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    Hip Surgery Bursa Removed
    Emmittearl posted:
    Has anyone had surgery to have their bursa removed in their hip? I am considering it, love my doctor, but just can't decide. Don't get me wrong, the pain is that bad...been this way for almost 6 years now. I would love to hear someone elses story of success or not! Thanks. Deb
    taterbug1949 responded:
    I have never heard of this type of surgery. What exactly do they do?

    AchyElf responded:
    The bursa is like a ziploc bag filled with lubricating fluid. It covers the joint and makes movement smoother. When it is inflamed you get bursitis. I have it in both hips. My left hip is huge and disfigured. My rheumy wants me to have a bursectomy but the surgeon I saw didn't care to help me.

    A bursectomy does not involve cutting into the hip joint. I believe in some cases arthroscopics can be used which minimizes the incision. This is what my rheumy told me. I hope it helps.
    taterbug1949 responded:
    Thanks for the explanation Achy Elf. I wondered if it was similar to bursitis as it has been known for so long and I guess it is. I've heard the older generation talk about having bursitis when I was a child. I am 59 so you know that has been a while back.

    granny908 responded:
    I am 53 with JRA since I was 12. I have had this surgery twice and for me it was a life saver. The pain got so bad, it felt like a tennis ball was in my hip, I could not lay on that side at all. The first time was about 25 years ago, they thought I had aggervated the hip bursa carring my children, you know how you push your hip out to hold them. At that time I was in the hospital for 3 days but it was worth it, NO MORE PAIN. It came back about 3 years ago and got just as bad. I had the surgery done again, by the same surgeon. He told me this was a very unusual surgery, he had only done it 3 times, and 2 of those times it was me. This time I was in the hospital for less than 24 hours, used a walker for 2 days, cane for about a week and now am pain free. The scar is about 6" long, right down the side of your hip, recovery was fast and now I can lay on that side, walk long distance . I hope this information has helped you.
    Emmittearl responded:
    I was pleasantly surprised to see some replies. Thanks so much! Granny Doc has only done a few of these surgeries and believes I am a good candidate...he has been very clear however to tell me the bursa grows back over time. I am in terrible pain, constantly and can't sleep on either side unless I take a pill to knock me out! When I finally wake I've usually been dreaming about pain and realize I can barely move. I'm pretty depressed and having trouble coping. Some days as everyone knows are worse than others. (sigh) Turning 55 this month and have completely forgotten who I am! (sigh again)
    Goody_p responded:
    I had the surgery 2/20/09. I am a power walker and about 6 months ago I started feeling pain in my right hip. I had it x-rayed and the hip itself was fine. I thought I could work it out but that didn't happen. I had 3 shots of cortisone and a lot of pt. The first shot seemed to help but the pain was soon back.

    The surgery is done as an out patient. I had the surgery on Friday and saw my doctor on Monday. He said I was doing great; I got rid of the crutches the same day. The cut is about 5 inches long and the stitches are under the skin. They do itch but I can already tell the surgery was a success. I can start back walking slowly in 2 weeks. So my recovery will be very short, I feel I could start now but I am trying to be patient. The doctor said the bursa was tough and inflamed. I did worry that I wouldn?t heal very fast as I am 70 years old. But so far everything is great. I hope this helps with questions about recovery
    Buttons157 replied to granny908's response:
    I am the same age with the same problem! I don't think I have slept a full night in almost a year! I've had so many test and MRIs .Doctors thought it was lower back and disc but now they located the problem in my hips. The pain is tremendous! You can't lie on it and you can't sit that long either and it goes right down my legs with throbbing pain. They even told me I had restless leg at first. Were your legs affected? Now I can't walk that long which is really starting to bother me since that is what I really like to do for exercise. I feel awful when I go to the mall and I try and find a parking place closer when over a year ago I would usually park further away so my car wouldn't get scratched. It really upsets your life! I haven't worked in almost a year because I just couldn't stand the pain sitting too long. Just had an arthrogram and now my wonderful ortho dr is talking surgery. I hope it works for me as it did for you.
    kimichan1 responded:
    I am pretty sure I have bursitis also. My MRI is next week. I am only 40 and had not heard of this. I had taken up running about a year ago and suspect I did too much too soon and caused damage. I can't sit through a movie or more than a half hour car ride. I take Ibuprofen all day. I will try a cortizone shot next but I suspect this will is sooo painful..I would like to hear more about this procedure. If you remove the Bursa aren't you removing the cushion between your joints? How can that feel ok? Would love to hear from some athletes who have had this surgery.
    albeers replied to Emmittearl's response:
    This is me your talking about - except I'm 56. The shots in my hip no longer work and I'm in agony. I've been taking Cymbalta which helps somewhat with the depression of the pain. But, I've been told by my doctor that I am a candidate for a bursectomy. I can no longer sleep on either hip and when I try to sleep on my back I start to hurt in my lower back. I wake up from dreams moaning and even once crying. Some days are worse than others - especially when I'm cold. I recently lost 25 lbs as the bursa in my knees were also inflamed - the weight loss helped a little. I think I'm going to give into the surgery, but I need to find out more about the recovery time.
    Rph1995 replied to kimichan1's response:
    Hi. I am a 40 yr old female. I am 17 days post op after having a bursectomy. I have suffered with chronic trocanteric bursitis for 6 plus years and finally, over the last 4 months the pain was so bad I had had enough and sought a second opinion and within a week had the surgery. I am doing FANTASTIC. I was practically bed ridden. It hurt to do anything. My quality of life was terrible which snowballed into a deep depression. All I can say is the surgery was nothing short of miraculous for me. I sought out the best hip ortho I could find,, he immediately ordered an MRI with contrast. In addition to the bursectomy I had superficial tears to the gluteus medius and the labrum. I am now doing physical therapy twice weekly. My prognosis is excellent. Find a doctor that will listen and not dismiss you. Often a sports ortho is the best for this but find the best hip ortho u can. My dr. Said 40 yrs old was too you to be having this sort of problem. I can relate to all of the comments here because I suffered (needlessly) for too long. I was taking way too much ibuprofen as well to get some pain relief and alternating that with acetaminophen. My job requires me to stand so that was only exacerbating the problem.

    You do not have to be in this kind of pain. So glad I had the surgery.
    kimichan1 replied to Rph1995's response:
    Thanks for posting this
    joehorse replied to Rph1995's response:
    Thanks for the info.............I'm looking at the same thing and wondered about recovery time.
    bursa replied to Goody_p's response:
    Thanks....I am 77 and in such pain am thinking of surgery too. You made up my mind. I am sick of the pain and have had the shots and pt also with no relief.....thanks again, Joan
    zykan replied to Rph1995's response:
    I am a 67 yr old female who has suffered with hip and leg pain 1 1/2 years now. I did not know the bursa could be removed surgically. I am desperate to get some relief and to get my life back. My pain began with a fall from a step stool onto my right symptoms are hip pain AND lots of leg pain. Other really bad things to do now are steps (very painful, either up or down) and getting in and out of the car is very painful also. Ibuprofen does help, but is now totally upsetting my stomach. Does anyone else have the problem with steps and getting into or out of the car?? I have had MRI (not with the dye though). I am MORE than ready to try surgery....just want to be sure this is what it is. Any replys about doing steps, etc. would be so very appreciated...

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