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    Includes Expert Content
    Chandlar posted:
    I've just been diagnoised with jaw joint spasm, or TMD a disorder which cause severe joint pain in the jaw. Does anyone know of a theraputic way to help ease the pain! Help!
    Peter Abaci, MD responded:
    Like other musculoskeletal pain problems, treatment can include making body mechanic changes that are aggravating the condition, learning how to relax tight muscles, stretching, and avoid overusing muscles that need time to heal. In the case of pain around the jaw or at the temporomandibular joint, frequent causes include grinding the teeth, stress, and arthritis in the temporomandibular joint. Some simple techniques to try include using heat or ice, eating soft foods until symptoms improve, learning some relaxation techniques, and in cases when the problem persists other measures to consider include things like a mouth guard, and anti-inflammatory medications or muscle relaxants.

    Dr. Michele Jehensen is a facial pain specialist and a colleague of mine. She advises that one of the most common cause of spasming around the jaw is dental work. Sometimes this leads to malalignment of the jaw which may need to be corrected. You may want to check in with your dentist if you haven't seen him/her recently.

    Here is more information to read about from WebMD: .
    meaningfulc1952 responded:
    Hi Chandlar,
    I was diagnosed w/TMJ in the late 1970's and in the 1980's I was told that I should have jaw joint surgery. My first was in 1983 and I will tell you that it was horrific. I have had 6 major jaw joint replacement surgeries. The last was in 1995 which lasted for 13 hrs.
    Please do not let them operate on you if you can avoid that. Once they do operate on you, you will never be the same. You will have chronic to severe pain. Believe me. I have been thru all of this and if I had not had jaw surgeries I believe that I could have been just fine with the proper meds for the pain. There is nothing about TMD that is easy and it is a very painful condition. Have you contacted the TMJ Association? They are still around and have been very helpful to me.
    As for a theraputic treatment I am not sure that I can offer one. Maybe some moist heat and alternating it w/frozen ice packs that you can put a small hand towel around it so it will not get so cold.
    Good Luck and God Bless You,
    Anon_57995 replied to meaningfulc1952's response:
    I had the same surgery in 1981.

    It became infected and I had to have it revised.

    it was a horribly-painful surgery.

    since then, I have had no further problems and am glad that I had the surgery, tough as it was.

    What does your surgeon think will be the benefit to you?

    What kind of MD diagnosed you?

    I was diagnosed by an ENT surgeon, consulted with an orthodontist, have braces on my teeth for 18 months, then was referred to an oral maxillo-facial surgeon who did the surgery.

    There is risk with any surgery, of course.

    Some people do fine, like me, and others do not, like meaninful

    Only you can make this decision.

    What other treatments have been offered to you?
    meaningfulc1952 replied to Anon_57995's response:
    Hi Anon_57995,
    I initually was diagnosed by my dentist due to the cracking and poping sound in my jaw on both sides. At that time in my life I was able to work. One day when having lunch, my jaw locked on me and I was terrified. I called my dentist and he referred me to an oral surgeon and the rest is history. I was able to get my jaw unlocked on my own, but it was extremely painful and scary.
    After I saw the oral surgeon, he said that I needed to have jaw surgery and "it would really help w/my headaches". What a crock of baloney! I had jaw joint prosthesis that were based in TX and the FDA finally raided their office and oh my, it was quite a scandal. It was in all of the Houston, TX newspapers, no kidding. In fact, you can even look it up on the computer and find the info about it.
    Since I have had 6 jaw joint replacement surgeries now, there is nothing that can be done that I know of. The pain is horrific and it has caused me to have chronic to severe pain. I just wish that these different oral surgeons had told me the truth about what I could expect after having these implanted in my head. I received more info from the FDA than any other group that was aware of this problem.
    The only treatments that have been of any help to me at this time are pain meds because I absolutely will not have anymore jaw surgeries. I have paralysis in my face and just the darn pain that will not go away.
    There is no cure for my case, end of story.
    Good luck to you,
    Anon_57995 replied to meaningfulc1952's response:
    Oh Meaningful,

    I know that your experience has been hellish. I've seen your discussions before.

    I was just sharing my experience I shared, which was not meant to discount what you are experiencing.

    I am certainly not disputing what you have experienced.

    Even under the best of circumstances, it was quite a tough surgery and the post-op was horribly painful. Also swollen face and jaw wired shut.
    meaningfulc1952 replied to Anon_57995's response:
    Hi Anon 57995,
    I am not upset with you by any means. Every person has a different type of experience when it involves surgery.
    I am glad that you shared what happened to you.
    You do not need to apologize.
    Take care,
    jfeather01 responded:
    Chandlar I'm new to these posts and seeing yours from two years ago wonder how you are now...I'm going to see my doctor next week but think I'm experiencing the same condition...appreciate any input

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