blisters around the sides of the tongue and also on my esophagus. We have almost the same problem. After I got this , I had recurrent tonsillitis. A tonsillectomy was performed last year but still its the same. My EENT doctor ordered several antibiotics and anti fungal but it did not affect my condition. I did my laboratory work up but all are negative except for CBC. It showed that I had low level WBC.But after 5 days, I did rechecked it and now it is normal.
    ashler replied to captmacoy's response:

    thanks a lot for answering!

    I guess you did all the HIV tests etc so I won't ask you that. But I would like to know: how did you handle living 8 years with this?

    also, do you had also sore taste buds from time to time in the tip/border-front of your tongue? i have the impression my tastebuds there heal (not completely) then 'break' again (and is there when it's painful). did you have something similar as well?

    i guess the blisters in the esophagus where found with an endoscopy? I didn't do that, but I will certainly do if this symptoms persist.

    My WBC is within the normal limit but in the low side of the scale (4,5 range is 4 to 10). tomorrow I am going for another CBC to check this and other levels. we will see how it goes.

    let's keep in touch!
    SexualHasBeen replied to ashler's response:

    Your tongue looks almost exactly like mine, I no longer have a sex life because I don't want to spread this. Back in 2007 I gave a beautiful girl oral sex and a few days later I started getting a prickly feeling on the tip of my tongue. Weeks and months had passed and little by little the feeling spread to my entire tongue, which then transformed into itching, pain and swelling. Ever since then I've developed a speech impediment, especially with words involving the letter "s". This condition has caused me to make poor decisions, basicly ruined my life and altered it to the point of no return.

    I went to several doctors and they all said I was fine and that nothing could be done, bs. I always asked for some kind of hpv test knowing that this was probably causing all this agony to no avail, they said they couldn't test for hpv on men. I went through many forms of treatment from doctors for pain relief and they all failed. Then I began injecting myself with b12 shots and that worked for a few days and then it just stops working and I got worried about over doing the vitamins. All this I get for licking a woman's vagina and I never would do this before, but she was so beautiful I couldn't resist it.

    I've tried expensive products like Dr.Katz mouthwash(fail) and Super Lysine cold sore treatment(semi worked, but fail too). I though man I've really hit rock bottom with this condition I have. Then after 5 years research on the internet I finally discovered castor oil, I began using food grade castor oil and my life has changed. I pour a little bit right under my tongue where the most itchy, pain and swelling was felt and along the front and side edges of my tongue. Basicly, I pour some right under my tongue and use my tongue to move it around my mouth. Then I used my finger to massage it into the areas that further need it.

    After I do this I feel much better for that day, I have to do this at least once a day or it starts getting itchy and/or swells up. I don't have a job anymore and have no money for doctor's anymore, otherwise I'd try to push hard to get the testing you got done for yourself. Just thought I'd share with you what works for me, just ran accross your posting and had to share my horrible experience with you. 5 years of torture and God finally led me to discover the ultimate pain reliever, castor oil has been the best thing since sliced bread for me.

    Let me know if this helps and any breakthroughs you may discover, may not be the same thing but sounds very similar. Hopefully we can all work together and find us a cure for these new age STD's bro!
    ashler replied to SexualHasBeen's response:
    thanks @SexualHasBeen for sharing story.

    May I ask if you have also the swollen taste buds in the tip/front part of the tongue as one of your symptoms? and are they sore sometimes? This is I would say my may symptom.

    In my case I had some very bizarre symptoms 2-3 after this sexual exposure. I had a swollen gland in the neck and a very painful urinary track infection. I was almost sure I've got HIV (despite it's usually unlikely to get it through a fellatio). I had 5 neg HIV tests since then.

    The tongue issues appeared about 4 months of my exposure. One day, out of the blue, I had these irritated tastebuds in the front border of my tongue... until now.

    I have been doing an extensive research and it seems I have a kind of BMS ( however I am a male in my 30's and this seems unlikely. This is a condition usually seen in menopause women.

    I have added the castor oil to my list. I have also been reading that Alpha Lipoic Acid and Zing losenges might help.

    By the way, before this sexual incident I was healthy as a horse. I just don't understand what's going on here.

    Will keep continuing updating about my situation.

    captmacoy replied to ashler's response:
    Yes, I got this when I was 18 years old. It is almost the same as yours. After an hour of initial contact I felt something wrong with my tongue.There was a tingling sensation and I went to the doctor after 3 days. I noticed blisters at the tip of my tongue and like extra threads and blisters underneath my tongue.

    What I did was I went to the EENT specialist and informed her about the situation.This condition did change my life. The doctor did not do anything, so I go on with my life and forget it. The blisters did not disappear, the size where the same(for 8 years).

    Lately, I had recurrent pharyngitis and my immune system where a bit low. So, I took lots of vitamins. Vitamin A, E and C.

    If you have suggestions.please inform me.Thanks.
    captmacoy responded:
    ISOPRINOSINE,Does it really help? I am afraid of having oral cancer.huhhu. Lord be with me
    SexualHasBeen replied to ashler's response:
    Yes, I also have the swollen taste buds in the tip/front part of the tongue, that was the first symptom the next day after giving that girl oral. The very next morning the tip of my tongue felt like I ate too many kiwis, wasn't until months passed when the swelling and severe itching began. After the fact I could tell the woman already had it for years before me by her voice, but she wouldn't admit it and cut me off soon thereafter, so I never got the truth out of her.

    I believe different forms BMS are a symptom of these type of diseases. I was also healthy as a horse before this happen to me, I'm a stress ball now from all the 5-6 years of torture I've endured. I never had anxiety until then, now everything makes my tongue react negatively and severely affects my mood. Even when I'm in a good mood sometimes, underlying that I'm involuntarily pissed off 24/7.

    I also use NOW brand elderberry and zinc lozenges from time to time, they help calm the irritable sensitivity and are affordable. Another tip is to floss every morning to keep your gums clean, I read that hpv dirty gums can cause tongue cancer. I'm starting to accept that I have a disability even though I consider this a private matter and nobody can tell I have this health problem.

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