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    Depression, Lethargy, low Motivation and Osteoarthritis
    jorichards56 posted:
    Just enquiring if other people with OA experience extreme lethargy, depression and low motivation over long periods?
    This seems to be increasing as I age and it impacts significantly on my ability to work efficiently.

    Any ideas to address and improve the above??

    Thank you
    SquirrelQueen1155 responded:
    I can certainly identify with what you are saying. I'll be interested to read responses. For me, my back and legs are the major areas. When the pain is bad, its hard to be productive. I think about how my life has been impacted & can easily allow depression, which I was diagnosed with more that 25 years ago, take over. At these times, I've got to focus on 3 positive things each day. A gratitude journal can really help refocus things. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!
    editor_morgan responded:
    Hi jorichards56, [br>[br>It seems that you are not only suffering the physical toll of osteoarthritis, but also an emotional one. You are definitely not alone. [br>[br>Click here to read more on the emotional toll that osteoarthritis can cause. Support groups and one-on-one therapy sessions can be pivotal in tackling the depression caused by osteoarthritis.
    [br>Another way to tackle the emotional effects of osteoarthritis to build your strength physically, which will increase your quality of life and possibly give you a more positive outlook on life. There is a chance that you could be feeling lethargic because of a nutritional deficiency.

    In addition, exercising has so many positive effects on the body. As always, be sure to get clearance from your doctor or physical therapist before proceeding with any exercise regimen.

    Click the links below to read more about nutrition, exercises and osteoarthritis.

    1. Nutritional supplements and osteoarthritis
    2. Tips for Healthy Joints
    3. Exercising with Arthritis
    [br>Additional information:

    10 tips for living better daily with osteoarthritis

    Home Remedies for Osteoarthritis [br> [br>There is light at the end of the tunnel! Don't give it up, stay the course and you will see improvements to both your physical & emotional health.
    [br>And remember, we are here for you ((hugs)).

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