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    My Pain Management Dr's DEA no.
    Anon_27116 posted:
    Very recently I had an unusual experience with my pain management dr. I had my appt. to see the dr. and was called the day before my appt. and told that I could not get my opiate scrip because the dr's DEA no. had not been taken care of. I was extremely upset and just lost my temper in a very bad way. I asked them "what am I supposed to do since this has happened". They told me to go to the ER and that they would help me. What a crock of bull! I did go to the ER and that dr. told me that they never write a scrip for methadone or any other kind of med similar to it. So, I was going to be completely out of my methadone and was so worried that I would go into withdrawal. I do know that no one is supposed to quit taking their meds such as the one that I take without tapering off it slowly. When I did see my pain dr. I just lit into him with my anger like "how could he let this happen" etc. Fortinutately my family dr. prescribed some meds that would help me to some extent until I had the methadone filled. Now, I am really worried that this pain management dr. will fire me for being so angry and demanding answers to my questions which he did not answer. Please give me some info that might be of help with this matter. Oh, before I left my pain dr's appt. that day, I finally apologized for being so angry and upset. I thought it was a dr's responsibility to make sure that their DEA no. was up to date. It sure is not my job to do that for him! You can sign me "Mad as Hell" about what happened to me. One other thing. This pain dr. has wanted me to have PT and bugs me about it all of the time. I just saw my neuro dr. since I was in the hospital in May and he told me that I have a condition called "cervical dystonia" and he did not recommend PT at all. He did say that botox injections in my neck area would be very helpful for the many different headaches that I get. I am so ready to have this botox treatment done as soon as my insurance approves this. I have a primary ins. and Medicare as secondary due to disability. Thanks for letting me get this off my mind. By the way, how would some of you patients handle this type of situation? I would really love to hear what you think.
    JerryRandall responded:
    Jeez, I would think it is the doctor's responsibility to stay up to date on everything, not yours. At the same time though, anger doesn't solve anything. If anything, it just makes him not want to try hard to get you better. I know your feelings though!
    meaningfulc1952 replied to JerryRandall's response:
    Hi Jerry,
    I appreciate your response to my difficult situation. Yes, I do know that anger does not make anything better whether it is your friends, family, or doctor,etc. If you read my discussion and understand the dangerous position that my pm dr. put me in, then you would perhaps be more aware of the nightmare tht it put me in.
    After reading your message, I have a feeling that you do "get" it though. Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.
    annette030 responded:
    Of course it is his job to keep all his papers up to date. Not yours. Sure, getting really angry doesn't help anything, but you did apologize and you had good reason to be upset. I would ask him what his back up plan is for the future, does he have another doctor who is willing to sign RXs for him or see his patients?

    Is your neuro doctor a neurosurgeon or a neurologist?

    Cervical dystonia means the muscles in the neck are somewhat lacking in tone. I don't know if PT would be useful for this or what exactly your PM doctor is suggesting PT for. Tell him to talk to your neuro doctor and hash it out between themselves, then for them to talk to you. Ask for links to studies so you can read about PT for yourself.

    The medical studies I have read about botox being used for headaches was that only about 50% of the people who got the drug had any improvement at all. That study was done quite awhile ago, but it was enough for me and my doctor to decide they were not for me. Hopefully, now there are larger studies available for you to read and decide if this would be helpful for your particular case. They are very expensive. Make sure they have been tested for the type of headache you have.

    Take care, Annette
    GinaMVallar responded:
    I am really sorry this happened to you...I know...this has happened to me..You have every right to feel anger/upset!! The Dr. should apologize to you! Until this Physician starts feeling your pain...or gets a valid education on Pain/Pain Meds..this will happen to more and more of us. I would handle the situation the same as you...people in general are not walking around with Happy Smiles...then messing up your pain meds..(which was the Physician..not you!) I feel so bad you had to go thru a agonizing/stressful withdrawl!!! That was not even your fault. The Botox..let me know if it works..Something needs to start happening when PEOPLE IN PAIN...ARE TREATED SO POORLY/HURT BY THE PHYSICIANS WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR US!! THE PATIENTS! Maybe a LAW!!!
    Anon_1421 responded:
    So sorry you went through this! Wish that quack doctor had to feel your pain (without meds!) for at least a week! You should try and find another pain management doctor (because if this happened once, it can happen again!) and if/when you do find another doctor, maybe file a complaint with the state medical board against the first quack. I would never again trust a doctor that was that stupid! Take care.
    meaningfulc1952 replied to annette030's response:
    Hi Annette,
    Thanks for your response about this serious situation. My pain mg. dr. told me recently that he wants to have me cut down on the methadone. Although, he has not pursued that yet. My neuro dr. is a neurologist. I really like him because he really understands my many problems. When he examined my neck, he told me that is is full of knots and spasms and that PT would not be of help at this time. He is very much into doing botox injections in the tight muscles and told me that he has had so much success with this type of treatment. He also said that he starts using a very small amt. of bx in order to gradually get to the amt. that really will do the most help for his patients. I did tell him that when I see my pain mgt. dr. again he will want to know if I have been to PT. I also told him that I will give my pain mgt. dr. his name and phone no. so they can talk about this and the diagnosis of cervical dystonia. He said "no problem" about that issue. In the 1980's I had many, many problems with my neck. It literally would get stuck in an unusual way and the pain was so horrific. Back then, I was admitted to the hospital and given IV's of demerol and muscle relaxant drugs in order to break the cycle and it worked. Now, I do not know of any dr. that uses demerol and phenergan together to treat migraine headaches and other kinds of pain. It is like that particular treatment went "out the window". To me that is a real shame because it really helped me in emergency situations with my headaches and neck problems.
    I have been doing a lot of research about cervical dystonia and totally amazed that no other dr. in the past ever mentioned that condition to me.
    I appreciate the responses that you all have given me.
    Just one more thing I forgot - I have seen one of the best neurosurgeons and he told me that he did not recommend any surgery on my neck.
    Thanks for your comments,
    meaningfulc1952 replied to Anon_1421's response:
    You know, I wish that every person that is going to college and more in order to become a physician would have to take a course in pain management. I also wish that those people would have to experience real pain before they are given their certificate that states that they are drs. Many years ago there was a movie about this type of thing. I cannot remember the main character names, but the title of the movie was "The Doctor" (I think). This dr. had a huge practice and then something went terribly wrong for him in a physical way. I think that he ended up having cancer and was treated like all of the patients are. He expected more since he already was a dr.
    Does anyone remember this movie?
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to meaningfulc1952's response:
    I do... I think. It starred William Hurt? I think he wrote a book about his experience as well.
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    annette030 replied to meaningfulc1952's response:
    I can't think of any kind of surgery for cervical dystonia. That is why I asked when you said you had a "neuro" if it was a neurologist or a neurosurgeon.

    Demerol went out of use because it was found that people can easily become toxic to its metabolites, and have seizures, etc. This is an unpredictable side effect that can happen with frequent use, or occasional use. We used to give it all the time, but not anymore. There are other opiates that work just as well for pain.

    I had cervical disc surgery back in the early 1990s, but the best thing I ever did for my upper back, shoulder and lower neck pain and tightness was have breast reduction surgery. I just did it six months ago, wish I had done it many years ago. I asked my current doctor if she thought it would help, no one ever mentioned it to me first. She referred me to a plastic surgeon and we went from there.

    Take care, Annette
    annette030 replied to meaningfulc1952's response:
    Look out what you wish for. I worked with a Dr. once in the ER who had back surgery. He was a wonderful doctor, very understanding and kind. He hurt his back and ended up with chronic back pain. He finally had surgery with success as far as pain relief went. After all of this was done and over, he and I were talking one night, he said he had lost all compassion for chronic pain patients as he had been one and if he managed to cover his work shifts, so should they. He felt they were a bunch of whiners. Fortunately, this was not conveyed to patients, he continued to treat them well.

    It is all in the personal attitude and how you behave and act throughout your life.

    Take care, Annette
    1wareaglefan replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Yes, loved that movie! He was a big important doctor who treated patients with little compassion, then suffered with cancer and got the same treatment.

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