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    New to community
    Dot2Dot2Dot posted:
    Hi, I've been putting posts out for the last hour at least but thought I better give some background:
    I am 56, I was a Registered Nurse, graduated in 1977. But I had the misfortune of being in other driver's fault auto accidents since then that have put me out of nursing for 9 months to 5years at a time in the very serious ones 4 times &close to 2 doz other bizarre car accidents (one on the way home from PT.) In the 1986 accident I suffered a closed head injury (TBI) that was not diagnosed for almost 6 years. The accident end of May, 2002 fit the perfect description of causes of Fibromyalgia - (a trifecta of crisis)recent new promotion & a routine State Inspection going on & sister in hospice w/family providing care when a car pulled into my lane/my car hitting me 3 times. Within days, I had severe fatigue, severe pain, unable to concentrate & several other Fibromyalgia symptoms. On Med Leave by the end of July, discharged in Oct. NO income & lawsuit netted $46.00 (too many accidents even though I completed therapy & deemed fine & had been working). The Dr. I saw was a pain specialist & was terrific & when my Ins. changed (Med Assistance) he referred me to another excellent Pain Mgmt specialist in 2004 who gave me the official diagnosis of Chronic Unremitting Pain, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue. I also have PTSD, depression & general anxiety disorder. I had a chance to try many meds by samples until finding THE ONES. Meds include MS Contin 30mg every 12 hours, Topamax for migraine prevention, Amrix 15mg at night for control of muscle spasms (with Flexeril then Skelaxin for breakthrough spasms.Maxalt for both aura& non-aura migraines Xanax for anxiety as needed. Other treatments are ice packs, warm packs, back knobber, "China Gel cream",light exercises, NUCCA chiropractic which worked wonders to finally literally get my head on straight by realigning the first vertebra with the axis, the base of the skull. (I have the xrays to prove it), straighten my spine by allowing the muscles to realign so that Migraines dropped from 4-5 days long 4 X/mo to easily controlled with Maxalt & maybe 1 day in bed a month, pain 8-10 to 3-5 or less, & no limp. Also take Vit D 10,000IU Calcium Citrate wZinc &Mg 500mg 3Xday, Lovaza 2caps2xday which all help lower muscle pain & Vit D helps concentration & fine finger feeling. Also use Alpha Stim 100 ear clips & probes (allergy to patches) & Lidoderm patches. Armour Thyroid & other meds, too.On SSDI 2006(applied 2003) & Medicare. Had to give up TH, live in subsidized Sec 8 apt. Do volunteer with a Fibromyalgia Support group & with Friends of the Library. I came in with some education but I've learned a lot along the way. I get frustrated & depressed but I keep going. I keep helping others to learn & cope with their symptoms & share my knowledge so that really helps me to feel I have something worthwhile to give back to the world.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Dot2Dot2Dot,

    Welcome here! Thanks for your introduction and for reaching out to help others.
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
    ~Joseph Campbell

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