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    Osteoporosis Meidcations
    Micaela1234 posted:
    Diagnosed with arthritis and osteoporosis in right hp. Young 47 year old, healthy and somewhat active with no fractures. Mother has it as well. Doctor put me on Fosamax, Calcium and Fish oil and one day after had the runs and numbness/tingling in hands, feet and around mouth. Waiting for doctor to call me back but in first visit when I got my DEXA results and hip xray results, said she would order Prolira. I'm very worried about the side effects I have been reading about and very worried. Any advice or suggestions?
    bonebabe responded:
    Might've been the fish oil.

    Have you gone through menopause? In women, osteoporosis isn't diagnosed until menopause or after you've been without a period for a year.

    You haven't had a fracture. What were your T-score and Z-scores? While Fosamax is approved for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, Prolia isn't. It usually isn't given until other meds haven't worked.

    Are you on hormones? If not, I'd think that would be your first option - if not hormones, then Evista, which is a synthetic hormone that has no effect on breast tissue.

    If you truly need a medication now, don't be put off by the stories you read on the internet. People tend to talk about what fails them rather than what succeeds. Like airplanes, you only hear about the crashes, not the thousands that have safe flights daily. Bad for the people in the crash, but many many more flew safely.
    gonzal13 responded:
    I had an IV of Reclast a year ago. It has 60 different side effect. One actually was a fandom pain in my elbow which went away in 6 months.

    I would do allot of research on Prolia since I found out it is the last line of defense.

    The other I use 4000 mgs of vitamin d3 in the morning. The doctor said it should be only 2,000 mgs a day. Being stubborn and with a little research I stayed with 4,000 mgs. After a year they gave me a blood tests and my d3 levels were normal. So each patient reacts differently. Calcium Citrate 1,000 mgs three times a day. One cannot really absorb more that 1,000mgs at a time. The fish oil I use for to minimize build up on the arteries. You must do weight bearing exercises Reclast I experienced pain, one time could not move my thumbs for about 5 hours. This time I have heavy duty pain meds like Norco and Percoset. You will needed a stool softener when using the meds, since the pain meds basically stop the function of the lower intestines.

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