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    New at disease
    An_243441 posted:
    Hi, I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis as of yesterday afternoon. I am only 38 years old . I am scared that now , that doctors won't help me do surgery or something,because I have 2 ruptured discs in L-4 and L-2. Any one have any suggestions for me .

    Thank You for listening.
    periwinkle52 responded:
    Good morning, I, also was diagnosed with a Genetic, inherited Disease, that effected the Calcium, non-production of, from my Parathyroids! At age 35yrs. my right hip broke! Just broke. Meanwhile, I was constantly complaining of severe back pain, to my "Pain Specialist". After, being prompted, by my Dr., to keep working out, to not become sedentary, I could not take anymore! I asked for an MRI, which showed my back, broken in 3 places! Yes! From Osteoporosis! I went to my Orthopaedist, whom planned surgery, ASAP! It was more difficult, than usual, as he could not access my spine thru my tummy, which I'm told is normal, due to my tummy being covered in Gortex Mesh Implant, from numerous abdominal surgeries! It was a difficult recovery, but well worth it! You need a GOOD Orthopaedic, and perhaps a GOOD, "Pain Specialist". That is my opinion, anyway. Do you have a reliable Family M.D.? Maybe, go to he or she, for advice. You also, need to find out, what is causing your Osteoporosis! Trust me, it does not stop, in your back! I wish you the best of luck, and PLEASE, always, get another opinion, if you are in question!! Follow your gut instinct. It's usually right! periwinkle
    wolfwoman93 replied to periwinkle52's response:
    Thanks for replying to my message i wrote. I am gonna take a hormonal test , she thinks that is the stem from my brittle bones. My mom and grandma both was diagnosed in their 50's . I read articles saying it's hereditary? Who knows. Will get my results done this coming Friday. Also been having my post- menopause early due I had hystermey about 3 years ago. Keep my ovaries,so who knows what's going on in there? Hope to get some kind of direction to stop this disease.

    periwinkle52 replied to wolfwoman93's response:
    Wonderful! I am glad to hear, you are moving fast, on this! I, also, had a total hystorectomy, @ age 33yrs. Everything, thrown together, didn't give me much of a chance. I will pray, they can get you on some meds, to @ least stop it, before it can do anymore damage! I wish you the best of luck, with all you're test results, periwinkle

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