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    Bone loss after forteo?
    An_251198 posted:
    I just finished taking forteo and decided I don't want to take reclast or fossamax. After reading all the bad news about fossamax and reclast, jaw necrosis, etc., I do not think those are good options for me. I am only 52 so I will be living with this for a long time. I have heard and been told that I will lose all my gains if I don't go on one of those meds. I'm wondering if anyone has tried to go without medications after forteo? I have heard of alternative treatments like hormones.
    Janemarie91 responded:
    I have that very same concern. I have 3 months to go until I reach my first year on Forteo. I have soft bones, and I hate to think I will have to be on another Osteoporosis medicine. I think about the jaw necrosis as well. I've had reactions to Reclast and Fossamax, so my alternatives are narrowed down.
    bonebabe responded:
    Yes, you will lose the bone the Forteo has made if you do not go on a medication to protect it. As you said, you are young and will be dealing with this for a long time. Why undo what you've done? The rare side effects you mention with the bisphosphonates aren't worth the life altering results of a spinal or hip fracture. While hormones protect the bones, they don't work like the bisphosphonates. In fact, often they are given in conjunction with them. Be sure to consume your 1200 mg of calcium and your 1000 IU of Vit D each day so that what med you do decide on will have the best shot at success.
    bonebabe replied to Janemarie91's response:
    As with any medication, there are considerations to be made. You have to weigh the benefits of the medication to you personally as opposed to the potential side effects.

    Because you're already on Forteo and have already had a vertebral fracture with kyphoplasty that is crumbling, in my opinion there is no side effect of the medicine that is worse than your future if you don't take it.

    The jaw necrosis is very rare and the only documented cases of it being caused by bisphosphonates are with nursing home patients who are already ill and who've had IV infusions of the med.

    I wish you a successful experience with whatever osteo med you decide on and a fracture free future.
    altgirl52 replied to bonebabe's response:
    I had good results with Forteo. And it allowed me to increase my exercise regimen. I have not had any serious fractures so far (luckily). I do weight lifting and very low impact jogging. I am hoping that staying with an exercise regiment will keep my bone density from dropping. I have read that there is a blood test that measures the rate of bone turning over. I'm not postmenopausal either; and there is some controversy about taking reclast or fossamax before menopause. These are gray areas and I'm not certain there is enough known about treating osteo in young people. I am hoping that someone who has been able to maintain bone density after forteo will post here. As far as the chances of jaw necrosis, I hear that studies show there is a higher incidence of unusual fractures and jaw problems with reclast.
    AlishaMorgan replied to altgirl52's response:
    Result of any medication varies person to person and there health. Here are some suggestions for better bone support .
    altgirl52 replied to Janemarie91's response:
    The first year on forteo you will see the biggest gains.
    But I was told that forteo has the most impact on the spine and would have less impact on my hips. However I had significant increases to my bone density in both spine and hips after 2 years. I did not have any noticeable side effects while being on forteo. I now see a PT who is working with me on "core exercises" to strengthen my spine and the exercises we do are more "pilates based". I can tell I am getting stronger but I won't know my bone density until February, when I get the next test done. You have another year on Forteo. If you can exercise and eat well while you are on it, I think you can get great results. The only other medication I considered is Prolio but the possible side effects although rare, are really dangerous. I myself would like to hear more about Prolio from anyone who has used it and done okay on it.

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