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    my T score
    momsygirl posted:
    what does a -3.6 T score means?..will i break a bone any still confused..sad and depressed..
    Calcium supplemts like Caltrate,are they enough?
    i cant find Calcium supplements and Vit D in my place..
    i do exercise and try to eat the right food..but i think its not enough.
    im desperate..pls help!(
    Tomato05 responded:
    Hi Momsygirl
    I think most people who get diagnosed with severe osteoporosis feel very nervous, like you, especially initially.
    I was diagnosed with an even worse score 13 years ago when I was 35, and here I am still today, living a normal life! I am also much fitter than I was then, as I have been exercising diligently.
    See this as an opportunity to start taking care of yourself even better - exercise vigorously and on most days, make sure your diet is based on very healthy, fresh, unrefined foods.
    It is essential that you take calcium and vit. D. Order online if you can't get it where you live. You get a Caltrate type that contains both vit D and calcium.
    As for medication,what does your doctor recommend?
    I took Fosamax for a number of years,but the last 7 years or so I've been on Strontium ranelate (I am not sure if it is still not available in the USA, as I don't live there), which has helped me a lot.
    momsygirl replied to Tomato05's response:
    hi Tomato,
    thanks for the eye opening response-i wish i could be like you,more fit,and very diligent in my daily exercise..
    btw,i take Caltrate Plus,have now more than ever added a lot more green veggies to my diet-im already a veggie eater before..
    i will visit my doctor this week,and i will ask about a medication that suits me..thanks for the tips on online Calcium supplements..thanks again..Godbless!
    momsygirl replied to momsygirl's response:
    by the way,pls recommend me a link on Calcium supplements,thanks you..
    Tomato05 replied to momsygirl's response:
    You can get sufficient calcium from Caltrate supplements if you follow the dosage instructions, no need for others as well.

    Good to hear you are eating healthy, with lots of vegetables, which have so many benefits. Very important though, don't neglect the lean protein (from sources like fish, chicken, lean red meat, lean pork, egg-whites, beans, dairy, nuts).

    Good luck!
    momsygirl replied to Tomato05's response:
    thank you very much tomato..
    only thing i lack as of now is good exercise..its nice that here at WebMd we can communicate like this..takecare..Godbles..

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