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    Webfuut posted:
    I have had osteoporosis for several years and have not done anything about it so getting worse. I refuse to take medications. I viewed Margaret Martin's video and want to start doing exercises to help build bone. I live a distance from any gym and want to get a weight bearing exercise unit. Does anyone know of a good one?
    bonebabe responded:
    Weight bearing exercise is anything done on your feet. If you have osteoporosis, you want to be extremely careful not to do anything that bends or twists the spine. Walking is the best exercise really.
    beffigon responded:

    I know that bonebabe and others on this site recommend not doing any forward or side bends (twists). However, you may want to consult the literature, as there are differences of opinion in the matter. I, too, have osteoporosis - severe osteoporosis. However, I have always done bending and twisting in every direction, with absolutely no problem. As a matter of fact, I feel excellent when I do them, and have never had a fracture or break.

    Good luck!!
    bonebabe replied to beffigon's response:
    These are the recommendations from the National Osteoporosis Foundation. The problem with bending forward and twisting is that the tiny struts encased in the vertebrae (honeycomb bone) will break without you ever knowing. When you have osteoporosis, these bones, because they're so tiny, will break first with repetitive motion. When the last strut within the hard vertebral bone breaks, you have a compression fracture. You will definitely know that - and there is no chance for a do-over. This is exceedingly painful and results in lost height, curvature of the spine, increased compression of internal organs, clothes not fitting and a much higher risk of another fracture.

    You are very fortunate that you have not had a compression fracture. But there's no way to know if those small bones aren't breaking. I would be very careful if I were you. Bending and twisting in all directions is not worth the risk you're taking.
    beffigon replied to bonebabe's response:
    I had my Iyengar teacher and my exercise class teacher (both women in their fifties, and both used to working with seniors - I am 59, not exactly a senior, but...) check out the forward and side bend issues. Their checking revealed identical results, although they don't know each other and checked with various medical people: There CAN be a problem with forward and side bends is if one does them hunched forward; however, if one keeps a straight back and neck, which I always have done, there should be no problem. Both teacher slightly modify certain exercises they give the class to accommodate my needs.
    calipo replied to bonebabe's response:
    I just had the injection Prolia 3 weeks ago for my osteoporosis. I was following your discussion and realized that I have been doing twisting during my water yoga class. Is this also bad?
    bonebabe replied to calipo's response:
    Don't twist the spine. You can do forward bending IF you keep the spine straight - pivot from the hips - not bend the spine. You can log onto the National Osteoporosis Foundations website ( ) for more details on movement to do and movements to avoid, and also a special section on yoga.

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