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    Total Knee Replacement as day surgery
    seabreezn posted:
    After years of receiving Supartz shots to keep my right knee going - the last series of shots failed to help . I now have significent pain / burning & occ. the knee gives out . I wear a knee brace an now use a cane . Past HX; is a severe back injury ( learned to walk again) an multiple gastro surg's - by the 3rd gastro surg my back injury resurged with pain = chronic pain in back/stomach.
    Recently visiting my Ortho Dr. of many years , he stated I need a total knee replacement . That it would be " Day surgery " then , I was to go home as long as I had 24-7 care for a week or to a rehab ...He didn't go into the surgery or my allergies to steel an silicone .
    I wonder about the effect on the knee replacement from that leg being one inch shorter than the other ?.
    Has anyone ever had a total knee replacement as Day Surgery ?.
    What type of artifical knee's are available that have no steel / silicone ?.
    Has anyone gone through anything similar to the above ? I'm in the midst of deciding what to do and would appreciate any feed back .

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    Has anyone had a total knee replacement as day surgery ?
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    _swank_ responded:
    I don't know of any knee replacements that are made of steel. Most are either titanium or oxinium.

    I would not agree to any knee replacement that was done as out-patient surgery. The pain is immense, not to mention the risk of infection and the need of physical therapy right away. So many things can go wrong that really require staying at the hospital. Don't do it.
    kathcasc replied to _swank_'s response:
    I have never heard of same day surgery for TKR. You have
    to be monitored after such a major surgery. I had mine done
    8 weeks ago and was in the hospital for 3 days before
    being moved to rehab. It is a very painful surgery and you
    will need to take pain meds and also get started right
    away with therapy. I agree with Swank. I would advise you
    to see another Dr. Good luck!
    seabreezn replied to kathcasc's response:
    Thanks for the imput . Hope this note finds you " flexing " well with your new knee ..........I did check around an found that one week in a PT rehab is the norm .
    Hope your up & about ! Take good care ,Seabreezn
    seabreezn replied to _swank_'s response:
    Thanks for your reply - yes , I checked around and it seem one week in PT rehab is the norm around here . Titanium is the reg.
    Thanks for taking the time . S.
    Neel07 responded:
    My aunt was advised TKR but she denied the surgery. Thats when she decided to undergo new technology called SPMF, administered thru a machine similar to MRI with small gantry. The duration was 21 days and now she has recovered completely.
    An_256974 replied to Neel07's response:
    I read the article at it looks like a paid news. My mother took the treatment and it failed. Patients are advised to check up all literature on the subject. There are a lot of paid articles on the web which praise the treatment but all are false. Check the FDA site and it says " Symptoms of arthritis tend to come and go so it is easy to fall prey to such so called treatments that use magnets".

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