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    Forteo & Methotrexate
    Janemarie91 posted:
    I began my 1st injection of Forteo tonight (Monday). I was so nervous with all the instruction papers I had to read, and my pharmacist pointed out the big colored instruction paper and said " go home and read both sides a couple of times, before you start". She made me feel very comfortable in doing it. I didn't know that the needles for the pen like injector came separate, so back to the store my husband went. Anyway, with my daughter watching me, I did ok.
    I was wondering though, is their anyone who had to take a weekly injection of Methotrexate, and if so how do you keep track of the different sites so I don't end up hitting the same one twice? Also, I didn't realize how "expensive" these Forteo injections were. I paid $50 which was a co-pay, but I was told this runs $1,400 without insurance. I was wondering if their are others out there taking this drug, and do you have any comments?
    bonebabe responded:
    First, congratulations on your successful first day of Forteo. I know it can be quite daunting until you get into it.

    We have a lot of patients who are on Forteo and Methotrexate. RA and Osteoporosis often seem to go hand in hand - either due to the illness or the treatment.

    I've not heard any concerns or problems with them doubling down on the same spot. I don't think the injection site itself is as important as actually getting the meds into your body. But, if it worries you, you could designate a side for Forteo and the opposite for Methotrexate or some such division.

    Yes, the drug is expensive. For those people who need it though, Lily has a program to help with the cost. They don't want anyone who needs it to not have due to money.

    The Forteo is a wonderful drug. We've only had one patient whose score was not improved by it. We later came to find out that she thought it had calcium in it and had not been taking her calcium supplements. That certainly impeded the effectiveness of the Forteo.

    I wish you outstanding success both with the self treatment and the results. Keep us posted.
    ettarae replied to bonebabe's response:
    I had a spine fracture 5 weeks ago after being off Fosamax for 3 years. I was on it for about 16 years. Now my Doc. wants me to take Forteo and I don't know if i want to do this. I had a hip fracture 13 years ago and have a DXA every 2 yhears. My latest one was in August 2012 and I had improved. So Doc. said all is well. Now this accident happened and I'm very upset needless to say. I am almost 71 years old tho a YOUNG 71. I exercised for hours daily and take calcium with VitD and magnesium. I now go to PT 2 times a week and am told not to do yoga, pilates or wt. training. I have an apt. with a neurosurgeon this week to get his take on the exercise. The Doc. I'm in consultation with is an endocrinologist. She will be ordering lab work before we meet to discuss future treatment. Any ideas or suggestions would be grately appreciated. Thank you so much.
    Kattmaven replied to ettarae's response:
    I took forteo for two years and it took me out of osteoporosis into osteopenia - the needles are so small and sharp that you don't even feel them going in. I would do it again in a second. I am 66 myself - you can only do forte for 2 years at a time but it was worth it.
    ettarae replied to Kattmaven's response:
    Kattmaven, Many thanks for the encouragement. I'm so squeamish about needles. My husband said he would do it for me if I couldn't. Will keep you posted. I have osteopenia presently.
    bonebabe replied to ettarae's response:
    You have osteopenia by your T-scores, but a clinical diagnosis of osteoporosis based on the history of vertebral and hip fractures. If I were where you are, I'd personally do the Forteo.

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