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    Wanting to talk to those who have a claim in for Social Security Disability Benefits.
    girlsofspfd posted:
    Of course my claim was denied initially. As they mostly all are. I have a disability attorney. I am just entering the 9th month of the "God awful" waiting process and am growing more depressed and anxious by the day. I have SO much to say about all this it wouldn't fit in this box! I have no one to talk to about it in my life, not anyone that would understand anyhow. And would be grateful for the comments and understanding of those that are going thru this ordeal. They don't make it easy or pleasant to get the disability benefits ( which we have earned, by the way ) in this country. It is a survival of the fittest and when you have a disability. God help you. You've already lost your quality of life, health, and job. Now you have to lose everything you have just to fight for benefits.
    _swank_ responded:
    It has to be hard to get disability because there are so many people that are filing bogus claims. I know two of them personally. They just got sick of working and found a way to drop out of society. Disability claims are at an all time high due to the economy from what I've read. People are finding out they can make more money by just being disabled.

    So yes, it sucks for people that are really disabled but unless they find a good way to weed out the freeloaders then that's the way it has to be.

    The one person I know that is really disabled has one problem with his cervical spine, and one only. The other two have a list of things wrong which is a red flag to me. The list includes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. None of those things are disabling but somehow if you put them on a list it makes it look more horrible.
    girlsofspfd replied to _swank_'s response:
    Yes, you are absolutely right in that the bogus claims are at an all time high. I will only get 800.00 per mth when all is said and done. I don't know who in their right mind would want to go thru all the hell of applying and waiting for a year or more and losing everything in the process if they were capable of working. Who would "choose" to only have 800.00 per month if they had the option to make more. I would LOVE to have back the financial independence that I once had. Currently I'm literally stuck in a bad marriage because I don't have the means to do much about it. I don't have family members that can help. Or even anyone to talk to other than my daughter. I had to quit the job I had when I had the TKR in December. I've always had to do the very physical warehouse/production kind of jobs. I endured a great deal of pain for many years doing these jobs until it got so bad I was literally falling. And at the age of 50 I finally found a dr. that was willing to replace it in spite of my age. He wasn't going to do it however if I was going to continue doing the kind of job I had. And you don't get unemployment benefits if you quit a job because of a disability. So anyhow, here I am. I have resorted to "stealing" change from the person I am married to ( I refuse to use the word Husband ) because he refuses to give me any money. I am lucky if I have gas in my car and am able to buy dog food. I have decided it's better to live in denial because it's hard for me to wrap my mind around just how bad off I am. I'm 'suppose" to keep seeing my orth dr. since I also have oa in the other knee but that ain't going to be happening either. I live in the country and can't go anywhere that doesn't consists of a lot of driving. Which makes it difficult when you don't have money for gas.
    Please forgive my rambling. I could go on and on. But please know how much I appreciate your response and hope to hear from you again!
    alwaysfails responded:

    I filed with a law company that advertises on tv, that was July 2010. I was told it will take another year, approx. 2012. Nothing you can do. I gave up golf after 40 years of playing, rain, wind or snow, I played, that was my life. I carried my clubs and walked the golf course, no riding in lazy man carts for me. I was moving to Germany in 2010, now I find it difficult to walk down Main Street. The only good thing that came out of this was I lost 10 lbs because I have little appetite. I have also simplified my life and I am getting rid of everything I don't use on a regular basis, minimize your life, sell what you don't use.. Another thing I did, was to buy, for about $10,, touch outlets, so I just have to touch metal on a lamp to turn it on or off. Little things like that help. Best wishes
    girlsofspfd replied to alwaysfails's response:

    I feel your pain. I have also got a claim in and trying to survive the hellish wait period. My atty. blames the backlog on a lack of judges. All I can say is this country should be ashamed and I wish everyone was somehow effected and knew just how broken the system is. I honestly think it would be more humane to just be put out of my misery - like the broken down horse. LOL
    It amuses me how SSD thinks there is just the "perfect" job out there for someone with a disablity. My response to that is, "If there were that perfect job out there for someone with a disablity, then there wouldn't be a need for SSD, right?"
    And by the way, in this economy, you go out there and compete with many of the younger/healthy/trained people for jobs and see where it gets you!!
    I too am trying to sell items. To be honest I am desperate for any kind of money. Haven't had much luck in selling anything yet though.
    Well, take care and thanks for listening to my ramblings!
    _swank_ replied to girlsofspfd's response:
    All I can say is that a TKR should not disable you forever. I was 52 when I had mine. I got laid off from a job and went back to school to learn another profession. I was in school when I had the TKR but it didn't stop me. Look at the Department of Labor's web site and find the jobs that are in high demand. Then go back to school and learn how to do one of those. You're in a crap situation but you can get out if you work hard enough.
    girlsofspfd replied to _swank_'s response:
    It sounds good in theory but it does take money, and lots of it, to go back to college. I had inquired about it at one time and since I don't qualify for the Pell grants, I would be paying on it per month during the duration of the school. I had also been involved with an org called Vocational Rehabilitation and that also turned out to be a waste of time.

    I am assuming that if you got laid off from your job that you were able to draw unemployment?

    Thanks for the suggestion however! Take Care.
    _swank_ replied to girlsofspfd's response:
    You can also look into scholarships and loans. I got a full scholarship to go back to school. Community colleges and technical colleges are much cheaper than others. You can also take many courses on-line. It's not easy but if you want it bad enough you can do it. It's better than sitting around doing nothing for the rest of your life.

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