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    Building Bone Naturally, Dr. Brown?
    Judyfromtxtoo posted:
    Hi, Has anyone tried the at home program to build bones naturally, developed by Dr. Susan E. Brown? (Better Bones, Better Bodies) I have osteoporosis in both the hip and spine, and Forteo is being suggested, but I am afraid of the drugs. I am considering an online consultation and purchasing the vitamins, but am a little surprised that I haven't read anything about it on this board. Any input and information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    Cubone responded:
    Well, there are a bunch of websites run by non-medical "experts" who try to make you believe that all prescription medications for osteoporosis are toxins which will do much more harm than good. By an amazing coincidence, those sites are usually trying to sell you something. Those sites usually take a certain position, and then cherry-pick some evidence to "prove" that their plan will work. If you want to trust your health and money to them, you are free to do so.
    bonebabe responded:
    Save your money. If you are postmenopausal, the only, and I repeat only, thing available that will build bone is Forteo. After you reach your peak bone mass, the body does not build more bone. That's why it is so important to put calcium into your body during your bone forming years because the body does not make calcium. If you don't, the body will take calcium from the bones to use it elsewhere in the body (blood pressure, heart muscles, wound healing, etc) If your doctor is suggesting Forteo, your T-scores must be pretty low because it's the big guns of osteoporosis treatment. The only way to build bones naturally is to do it when you're young and still growing. Unfortunately unless we have parents who are attuned to this, by the time it becomes important to us, it's too late. With any osteoporosis medication you need to consume 1200 mg of calcium daily in diet and/or supplements. The body will absorb 500-600 mg at a time, so spread it out throughout the day. You also need 1000 IU of Vit D each day. This sends the calcium to the bones. One without the other won't do what you need. Take the Forteo. I'm sure that if it's being recommended, your risk of a life altering fracture is much greater than your fear of meds.

    nandina responded:
    First of all, there are lots of us who are following natural approaches. However, WebMD has always been drug-oriented and those of us who are into natural tend to post elsewhere. You might want to try the osteoporosis message board on There are lots of women doing natural approaches there and you can read success stories.

    I'm not familiar with Dr. Brown's program. I just took a quick look her site and it appears she is quite knowledgeable. My own endocrinologist is open to both natural and drug approaches, and told me about strontium, a natural treatment which has been proven effective, and which both builds bone and slows down bone loss. It does not carry the risk of bone cancer, as does forteo, and is considered to be quite safe. It is widely used in Europe, where it's sold as a prescription.

    I do believe more and more doctors are widening their horizons as patients are becoming more enlightened and demanding safer natural approaches. Just a couple of days ago, my friend called to say her gyn had informed her of the success she's seen in bone density of women taking a citracal bone builder that contains genistein (soy). Personally, I have some reservations about soy but would certainly take it before I would take any of the bone drugs.

    Another promising treatment is a vibrating platform called the Juvent. It has been studied by NASA as a way of combatting the bone loss which occurs in astronauts when they are in space. The Juvent can be purchased for home use, so you might want to check out the website.

    There are natural treatments that work and that are much safer than the prescription drugs. You do have options.
    todd64 responded:
    The above poster makes a valid point. The clinical trials on strontium have demonstrated its effectiveness in slowing bone loss and reducing the incidents of fracture. I would be cautious in summarily dismissing this "alternative" treatment.
    blskny responded:
    I have spent the last year on Forteo and had a large decline in my T-score. I gave myself the daily injection same time very day, followed directions. I was terribly disappointed. I am 58 years old and otherwise in excellent shape. My diet is really good, no processed food, alcohol, drugs etc. I weight train 3X a week, pilates 3X a week and augment with treadmill and bicycle. I take my calcium/Vit D and other vitamins religiously.

    I also am looking at the Dr. Susan Brown website and the program that they have. I am a little concerned that Dr. Brown is a Ph.D. and not a medical doctor. I have been trying to research them on the web and come up short. Has anyone had success with their program?
    Thank You1
    Tomato05 replied to nandina's response:
    Hear, hear!

    I have been on Strontium for a few years and I'm very happy with the results so far. No side-effects either.
    Jeri Nieves, PhD replied to blskny's response:
    When evaluating the existing scientific data , it is clear that adults age 50 and older need 1,200 mg of calcium (primarily from diet and supplements if needed) and 800 — 1,000 IUs of vitamin D every day for bone health. We also know that other vitamins and minerals play a role in bone health. Some examples of vitamins and minerals that may benefit bone health are vitamin K, magnesium, the B vitamins, potassium and vitamin C. However, there is not enough research available at this time to prove that supplementing these vitamins and minerals will actually benefit bone health. Unless a person has a known deficiency, the body's needs for these vitamins and minerals can usually be achieved by consuming a well-balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean sources of protein and whole grains.

    Many bone health supplements also contain the mineral strontium. This supplemental form of strontium is not regulated like medications are and differ from the medication Strontium Ranelate which is used in Europe and other countries for the treatment of osteoporosis. There is limited data available on strontium as a supplement, so we do not know if it is safe or will protect the skeleton. For more detailed information on this topic, please see the recent webinar "Nutrition for Your Bone Health" available at .
    Karalli55 replied to nandina's response:
    I agree with the above, simply because I have been using both Strontium by Advanced Bionutritionals and own a vibrating plate. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and much concern was made over my bone by my doctor. But I told her that I would not take the drugs. I purchased the above at the beginning of 2010. I recently had hip replacement due to severe arthritis and lack of cartilage. My surgeon said that my bone looked pretty good other than the joint (I used to power walk 20 miles a week). The bike is my new passion for muscles and hips. I would definately try the Strontium before considering drugs...give yourself at least 6 months and have another scan done. And look into getting the vibrating plate, I got the Vibraslim as it was less expensive machine. Worth the investment in my humble opinion.
    phototaker replied to Karalli55's response:
    I thought biking does not build bone, Karalli, but it would be great for the heart and muscles.

    I read up a little on the Vibrating machines. Weren't they used by the astronauts to prevent bone loss? I know that vibrating machines(that workers use), can cause problems later on down the road. What does this machine do and how light is the vibration? I'm curious about it.

    What kind of strontium do you use and where do you get it?
    phototaker replied to phototaker's response:
    Oops, I see where you get the Strontium. Thanks!
    nancychandler responded:
    Yes, I've been doing Dr. Brown's program for 3 months. I've been on Fosamaz & Boniva for 12 years but still losing bone density so my doctor was suggesting Forteo. After reading all the info on that I decided to try the more holisitic path. I'm convinced that it is going to be the answer. I'm 70, walk 2 mi. a day, take yoga classes regularly and eat fairly healthy. The program has me eating much better and, though I lost weight the first month (which I can't afford to do), I've stabilized now and feel great. I sure think it's worth a try and my doctor agreed.
    razz51 responded:
    As I have only one kidney I cannot take any of the drugs for osteoporosis and have been trying various things for years to no avail. However, last year I found out I was deficient in vitamin D, probably for years, and have been taking massive prescription doses since. Also, I have added inulin, a soluable fiber that may enhance calcium absorption. I've been taking lots of calcium with constipation being the only noticible effect. The inulin counters this side effect and may help the absorption. I have hopes that next year at my density test I will show some improvement. And don't forget exercise!
    kajan77 replied to blskny's response:
    Blskny - my bone density count went up after one year on an
    Enzymatic Company product "OsteoPrime Plus" - calcium
    supplement with Vit D, etc. - that along with my tennis - and your exercise should be enough - and my 15 minutes of sunshine each day. My gynocologist wanted to put me on
    fomax from which a lady in our town did develop the rotting jaw - I am 67 - had osteopenia two years ago - am on no
    medications - An internist who appears on Doug Kaufmann's show on tv recommended this to me - I am so excited that
    it truly works - he has nothing to do with this company - he is
    a fine doctor suggesting products that have helped his
    patients. Please try it - Only get the product as it is listed
    above. Best of luck!! And I hate to say it - but the nurse called with the good report and the doctor didn't even ask
    "what did you do to improve???" you would think they
    cared enough to want to help others with products that
    were not dangerous????
    blskny replied to kajan77's response:
    Kajan - that is amazing and encouraging news that your bone density went up after being on it. I am reading the website and the product information. It definitely has a lot more than my basic Cal/Vit D supplement. I read up on the MenaQ7 - and that sounds really interesting as well. Thanks for the tip.
    I was reading how stress is also a culprit in Osteoporosis and I am certainly guilty of that. Trying to lower it but not being as successful as I would like.

    Big surprise that the doctors were not interested. A friend who has Hep C did a total diet change, worked with herbs etc - her numbers were incredibly better and the doctor felt it was a fluke. So infuriating.

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