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    Shoulder pain won't stop: HELP!
    joerevs299 posted:
    Hi everyone, I hurt my right shoulder near the end of the 2008 bowling season (in March I believe), after getting upset and throwing my 14 lb ball too hard at a spare. Of course, I didn't stop bowling because one of my teams was fighting for 1st place. I basically took the summer off and then started bowling this year, but the pain has not abated. I was selected to participate in the Air Force Bowling Championships in early December, and I had to pull out of that tournament after 3 days and 18 games because of multiple pains. I was taking the ibuprofen I mentioned below but also having to Icy Hot my shoulder before and after the day's bowling. I've went to a doctor about the pain, and he passed it off as just "tendonitis" (I am in the military) and gave me some 600 mg Ibuprofen. Some days I can take 1800 mg throughout the day and it barely fazes it. I recently got some indomethacin at 50 MG...I only take it at night because I didn't get a whole lot of it, and it seems to do OK. The pain feels really deep in...nothing that a muscle massage can do anything about. I'm only 32, but I did golf a lot in high school for 3 years, and it's possible this is just early arthritis in my shoulder. I also had hurt my left shoulder in 2004, took a year off from golfing because of it, tried to play in 2006, got through 9 rounds and it hurt I sold my golf clubs and didn't play for almost 2 years. When I played again, that pain was gone, and today I have ZERO pain in my left shoulder. So what I think I did was probably fray a ligament or tendon, or damaged some cartilage in my shoulder/rotator cuff area and maybe it's scarred now and causing that discomfort. Is what I'm feeling normal, and does it just sound like some tendonitis/arthritis pain? Or is it possible I tore something in there but still have almost a full range of motion? Thanks all for your replies in advance. Joe
    _swank_ responded:
    You need to get an MRI. It's possible to do some serious damage and still have full range of motion. I know this because I had a complete rotator cuff tear along with a torn biceps tendon and had full range.
    joerevs299 responded:
    swank, thanks for your reply. I'm going to make an appointment next week and get a refferal next week to a specialist. Otherwise they'll just give me more ibuprofen. Do you think it's something serious especially because if I sleep on my right side at night, I wake up and it's very sore that morning? I really hope something isn't torn!
    _swank_ responded:
    I can't really say if it's something serious but the fact that it hasn't gotten better is not a good sign. Rotator cuffs don't heal on their own and tend to get bigger. Also, trouble sleeping on that side is another symptom of a torn rotator cuff as well as pain when you reach behind your back like putting your hand in your back pocket. But, there are a lot of things that can happen in a shoulder, it's a very complicated joint, so sometimes it's hard to tell one injury from another. By the way, thank you for your service to our country. I think it's a shame that our heroes don't get the best medical care available.
    taterbug1949 responded:
    Joe be very careful about taking that much ibuprofen daily it really messed up my ex-husband's stomach. He almost got an ulcer from it. I agree with swank you need to have an MRI done. There are all kinds of possibilities that could be causing the problem even spurs. Spurs are very painful. Ann

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