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    Five weeks after TKR and still in so much pain. Anybody have any encouraging words
    kathcasc posted:
    I had a TKR on Feb 11, 2013 and was hoping by now the pain
    would have subsided. The nights are awful. I am taking oxycodone
    at night for the pain but am still waking up. I spoke to my Dr and told
    him that I can't take a narcotic drug during the day because it makes
    me so tired and I just finished in home therapy and on Monday will
    be starting out patient. I cannot be driving and taking narctics, My
    Dr suggested I take 3 advil twice a day. Nothing seems to be
    helping and since I got out of bed this morning it is all I can do to
    walk. Some days are better than others. I would love to hear from
    people who have gone through this and would like to know if they
    still had a lot of pain at 5 weeks.
    pgt1956 responded:
    Hey kathcasc!

    It's me again. I imagine you would like to hear from someone else, but having gone thru it 7 1/2 months ago (and going thru it again in 2 months) - - I still can relate. I'll begin by stating something that my doctor & nurse have said repeatedly: EVERYONE is different, and goes thru it at different paces. Also, it will take an entire YEAR before you start to feel normal again. Are you actually having intense pain in your "new" knee, or is it a great amount of stiffness & sweeling that's causing the pain? The reason I ask is because I had SUCH intense pain in both knees before the first surgery, that now I tell people that there is a big difference between the intense pain in the "old" knee and the swelling & stiffness (pain) in my "new" knee. 5 weeks is still rather "new" for a surgery such as ours. I wasn't sleeping well at night then, either. I found that I couldn't take pain pills too late in the day and sleep at night. I think that I had written before that I took a sleeping pill at night (provided after surgery by my surgeon), used a "knee pillow", and eventually I didn't need either. I started out immediately after surgery going to the rehab center, and will do the same in May. The last few weeks of my rehab I asked to have water therapy, and continue this form of exercise now. The warm water is WONDERFUL! As always, I hope any of my advice/experience will help some. Keep exercising, moving, and above all: ICING. : )

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