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    Severe Pain
    An_248072 posted:
    Severe Pain Have had severe lower back/hip pain for 6 months. Recent MRI of lumbar showed small cyst in right lower pole... Posted by An_248072Had neck surgery & shoulder reconstruction; helped very little. Have been in chronic pain management for 4 years. Started with severe lower back/hip pain f6 months ago. Recent MRI of lumbar showed small cyst in right lower pole of kidney centrally located. Should I see a doctor for this? Doctor never mentioned this in follow up visit for MRI results. Could this be the source of lower back, both hips & buttock pain along with burning sensation & muscle spasms. MRI also showed disc bulge & facet arthropathy in L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1. Also Heterogeneous marrow replacing lesions in posterior aspect of L1 & T1 which have fair amount of T1 hyperintensity and are probable hemangioma. Smaller one is seen at T11, L2 & L4. Pain meds, muscle relaxers, volataren gel take the pain from a 10 to 8 for only a couple of hours. Doctor said surgery will only make it worst. Help; I can't take the pain for much longer!
    77grace responded:
    Hi and Welcome.
    I can relater to you as far as hte back pain and neck for me too!!I wpuld ask your Dr. if you need follow up on the cyst in the Kidney!I have had something simalar but he told me it would go away and was very small.but yours may be different!I think your Mri show's more of what is causing pain than the cyst,but I am not a Dr.I don't understand some of your Mri because they are medicl terms,always remember when we read them they can look alot worse than what is really going on!I always ask my Dr.s to explain that!!!!
    Your Dr. said Surgery would make it worse,he sounds like a good honest DR.not one to make money off you!
    I am here for you as far as chating and supporting each other about pain and ideas that help!!
    Blessings 77grace
    nonameworks replied to 77grace's response:
    I'm writing because I have a brother (age 62) who has had MS for about 15 years. For about 10 of those years he has had increasing horrific pain - in his legs and hips. He has tried all kinds of oral medication - some pretty strong stuff. H also has a pain pump with 2 medications in it. One is Baclofen and on is for nerve pain. I hope I have that right. At any rate, he has 1 medication for spasm pain and one for nerve pain. Nothing has helped unless he takes the medication that puts him to sleep. His quality of life is awful - sleep or pain. Do any of you have any ideas that might offer relief?
    77grace replied to nonameworks's response:
    Hi and Welcome.
    I feel so Sad for your Brother and of course you too,I can tell how much you Love him!Doe's he have problems swallowing???Is that one of the reasons he has a pain pump???Have they tried stronger opiate's in his pump??I know I've heard that Baclofen in a pump is very ggod and the est way to get that medicationI'm sure you know that since he has been on pain meds for over 10 yrs. he has a very high tolerence like most of us here!That makes it harder!But with the pump he is lucky because its stronger and goes directly to the sorce!!!Is he on a Opiate pain killer???
    Maybe a different Dr.opinion??
    I'll keep him in my Prayers,77grace
    nonameworks replied to nonameworks's response:
    Thanks for replying. Yes, he does have trouble swallowing but that's not the reason for the pump. He is on very strong medication and I know that it takes increasingly more of the medication to help him. He sees a specialist for his MS and also one for his pain. So far, nothing seems to help him. I keep looking for solutions or help. Maybe someday.....
    77grace replied to nonameworks's response:
    Hi nonameworks's,
    I wish there was something we could do for him,its really sad that people have to suffer like that!
    You did'nt mention if he has tried a stronger pain killer??I'm sure he has if he has had pain this long!!!
    I'm sure the Dr.s have to be careful too because of the MS. and all that!
    Doe's he live with you??
    What kind of pain killers has he tried,did any help at all??
    For me Methadone has helped the most!
    Well,good luck and hang in there!

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