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    it only gets worse and doctors don't give a bleep
    easyritch posted:

    I was in the military when I had both my ankles fuse due to a jump. I had the best surgeon at UCLA med center. He did a fine job fusing my ankles. This was in 2002 I was 20 years old. Almost 12 years later and a few mental break downs, going from active athletic to hardly walking or being able to have a job and support my six kids or play ball with my 5 boy's sucks. I go through the V.A. for my health care and they don't seem to care. Hear take more 10mg loratabs, up to 240 a month now and that doesn't even take away half the pain. The pain has moved from my ankles to lower feet, knees, and back that is all out of whack because the way I walk, VA says no that's not true and we are not going to up your disability. I support 6 kids a wife and myself on 1654.00 a month that they give me. Years after the fusion your body will continue to get worse, sorry fellow fusion friends. The pain gets so bad that I can't sleep at night until I take 40 mg of hydrocodone, 2 mg clonazepam to stop the lag shakes and 10 mg of Ambien. This is no way of life! I am tired of being in pain and tire of not being able to be me, and 12 years later in worse pain then when I started. I am ready to give up on life, no doctor will help the only reason I stay around is for my kids. I don't want to sound like a complainer but I have no one that understands the pain. Just a question has anyone else with fusions like mine considered amputation? I see amputees doing amazing thing, things I can't come close to doing???
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    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Easyritch and welcome to WebMD,

    I really encourage you to post on our Pain Management Community . It's likely you'll find the support and insight you're looking for there.
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    debcanada responded:
    In the near future, I will have to make the decision to either have my left knee fused straight or amputated above the knee with a prosthetic. Several months ago, after an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon, I asked my family physician how she felt about the amputation. She paused for a few minutes and told me she would have to think about it. But she did say a prosthetic would give me a better quality of life. I am 58 years old and constant pain has become a part of my life. Although pain medication takes a little of the edge off, nothing makes it go away. Like you, I get very depressed and I feel like a burden to my family but I also know what it would do to them if I should ever consider my darkest thoughts. I would never want to do that to my children and neither do you. Your children need you. I wish you luck in finding what will work for you. You're still young, just keep looking for someone that will work with you. God Bless You. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

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