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    How Do I Treat Osteoporosis
    siesta posted:
    If bonebabe is still responding to this discussion, I would like to know her opinion of the safety of treatment with Prolia for osteoporosis of the femur neck. Would Reclast be a safer, more researched option? Thank you.
    bonebabe responded:
    Hey - According to our medical director, who is on the board of the ISCD, Prolia should only be used after all other meds have been tried with no positive outcome. It should not be the first line of treatment.

    Also remember that no osteo med will work unless you put adequate calcium into your body. Calcium is the bricks to the bricklayer's (med) therapy. That means 1200 mg a day in diet and supplement. Spread it out as the body only absorbs about 600 mg at a time.

    Vit D too. At least 1000 IU/day. If your levels are low, take what your doctor prescribes.

    Hope this helps.
    siesta replied to bonebabe's response:
    Thank you so much for your reply! I definitely take Calcium and Vitamin D. I am 61 and have hiatal hernia and GERD, so my gastroenterologist said no to oral osteoporosis meds. My femur neck T Score is -2.88 and my spine is -0.91. My gynecologist who did the DEXA went straight for the Prolia for some reason. I already have a problem with sebo-psoriasis on my scalp and do not want to aggravate that any further with the Prolia...much less get the other side effects that are possible. If they insist on a route other than oral, is the Reclast as effective? I am feeling very confused on how to decide on treatment. I am thinking about calling the gastroenterologist back and asking why a once monthly oral med wouldn't work. Maybe the reflux medication would help with that. Many thanks for your help!
    bonebabe replied to siesta's response:
    You also can go to the National Osteoporosis Foundation website ( They have a whole section on meds - everything you need to know about each one. All laid out and compared. It should help you in your decision.

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