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    Knee Pain 5 Years After ACL Surgery
    abressler posted:
    Hi guys,

    I have recently been experiencing pain / stiffness with the knee that I had ACL surgery on 5 years ago.

    My ACL was completely missing and my meniscus was torn, the doctor sewed up the meniscus and gave me a donor ACL.

    Up until now I have had no pain / discomfort. I normally exercise 3 times a week.

    Not sure if this matters, but im a 23 year old female and about 125 lbs. Im 5'-8".

    When I rest or don't move my knee for about 2 hours I notice my knee starts to get stiff. When I wake up from a normal nights rest my knee is very stiff and painful and usually wont go away unless I walk on it for a few fours. However, if im on my feet for a long time my knee shows no symptoms and does not bother me whatsoever.

    The pain is coming from the right side of my knee cap on my left leg. The pain area spans from the top to the bottom of my knee cap.

    Im hoping its nothing serious. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
    _swank_ responded:
    Sounds pretty normal after a serious injury. You will always feel some pain and stiffness in that knee forever. I had the same injury at age 15 and have never really been pain free. I had arthritis by the time I reached my 20's which may be what you're experiencing. Just take care of it and keep it strong and mobile and you'll get a lot more use out of it.
    abressler responded:
    Thank you for replying. I am curious is there any other signs that my pain is being caused by arthritis. Also did you find any way to reduce your pain.
    _swank_ responded:
    There's no way to confirm arthritis without seeing a doctor and having and x-ray and possibly an MRI. I rode a bike and swam for years and years to help with pain. It kept my knee strong and mobile. I also had several surgeries to remove bits of torn meniscus. Eventually I had a partial knee replacement which eliminated the pain for the most part. But that was about 33 years after the original injury.
    slee_08 responded:
    My 17 year old daughter had ACL surgery a little over a year ago. She just returned to playing Volleyball in August 08 and is currently playing jr. olympic volleyball. Her knee is consistently puffy or swollen.. it never goes away! It doesnt matter if we ice it, take Advil, elevate it or stretch really good before she plays. I am starting to get concerned... she says its not usually painful, but it definetly always feel "stiff". Sometimes, depends on what she's doing, she feels twinges of pain, but for the most part, its really just stiff and swollen. Does this sound normal?
    _Ritz0407 responded:
    I'm not the best writer, but I wanted to help. I ended up with premature arthritis from a car accident. I had stiffness for years, but it didnt start until 2 yrs after the accident. When I was on my feet for hrs it did not hurt me at all. It was only stiff & sore when I rested, like sitting in a car for 2 or more hrs (as a passenger even). In 2006 I suffered from acid reflux and started eating different becuz the medicine made me sicker than the reflux. It went away, but so did the stiffness in my knee. I was eating non-chemical foods like organic foods. I believe its the acidity in the foods. Sometimes even too much organic chili will give a little soreness in my knee, I've noticed. I would also check into physical resistance training.
    megak13 responded:
    I'm 17 years old and had ACL surgery just over 3 years ago. I was never able to fully return to the physical activities I was involved in before the surgery. I've tried to run and exercise more frequently, but the pain in my knee is too much to handle. It usually only hurts when I am engaging in some sort of physical activity, such as running or walking for a long period of time. However, over the month or two I have been experiencing pain in my knee almost constantly. Does anybody know why this may be happening or what it may be caused by?
    _dash14 responded:
    Hey I'm a 22 year old female and I had ACL replacement surgery 4 years ago and I don't do any strenuous activity besides weight training and cardio. And anywhere from 6-8 hr shifts standing at work. And this last month or two my right knee (beck and right side of my knee cap) has started swelling and has sort of a constant dull pain & stiffness at night. More so when I'm on it for long periods of time. I found this discussion looking or answers but it's sounding like it might just be a regular thing with post surgery. But my question is how likely is it or the knee to "re-tear" and how will you tell the difference from this pain and stiffness without going to the dr and having them charge me $ to say its ok?
    considering responded:
    I am 37 years old. I had knee surgery when I was 21 after an original soccer accident. Hyper-extended my knee from hole in field (always check the field you are playing on). I had to have ACL, MCL, meniscus, all repaired.
    About one year ago I was playing volleyball and I felt something give in my knee, and it swelled up like would happen after I orginally injured it before I had the surgery. I'm guessing I'm gonna need to have surgery on it again to clean up some type of new tears. I've yet to see a doctor about it but that is my guess.
    EBLoveLife responded:

    I'm am reading your questions and the associated posts. I am much older 50; 47 when I had a complete ACL tear and reconstruction. I'm typically pretty active. This summer I didn't exercise as much. Three weeks ago I started boot camp. We do a lot of running - fast - in a gym with a "track type floor". Week two (last week) I started experiencing excruiating pain; surgery knee=left knee, lower part of the knee. I run frequently and long distances - but not typically for speed.

    I've been taking high dose ibuprofen.I don't like taking the meds. Icing it a little; thinking I should swim to maybe take pressure off. But hoping I will be able to finishing the boot camp - cardio and all. Three years and it sounds like - it doesn't ever completely become pain free. I always have an awareness but not this pain. Afraid I might re-injure. Any advice.

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