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    Joint pain on the right side only..
    s0ngb1rd378 posted:
    I have been dealing with mild to moderate pain in several of my joints. I have been working with a TMJ specialist to eventually have orthognathic surgery to improve pain from possible arthritis as well as chewing function and just basic alignment of my teeth. I also have dealt with recurring "tendonitis" in my right hip, chondromalacia of the knee, and another "tendonitis" diagnosis on my hand. I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis about a year ago and it was ok, but I wanted to be tested because it runs in the female side of my family. It just occurred to me recently that I only have problems on my right side. Maybe it's because I use it more, but I wonder if that is a significant factor at all. Every time I go to see the doctor I get this look like I am just crazy or something. I am 30 years old and otherwise extremely healthy. I also eat very well and exercise every day for about 20 minutes each time. I am at a loss, but the pain I am dealing with is sometimes much more than I can handle. It is definitely affecting my quality of life and makes it hard for me to do the daily activities I want to do. I need advice. Is anybody out there that has dealt with a similar problem.
    MsDaphne16214 responded:
    About 20% of people with RA test negatively. It's called seronegative RA. There are lots of people here who's doctors thought there was nothing wrong with them and then they found out they had RA . Having a relative with RA increases you odds of getting it or getting another autoimmune disease. You should see a rheumatologist!

    s0ngb1rd378 responded:
    I guess I just have to somehow figure out a way to make these doctors take me seriously. I am actually starting up with a new doctor on Tuesday and hopefully i can get some of this addressed. Thanks for the advice anyway.
    julieb519 responded:
    check out osteoarthritis and see a rheumatologist. i think i am about to do the same thing. my right arm and leg have been freezing and going numb. joints pop all day everyday. i have had 6 knee surgeries due to lost cartilage and always have achy pains. i am 25. reading about osteoarthritis sounds familiar......differs from ra in that it is one sided pain and a few other things.
    Tri2Fig responded:
    I do. I suffer from pain only on my right side. I used to have these horrible migraines that I had after my first child in 1995. Now for some reason I don't get them at all after I ended with severe TMJ in the last 3 months after a dental procedure. Actually I noticed a year ago that my bite was getting smaller. Sometimes I could barely open it and I would do exercises to move my jaw so that it would move back into place the same or next day. But just recently after several dental procedures it was too much for my jaw and it locked up. So I have been seeing a TMJ Specialist over 200 miles away (in another city), doing physical therapy and both things with some medications only when I feel pain has helped so much. Before I could only open my mouth 4 mm now I'm at a typical 40mm. I still have concerns with how my ears feel all the time since the TMJ is so close to all the ear functions. But as I go down the right side body parts there's more. I get tension in my neck on the right side. My right arm and hand has pain when I write too much or when playing sports. Then my back only on the right side is a total story in itself but I was told by my primary doctor that it was mild scoliosis but the pain is not so mild especially because I have four kids so I stay active almost all the time. Also when I walk I can tell that right side foot points out instead of straight like my left foot so I am sure something is going on there especially because my knee pops. Even after all this I try to stay positive, have a good attitude and continue to do things but of course know my limits. I know that feeling though about getting the crazy looks. Unfortunately I have had no diagnosis to sum it all up I guess because I continue to do the regular things but with some pain. My primary doctor just has me come in every six months to see how I am doing since my symptoms are mild but slowly but surely going into the moderate range as I am getting older 33. I wish you luck and just letting you know that someone else shares your concerns.
    tdk54 responded:
    I have had right body side issues since my auto accident in 1989. And only my right side. Ear issues, shoulder, knee, leg, hip,ankle. Its a nerve I just know, but with all the tests I've gone through and seeing a chiropractor no one can seem to find the problem. So I know what you are going through. Im hoping that a doctor see's these notes and comes up with an idea that can help with these (disabilities of life):
    nevermore1313 responded:
    I, too, have right side joint pain., mostly in the hip and knee .I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis at the ripe old age of 34. I have tried several different meds, including 1000 mg ibuprophen, and nothing works..Tramadol 50 mg takes the edge off (so does a sock full of uncooked white rice put in the microwave for about a minute), but causes headaches. Right now, I'm having a flare up where nothing is helping, at all...I have never broken any bones, never been injured really...If you find anything that works, let me know! Good luck, and's YOUR body, you know when something's wrong with it! Don't let anyone tell you it's your imagination!!
    Patti85281 responded:
    Me too! I have had my right knee replaced as well as the joint at the base of my thumb on the right hand. I have degenerative disk disease in the cervical area which only seems to hurt on the right side of my neck/shoulder. I also have sciatica, which also only has right pain & numbness. And last but not least my right ankle swells up by the end of the day along with varicose viens on the right leg. Why is it only on the right side? I am at a loss too.
    wkkross responded:
    I have been having issues with my joints on the right side for the past 5 years. I'm 52 and have been told that I have arthritis in my knee, plantars fasciitis in my right foot, and cervical arthritis on the right side of my neck. I have joint pain in my shoulder, elbow , fingers, hip, knee, and ankle on the right side. There are some days that I would just like to have my whole right side replaced. At this point just pushing through with the pain and not letting it make me give things up. It takes a little longer to do things but they still painfully get done.

    When I discuss the different joint pain/aches with doctors, the first thing I hear is - 'You are getting older and are overweight. We can send you for therapy and put you on meds but there is no guarantee that will help.'

    Discussed the knee with an orthopedic surgeon and was advised that they could do arthroscopy surgery but there would be no guarantee of not having pain afterwards and they weren't sure if it would even help.

    I have a new doctor now and will give him a chance to come up with something better then - 'You are getting older and are overweight.'
    Missweirddivine responded:
    Hello songbird

    It sounds like to me you should be checking into a connective tissue syndrome for example Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or Marfans Syndrome. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility type and I have chronic fatigue, joint pain and muscle ticks and spasms. Ehlers Danlos is a heritary connective tissue disorder that can not be tested through blood, but by a geneticist. I also have jaw pain, all of my joints from head to toe do dislocate and subluxate many times aday. But with many other syndromes, this varies person to person. Most general praticianers do not know of these very rare syndromes and conditions. You can look Ehlers Danlos syndrome up at and if the posted symptoms are similar, I highly suggest you talking to your doctor about a referral to a geneticist. All the best Misswierddivine from Sweden
    HeyLori responded:
    A few months ago, my right thumb started to bother me. I adjusted how I do some things (trying to avoid putting direct pressure on the knuckle), and it improved but has never completely gone away. Occasionally, my right wrist would also feel sore, which I just attributed to overuse. Then about a month ago, my right foot started bothering me. Initially, I thought I had slightly re-injured it (3 years ago, I severely sprained it), but then I decided it wasn't in the right place. My chiro and I both started to suspect plantar fasciitis, which it may still be, but...

    Finally, it dawned on me that it is all on the right side. In my initial Internet search, I discovered that it can be linked to Crohn's Disease, which was an "aha" for me, because my doctor diagnosed me with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) earlier this year. So...I suspect mine could be related to that. Perhaps the same is true for you and others who have posted here. BUT I was also diagnosed with degenerative disc in my cervical spine 5 years ago, when I was 35, so it could "just" be more degeneration.

    I still don't know what to do about it other than try glucosamine/chondroitin, but maybe this will help solve the mystery for some of us.
    smasher1 responded:
    Wow--another Ehlers Danlos patient!! You are right that most medical professionals do not consider this disorder--or even know what it is. A rheumatologist can examine you to determine how loose your joints are and determine your need to see geneticist for diagnosis. Unfortunately--there is no 'cure'--you treat the symptoms. I've not had much luck with pain relief, but I also have RA so could be just a bad combination. The most helpful thing for me has been the addition of Zanaflex at bedtime to decrease muscle spasms so that can sleep a little. Also--even though it is painful in the beginning, a good physical therapy program does wonders because the stronger the muscles that support your joints are, the better your chances of avoiding dislocations. Pls get professional advice b/f starting vigorous exercise program--you do not want to worsen your situation in any way.Check the website--it's very easy to navigate and is in plain english--you might be surprised to read the symptoms of EDS. It is said to be a rare disorder, but I think that may be because it is not talked about much. Good luck to you--I hope you find some answers!!
    islandchick01 responded:
    This is the first of any kind of site I have found that is even remotely close to what I am experiencing. I have joint pain in most of my joints but it is all on the left side. It started out as just my neck several years ago and now includes, neck, shoulder, wrist, lower back, hip, knee and ankle. I have been to numerous specialists including orthopedic surgeons and rhumatologists and so far no luck. My mothers side of the family has a history of auto immune diseases so that was my logical starting point but all test came back ok. (mom has lupus and RA, grandma has thyroid and RA and great grandma had RA.) I have a thyroid problem which I have had for the last 13 years and was recently diagnosed as gluten intolerant but that's about it. I am highly frustrated because I am only 26 and keep getting told either a) young people don't have issues like this and it will get better on its own or b) nothing is wrong. I know my body and I also know that i shouldn't feel like this at 26. I eat well and exercise and am not overweight (5'10" 155LBS) i am a PE teacher so i'm moving all day long. I am glad i finally found a page where people have similar issues.
    CobbIrish responded:
    I have had similar stiffness. When I drink alot of diet drinks the stiffness is worse. When I eat a lot of red meat the stiffness is worse. Try to avoid all the artificial sweetners and red meat. See if that helps with the stiffness.

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