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    Strange popping in Sternum??
    kimberlygky posted:
    Ok, I know that there are no joints in the breastbone/sternum, but mine keeps popping. Like you would with your knucles, etc. Also, all of my joints creak and feel stiff. You know how lounge chairs have those different setting for how far you want to lay back, how it cracks, then won't go joints also do this. They move at degree intervals, not smoothly. I have chronic pain in my lower spine from it being twisted, and have horrible headaches almost everyday from my neck. I am only 21...what gives????? I hate to think of what shape I will be in 40 years from now, or even ten!
    LitlApril responded:
    Oh my!! I never imagined I'd find another person around my age w/such similar problems of pain! I too have chronic back pain. Mine currently is the most severe in my shoulder and shoulder blade/upper back area (talking wakes me up in excruciating pain suddenly at night) but I did have a chiropractor who decided to take an x-ray of my lower back because that is bad too. She found that I have a moderately degenerated disc which appeared in the image to be about half gone! I also had a doctor run some blood tests because my joints are often painful and although the results for rheumatoid factor didn't come back "positive" he did believe it is much higher than normal for my age (22yrs) so he is sending me to a Rheumatologist. I too get headaches (and migraines) but the treatment from the chiropractor seems to have done wonders for this (even the migraines)! It is called Craniosacral Therapy. If you haven't tried it I recommend finding a doctor who does this. Oh, and I too have that popping in my sternum. I did have a chiro who worked on the ribs there, so it seems it is the ribs misaligning from the sternum. I hope this gives you some ideas but it is possible you've tried the x-rays, blood tests, etc. I understand how much you are hurting because I too hate to think about how it could just get worse. Also, thank you for posting!! I felt so alone before as everything I search about turns up results of adults 30 and up. I hope you find some relief! Keep me posted!
    BGibb responded:
    Hey Kimberly

    My sternum has been doing the same thing. It feels like pressure builds up in the center of my chest and in order to release it i have to simultaneously push my chest out and try to make my shoulder blades touch. after doing this 50% of the time my chest will pop. some times louder than others... I am also 21 and do not know what to do... if you hear anything please keep me informed.

    steve_with_a_v responded:
    Oh wow, I've been searching on-line for people who have the same symptoms as myself. Thank goodness! I am a 30 year old healthy male. I have had pain on & off in my sternum, for about a year or a little longer. I, too am able to crack it and make a popping noise, which normally doesn't hurt. I also get a lot of headaches. But lately while playing sports or playing with the kids, anytime I have to reach up with both hands/arms fully extended, it hurts something awful. Also, whenever I sneeze, I am on the verge of tears, it hurts that bad. About 4 months ago I came down/got pneumonia. That's when the sneezing really hurt, I told the Doc that, and she kind of blew it off, I guess. So, I just today went back to Doc's office for the pain, and the Doc thought it might be costochondritis, which causes inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join with the cartilage that holds them to the breastbone or sternum meet. Ok, I thought thats sounds about right, but what causes it...trauma and chronic infections. Since I have not have any trauma in that area, I guess it was from infections. Which I still don't understand why that is. Anyway, the Doc wanted me to get some chest x-rays and some blood work done. The x-ray's came back fine, everything is clear. The blood work came back postive for Rheumatoid Arthritis. The same day I have made an appointment to see a Rheumatologist. Which isn't for a month. So, I will report back any info that I get. I have done a lot of on-line research today, and it all says that there is no cause or cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis, just meds to help it. I have no pain anywhere else, like alot of other people with Rheumatoid Arthritis have. So, I'm hoping that it is either caught early and I can get some therepy and or meds to help this pain, and make it go away, or I was mis-diagnosed...we'll see. Thanks for all your guys/gals-info/input.
    Savibu responded:
    OK So I've had this problem for under a year... much less intense than it sounds like you guys have.

    I am 26 y.o. healthy female, working for the first time in an office.... sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day (which is probably the biggest cause of this, I think). Every now and then I get that tight feeling in my chest, and I bend back until it pops and I feel better. This happens like every other week or so.

    Well... I went to a Health Expo and talked to a lot of chiropractioners, they said that there is a joint at the sternum, where it connects to the ribs. Bad posture/alignment can cause tension in the sternum joint, causing it to pop like any other joint. My family doctor said it is no big deal if it's not painful, but he had never heard of it before. At least the chiropractitioners had heard of it, but I don't know if I trust them...

    It's accompanied by really bad back pain, so I'm getting a different job, not sitting at a desk all day, to see if that helps. I also think stretches and better posture might help. But it sure is disturbing, especially because there's not that much information about it.

    Oh, but I have the bad headaches, too. And anxiety problems, which I heard someone else mention on another forum. So it sounds like all these symptoms are somehow related.....
    loungeact29 responded:
    hey everyone, so its weird because i have the same problem, but, im 19 and iv had it since i turned 18 and it hurts everyday, pops atleast 10 times a day, at least, and it hurts so bad sometimes i can barely breathe, and it scares me really bad, my moms a nurse and i know she doesnt even know cause se always says i might jus have to get adjusted but i know thats not it, i also suffer from chronic stomache pain, heartburn, i get headaches pretty frequently, it used to be everyday but now maybe once or twice a week, my bones are always sore and they ache, i jus wanna know wats wrong...
    loungeact29 responded:
    oh and also when i went to have it xrayed, there was a weird white, foggy looking substance in the middle and around my chest.... the doctor i saw had absolutely no idea wat it was, he said he had to make some calls, but i never heard back from him,.... it also pops pretty easily, painful always but easy to pop but i can hold my breath and push and i can feel the pressure, sometimes it pops when i do this but idk it jus always hurts... and wat scares me is that the doctors i see dont know either... help me, im too young for this
    taterbug1949 responded:
    I would get a copy of the x-ray and go to someone else. I would think he would have gotten back to you. Did you call him to see if he found out anything? We have to be our own advocate a lot of times and take matter into our own hands. Our health is important to us whether the doctor is concerned or not.

    cookRN11 responded:
    I am 25 and my sternum has been popping for the last 4 or 5 years. I have never had the feeling of pressure being built up in my chest and have never felt relief or pain from popping it. I have excellent posture and am in excellent health. I do not suffer from chronic pain and my only issue with my health is a bit of an overactive metabolism. However, I am very curious as to why I can "pop" my sternum. No one I know has ever had this experience and only on the internet do I find people who can describe a similar feeling.
    lukey_dukes replied to cookRN11's response:
    I have a very similar issue - 2 summers ago (when I was 20), I got elbowed in the sternum. Had it checked out by a nurse, who said it was just bruised. It felt better after a few weeks, but since then, my chest makes a loud popping noise every couple of days when I am stretching my back. Also no pain or relief...just an audible crack (makes me slightly uncomfortable just hearing it, despite being painless). I am also in good health (overactive metabolism as well).
    esztuczko responded:
    This happens to me all the time and has become more chronic receltly, at time it won't crack and causes a lot of pain and pressure. My best friend is a chiropractor and he seems to agree some sort of rib mis-aliegnment, however he will work on me and it was crack immediately after, I am so tired there I times when I can't lift my kids, or work out becasue it causes shooting pains when it won't crack. i really hope it is not arthirtis like some have posted, I a 35. My doctor also thinks I am nuts.
    amm79 replied to esztuczko's response:
    thanks all in here,having the same prob in here,i feel the pain when ever i stretch and also feel the cracking sound,also have some burning sensation in my chest.i have been to the doc and seems they don't know the cause,a doctor once told me i have to learn to live with it,i thought i am the only one with this problem,let me know if any of you get the correct medication for it.will be praying for you all.amma
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to amm79's response:
    Hi Amma and anyone else new here,

    This is an old discussion that began years ago. If you'd like to start a more current one to get feedback from others, I hope you will.

    To do that, hold your cursor over the orange Post Now button on the upper right and choose 'Discussion' from the drop down menu which appears. Fill in the subject line and body of the message (you can ignore the poll part if you want) and Submit.
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    Dogba responded:
    I am 19 and i unfortunately have no information on how to fix the sternum popping but i do experience it quite often. i once popped my sternum by pushing out my chest and throwing back my shoulders. It hurt so i did the reverse by pushing my shoulders together in the front and pushing my chest inward. Words of advice: don't ever try it... it pops... and it hurts... bad.

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