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    Includes Expert Content
    Frustrated in Springfield, Missouri
    Simpleaim posted:
    I'm hoping anyone who sees this can help me. My wife has chronic pain in her lower back. She had a 360 degree fusion 4 years ago but is still in pain. She has been on medication in the past years, oxycontin time release and immediate release in addition to a muscle relaxer. This meds gave her some release but she was a slave to them. Last December her current doctor retired leaving her out in the cold with no meds. The doctor coming in to replace him stated that he would not prescribe her meds so I called every doctor on my insurance list in our area to find one who would help her. No doctors would take her. I finally convinced the last doctor on my list to just see her. The thing is, and I explained this to everyone, she doesn't want to be on meds forever. She wants to be able to move on with her life. Being on meds for her is no life. Well the doctor she saw, actually a PA, sent her to the pain clinic here in town. They wanted to do the injections on her. She did this 3 years ago and it made everything worse. she went ahead with the pain injections last week and now she is in incredible pain, without her full compliment of meds. She still had a few left as the PA prescribed enough for her to get by until the injections and the nerve were over but my wife has cancelled the remaining injections and burn do to her knowing this will cause her pain even more. Can anyone recommend anything or anyone in this area that will take her on? I love my wife and can't stand to see her this way. She's not in it for the drugs, she just wants relief.

    Thank you,

    Ken Howell
    annette030 responded:
    Due to my experience, I would not ask a doctor to take me as a patient and ask him to write RXs for opiates at the same time. I would see a doctor for a few visits and then approach him about meds. Trust needs to go two ways and it only develops with time. When he knows me, he may write RXs for me. I never move with out knowing where I will get RXs already, the old doctor has always been willing to continue to write RXs for me for the change over time.

    Doctors are able to retire, die, or move away, just like we are. As long as they give us notice, that is up to them.

    I would not repeat injections that I knew would make my pain worse, and not help anyway. A doctor would have to do some good talking to get me to consent to that.

    She is an adult and needs to take responsibility for finding a doctor to manage her care. It is great that you are willing to do this for her, but she needs to do it herself for many reasons.

    If you get an email address and post it online, there may be people here that live near you who are willing to respond with doctor suggestions. We are not allowed to post doctors, phone numbers, addresses here. Use an email other than your personal one to avoid spam in your personal email account. I live in another state so I can't help you.

    Take care, Annette
    Simpleaim replied to annette030's response:

    I appreciate your reply. I think you may have misunderstood my post. We're not looking for a doctor to just prescribe meds. We want something that is going to help her long term. My wife and I both know that just taking meds is not going to help her. We're looking for something other than just taking meds or the injections. She's tired of being a zombie all of the time. I've explained to every doctor I've contacted that she wants to find out what is causing her pain then get that taken care of. A life on meds is really no life at all.But once we tell the doctors her history, they automatically state they can't/won't take her. My email address is if there are any suggestions from anyone they would like to send me. Thank you for this tip Annette.

    Ken Howell
    happycouple001 responded:
    hey ken sorry to hear ur wife is hurting so annette made good points my wife has had pancreatits so many times in five years she told me to call dr's for her i did and got need to talk to her also i have for ten years fibro, chronic pain in low back , neck and other places advice i can offer has she tried acupunture or accupressure or massage also if u or her ask for a certain tratment or drug dr may think ur dr shopping for example i have gone to er and in a lot of pain and dr's treating me see my complaint and have thought all i wanted was pills i finally called er director and sttd just find out what is wrong r u going into dr appts with her and doing most of the talking even if her pain is so bad she screams quite a bit dr's want to hear from patient oh yeah was she using ice on her back after injections at home
    happycouple001 replied to happycouple001's response:
    if nothing else try ice on back if not helping try heating pad
    happycouple001 replied to happycouple001's response:
    matt here email is in my info
    matt and my wife fran favorite song unanswered prayers ,,,, john 3:16
    David Maine, MD responded:
    I am so sorry to hear for your wife's struggle. I am sure your support means the world to her. This is a difficult situation. First, make sure you are comfortable with your doctor. You have to trust that they are making the best treatment plan for you. If you did not, then I would seek another provider. Next, listen to the plan they are suggesting. The doctor may wish to change the medications or alter the regimen. Perhaps this will be beneficial. As you establish trust and a better patient-physician relationship then I a think a comfortable treatment plan can evolve. Lastly - you should never feel forced into a procedure or any treatment for that matter. Your wife is the patient and she ultimately needs to make the decision for elective treatments as you describe. I wish you and your wife the well and hope things improve quickly. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
    Simpleaim replied to David Maine, MD's response:
    Thank you for your Dr. Maine. The problem we seem to be having is that no doctor will take her. We finally managed to get a pain doctor to agree to see her but we are cautious at this point. My wife is in terrible pain right and it just seems no one is willing to treat her because of that.

    Thank you,
    David Maine, MD replied to Simpleaim's response:
    Hang in there. Just try to focus initially on establishing a trusting relationship with the provider. Hopefully an effective pain management plan will evolve out of this. Best of luck.
    mcguire120 replied to David Maine, MD's response:
    Dr.Maine..I saw your reply and im curious if you have any sugestions on a pain doctor? My doctor of 6 years moved to another state and her replacement will not treat chronic pain. It is a shame that junkies have caused so many of us who are living with real pain so much hassle in being treated. A pain patient should never have to live in pain! I just cant understand how a person with real pain..real proof of that pain is left untreated because a doctor gets the final say in if they are treated or not. Why is it so hard to find a doctor who cares..and wants to treat a person for pain? Why even become a doctor if they are too scared to treat pain? Why do we have to suffer with daily pain because of junkies looking for a hivh? please..anyone care to comment

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