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    trigger finger surgery
    sarahnkids posted:
    Hello all! I am new to this discussion group. I was wondering if anyone has had trigger finger surgery and what the healing process was? I was told the stitches would be in for 10-14 days. So if anyone has had his surgery I would appreciate any feedback i could get on this subject.........
    taterbug1949 responded:
    Hi Sarah, I haven't had the surgery myself but my ex-husband did back a few years ago. His was his thumb though. It took him quite a while until all the feeling came back in his hand. Even now the end of the thumb is still numb feeling. It did take about 10-14 days to take the stitches out. At least now he can use that hand before surgery he couldn't use the hand all. It has straightened out very nicely though. Ann
    vdojnky responded:
    I am still recovering from my trigger finger surgery on 8/4/08 and it is now 8/11/08. My ring finger was completely locked. My hand still burns and stings where the incision is and my hand is still swollen and is bruised which i was advised is normal for the next few weeks. I was told that the doctor did not advise on my chart of any hand exercises. I read somewhere that if my finger was not completely straight after surgery that I would most likely need therapy but I don't know yet I have my first appointment with the orthopedist 8/21/08. Hope this helps at least somewhat.
    bcampos59 responded:
    Hi. I just had this surgery on my middle and ring finger the 27th of August. Stitches came out Friday. 10 days. The joint in my middle finger is still tight and hurts but nothing compared to how it felt before surgery. Dr said it would take awhile to get the swelling down and the pain to go away. I have all feeling in my hand, no numbness and very little swelling.
    james12756 responded:
    I had surgery on the middle finger of my left hand on August 14, 2008. I had to wear a bandage on the hand for about 14 days, I was told this would allow the incision to heal from the inside out. The three stiches were removed at the same time and I had normal feeling in all my fingers and hand. The doctor did not suggest any type of exercise other than puttung pressure to the middle joint over and over to allow it to straighten.

    It is now September 14, 2008 and the finger is bent slightly and extremily painful & tight when I try to straighten it or put pressure on that middle joint. I occasionally have spasms where the finger seems to want to lock but doesn't or can't. If I can indure the pain and keep the finger straight for a couple of minutes the pain will disappear and the finger feels normal.......for about 20 minutes and then it will stiffen again. I'm not at all sure what is going on but hoping the finger will become flexable and pain free as time passes. Actually I was wandering if it would help to soak the hand in warm water....does anyone have any suggestions and can I expect the finger will get better in time....what are the best exercises I could do? Oh yeah, I'm unable to make a tight fist and my hand seems to be getting weaker.

    Thank you, James Fort Pierce FL
    lilbit0318 responded:
    I have had 3 surgeries so far and need 3 more fingers fixed. I have not had any of the problems you listed. My thumb was the worst one because I could not bend it and the doctor did the surgery the next day because he said it could end up permanently straight. It was hard to bend my thumb so quite some time, but I felt I had instant relief from the surgeries. I am diabetic so I cannot have the cortisone shots. They do not work too well for diabetics. In my sleep my fingers would twitch which was extremely painful the first few days, but I on missed 2 days of work each time. I remember rubbing the palm of my hand lightly and increasing the pressure over time. That seemed to help. Doing the dishes was great also because I had it in hot water. I also just started extending my fingers as much as possible and did that throughout the day to increase motion. Hope this is helpful to you.
    jack0294 responded:
    I had this surgery on 11/05/08 on my right ring finger and still have the stiffness, swelling and some numbness that you speak of. are you stilll having problem? Did it just go away or did you have to do something else? I hope to hear back from you. My doctor told me that I should give it another 30 days but that'll end in a few days. Thanks, jack
    ladentista responded:
    I had trigger finger surgery in december .I took 10 days off since Iam in the medical field where i have to use my hands all the time.The stiches where in for 10 days. I had 2 finger done plus i also got a cyst removed , a synovial cyst they call it at the base of my ring finger.Iam doing a lot better but my fingers are still stiff in the am,but once i get moving iam ok.
    greeneyezopened responded:
    I had my first surgery on 1/31/09 on my right middle finger. After surgery, when the numbness wore off, I realized it stayed numb on the lateral side of that finger. They did an exploratory surgery on 2/18/09 to find out the cause of the numbness and found nothing. I think the doctor may have nicked a nerve but either can't see it because it's so small or just doesn't want to admit it. Not once has anyone talked to me about physical therapy or any exercises I should do at home. You'd think you should start those exercises as the scar tissue is forming, otherwise the scar tissue will be too tight. I'm getting my second set of stitches out today and believe me, I won't be going to this doctor for my left hand surgery. I guess this numbness and pain will be something I'll have to live with all my life.
    pmob20 responded:
    I had surgery on both hands, middle fingers, 4 weeks ago. My fingers were sore and hurt when I bent them. I still have a problem making a fist on both hands. In the morning they feel as if they are swollen and have to worked in order to bend a little. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm going to check with my doctor tomorrow about therapy and if that would help..
    KellyKal responded:
    I just found out that me 3 year old daughter has Trigger Finger and will be needing surgery. I am very very nervous. I guess i would like to know what really is done in surgery and what to expect when she's done. She will be put under because of her age. And also how long is the surgery? Everything i have read is that it's a pretty painful recovery. I guess the more information i have, the better understanding i have about this Trigger Finger, and what to expect. Like i said i am so scared right now for my daughter. would like to hear what other people have to say about this. Thank you .
    GmaPatti responded:
    I just had trigger finger surgery on 5/18/09. Almost a week ago. I had pointer and thumb done as well as carpal tunnel. Fingers were not locked all the time-thank goodness. I have splint on and see my surgeon next Thursday. Hoping to get splint off and maybe stitches out. Finger and carpal tunnel seem good but thumb is still very very sore and swollen (I don't keep it raised enough I guess) Doctor told me I probably wouldn't need therapy but told me to bend all fingers down toward wrist and then straight up, 10 sets-10 times a day. Same with thumb (however I don't do as much with thumb as it hurts-usually take vicodin and then do a couple sets) Hard to do lots of things as you do use thumb and pointer lots! But as you can see I can kinda type-lol Hope this info helps someone
    clutzy1960 responded:
    I had middle trigger finger release and the biggest problem I have been having is the burning in the incision area and tenderness in the finger itself. It feels as though the stitches are way to tight, I am a home health aide and he said I could go to work immediately if I wished and I feel that's crazy there is no way I could put ted hose on someone or some of my other duties.
    vikcol responded:
    I am having both of my middle fingers fixed for trigger finger this monday. I am a little nervous about having both done at the same time..... Dr has not mentioned therapy or excerises to do after. Anyone else had 2 done at a time of diferent hands?

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