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    Includes Expert Content
    Chronic pain caused by hydronephrosis
    An_247219 posted:
    I really hope I can find some help. In Septemeber 2011 I was diagnosed with Hydronephrsis on my right kidney.

    I am not real sure if this will help but let me give you a little back groud on me. I am 31 and have Spina Bifida, which has paralyzed me from waist down. At this point in my life I depend on my wheelchair to get around. I work full-time (ok well not anymore because of the pain I am in) and lead a very active life, and this problem I am having is starting to frustrate the bleep out me. One other thing about my medical history is that back in 2001 I had my bladder removed due to bladder stones and a false passage from years onf cathing. I now have a urostomy.

    Now that we got that out they way let me tell what the last year has been like for me. When this all started I went to he ER because my urine was red, and I had decreased urine output, along with severe pain in the flank area. The ER of course did a ct scan and that is when I was diagnosed. So after my ER trip I made a folow up with my urologists that I have seen my entire life. Well, he just told me to drink more fluids. Which I did for about 3 weeks. I proceeded to call my Urologist again and he straight out told me nothing can be done to eliviate my problem. I did not like that answer so I called my pcp she refered me to a different urologist but still in the same group as my orgnial urologist. Same thing different doctor. He recomended that the cause is skelital or muscular. I went to see my long time orthopedic Doctor who did a mri and and couple of differnt xrays to see if my scollosies had changed. Nope nothing changed. Then out of the blue my pcp had to retire early due to an eye or sight issue. Which left me with no Doctor. During that time I had very dull pain which I was able to control with otc pain meds until april of this year.

    Once again went to the ER same test and finding on the ct. So my mom recommended me to a new pcp. He then refered me to a different Urologist in a different group. Of course I had to wait 3 months to see him. During that time my pain gradually increased and now I am on percochet for the pain. So, I did get into see the new Doctor and he did some imaging studies called an ivp and a loop o gram. Which showed no obstruction. However, there is still swelling and now it is starting to effect my left side as well. To say it nicely I am frustrated because I am not getting any answers as to why this is happening.

    Now, I am to the point, of just living with the pain, but no one should have to live like this. So, what I am wondering is if anybody has had similar problems with hydronephrosis or chronic pain and what did you do to get relief? I know that this pretty long and I thank you for taking the time to read and reply.
    77grace responded:
    Sorry that it has taken awhile to respond to you!I do not have the sme health problems but I do have chronic pain and have for about 30 yrs!It started with headaches in my teens and then latter in my 20's I was diagnosed with a weird
    disese Nuerofibromatosis!It is tumors that grow on the nerves of my spine!!!
    I understand your frustration,it is sot easy to deal with!I just try to remember that I difinatly do have some days that atre alot better than others!Try to really enjoy those days and the Bad ones I guess I just try take it easy and know that there are others who are much worse than me!I find if I call someone else and try to help them it helps me too!
    Peter Abaci, MD responded:
    Pain that comes from one of the internal organs is typically referred to as visceral pain, and this pain type of pain is usually a dull pain that does not pinpoint to one specific spot. Hydronephrosis is often associated with this type of pain in the flank region. In this situation, relieving a potential obstruction that is causing the hydronephrosis would be expected to alleviate this type of pain. Given your history, perhaps scar tissue is a factor in this?

    Musculoskeletal pain is usually easier to pinpoint on the body, and it is going to be locally tender to palpation and reproduced with certain movements. Treatments that can help include deep tissue massage, appropriate stretching and exercises, and changing body mechanics or postures that might be contributing to the problem.

    I think the next step is to talk further with your urologist to see if there is anything else that should be done about your hydronephrosis.
    kevskis responded:
    Thank you 77grace and Dr. Abaci for your input. Since I posted this I have gone back to both my PCP and urologist for follow ups. They have both suggested (my PCP has given me a referral) I see a pain specialist. I did see a pain Doctor who believes my pain may be due to a pinched nerve, but as for the swelling of the kidneys he is not real sure of. So, I guess for now I will be seeing him for pain management. Again thank you both for your input I really do appreciate it.

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