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    Foot/Ankle/Heel Pain. Post Sub-talar fusion
    An_249032 posted:
    Don't want to take meds. Last thing I want to do. I've nearly reached post-fusion operation for 12 months. I've had one of the most difficult years of my life. All sorts of anxiety and panic that just loiters below the surface when I start thinking long-term or life long situation. I do not know what to do if it comes down to another solution from my surgeon (to have some kind of surgery or re-fusion). It was way bad prior to the surgery hence having the surgery, but nothing like this. I had enough time or strength to manage a daily workout and regular deskjob. I have difficulty even making a 20 minute grocery store trip without ending up elevated and laid up. I have a history with pain meds and pain management and it truly scares me just as much to imagine a life entailing that necessity everyday. One left foot subtalar fusion. Pain carried on through high school athletics but really became an issue at age of 21-22. First surgery for bone spur clean up and removing an old fractured piece (part of heel). Then finally gave in to having surgery (fusion) at 34. Tried to get through barriers put in front but may have reached the reality of my foot is chronic and I've got to maximize my limitations now. Anyone know of anything that would help me. I am seeking a permanent therapist to help out with the mental obstacles that inherently come with this. I've got a very bad and big misunderstanding family member that includes to some that live with me. The subject has created such judgment and destruction its really lead me to just say that pain meds are worth it to avert this if I can start to work on my foot again. But I know my history and pain meds are not ideal in any reality tbh. Really to the point of considering which way of living is worth it.

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    Who is best to listen to? My surgeon, another 'surgery,' or find the best psychiatrist/pain management counselor that can recommend the best doctor and course of action for me. Financially, I am very stuck. I don't want to become dependable on disability if I don't have to?
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    bsanva responded:
    I feel your pain. I dealt with a bad ankle that steadily got worse for years. For years I just put on a happy face and ignored it. Then I put on a happy face and walked slower. But at some point the pain messes with your head. I took pain relievers when I was unable to walk without blacking out. That worked for a long time. Eventually it didn't. I used marijuana at night to help me sleep, but was unwilling to do so during the day. Worst of all, the doctors never had any answers. I was in a severe migraine for many years and felt like I couldn't function on even a basic level. I jumped from surgeon to surgeon but they had no options. Pain management is a joke. Physical therapy only works for joints which are improved with movement. And Psychiatrists can't help with this level of chronic pain. My solution was a total ankle replacement. My head was clear from the moment I left the operating room. Consult with a surgeon in your area which has the Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR). My sub-talar is fused, but doesn't affect me now that my total ankle operates without pain. I don't know if this is going to be an option for you, but know that you aren't going crazy. The pain is simply overwhelming. Don't give up, keep on searching for the right doctor. My head is clear now, but I remember what it was like to try to function in overwhelming pain. Good luck.
    onyx8 replied to bsanva's response:
    hi, i had a car accident on 2009 had my ankle broken and displaced. I had 4 surgeries, 3 of them were to fix my bones with screw, titanium etc. [br>my ankle problems began on 2010 1 year later from the accident and i already had my 3 surgeries. [br>My doctor asked for MRI. I had osteofit and post traumatic arthritis. So i had a microfracture surgery. I was ok for 1 year. [br>than my nightmare started again. Now its been 3,5 years and suffering a lot. [br>Bec my lesions are so much and all over cartilage, joint doctors say there is no ssurgery for me.[br>I dont want ankle fusion. But im searching about ankle replacement.[br>I have so much pain even when im resting lying sleeping all the time.[br>I used Geralgine K and etol ford for pain killers. I dont want to use any more meds anymore,[br>I also want to talk to someone who has the similar problems bec noone can understand it totally.[br>Im female 25, living in Istanbul.[br>Waiting for an answer.
    Reading your msg kind of releived me bec u seem optimistic, pleased and living normal.
    I am losing my mind.
    help please
    bsanva replied to onyx8's response:
    Describing pain to doctors is beyond frustrating. They only understand basic pain. Chronic pain is a whole different thing. Your pain meds obviously aren't helping, so why take them? I know how it is when the pain is more than you can handle. I also know how it affects your mind. I swear there is nothing louder than the sound of overwhelming pain. Especially when you can't stop the pain even when you try to rest. Marijuana will help, but you obviously need a more permanent relief.

    First you have to change doctors. I found a very progressive surgeon in Dunmore, PA USA. I know there is an experimental surgeon in Seattle, WA USA. I don't know what there is in Istanbul. You may need to travel. Ask your family doctor where the closest world renowned joint replacement center is in Europe. The next few surgeons probably won't know what to do for you, so ask them where they would go if THEY needed the latest technology. I don't like fusion, I think it is a bad surgery. If they suggest that, I think you can dismiss them as under qualified for your situation.

    Joint replacement worked for me. Before surgery my mind had turned to mush. So much of my mind was focused on trying to deal with the pain that I couldn't think of much else. Occasionally I am a little sore, but I haven't had overwhelming pain even once since surgery. If you want someone to talk to, you can e-mail me at I may not have all of the answers you need, but I do understand your current situation. If you think you want to consult with a doctor in the USA I can give you a couple of suggestions. I am sure there are many in Europe as well, I just don't know who any of them are.

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