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    Kaiser Permanente will NOT use opiods for Chronic Pain anymore!
    JoMully posted:
    My doc at Kaiser told me that they have a new policy that they will no longer treat chronic pain with opiods. Period. Doesn't matter how severe your pain is.

    Their Chronic Pain Program started me on opiods 8 years ago. I developed tolerance to my current dose, of course, several months ago and my doc said she won't increase my dose and eventually I'm going to have to withdraw from my opiod pain meds.

    She sighted "studies" that said opiods are "dangerous" long term. I asked what the danger was and she said heart disease.

    I can't take NSAIDS because I have moderate kidney disease.

    So where does that leave me? Oxycontin has been the only drug to reduce my pain. Has anyone else had this problem?

    I'm 55 and have Fibromyalgia, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Degenerative Disk Disease, Severe Sciatica, kidney disease, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Adrenal insuffiencency, Tinnitus, Rosacea, and toe nail fungus!
    ctbeth responded:
    So, for all-these years, we have been told of the damage that can come to those of us who suffer un-medicated and/ or under-medicated relentless severe chronic pain.

    We were told that opioid therapy is safe for us if we take our medicines as ordered, and that the rate of addiction, under these conditions, if we do not have an addiction history, is low.

    We were encouraged to confide in our MDs about the effect of our medicines and to tell them if our pain is not reduced to tolerable levels by the doses we were prescribed.

    Our MDs assured us that tolerance is a normal physiological phenomenon and we will require medicine-dose increases periodically as time progresses.

    Now, we are being told that long-term use of these same medicines can cause heart disease, brain damage, make us more-sensitive to pain, make us difficult for anaesthesiologists to sedate us for surgeries, that our immune systems are damaged and we are in a higher risk for infections.

    These same MDs who encouraged us to take opioid medicines, are now telling us that we will be fine without them, they want to reduce or discontinue our therapies, and , to our utmost nightmare and horror:

    We are now being referred to drug and alcohol rehabilitation units in psychiatric hospitals by these same MDs who encouraged our opioid use not-so-long ago.

    We were persons in chronic pain who were prescribed medicines to help make our hell a little-less intolerable.

    Now, we are called addicts.

    When persons experiencing chronic, severe, relentless pain with no medical relief, there will be suicides.

    Our blood will be on the hands of the same MDs who, initially, were significant in our relief.

    And we trusted them!

    I have trusted my pain management MD for years; I have, many times, posted how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful pain management team working with me.

    Now, I do not trust any member of my pain management team- they clearly do not care about me.

    So, what will become of all-of-these pain management MDs when they no loner have patients?

    Frankly, I don't give a damn! Let them rot in hell!

    I feel your pain, JoMully. I'm right there beside you.
    annette030 responded:
    I would ask her for links to articles that show heart disease is related to opioids, see what she comes up with. Read them carefully yourself.

    What did she suggest, anything?

    Kaiser doctors, unfortunately, are often between a rock and a hard place. Kaiser is their employer and signs their checks, they must go along with Kaiser's program. They don't always get to provide input with Kaiser's decisions.

    Take care, Annette
    djlicious replied to ctbeth's response:
    And i thought I was Alone, I am in the same BOAT, so sorry to see that the once trusted professionals and caring doctors have turned there back on all of us as a Nation, I just see them hiding behind there staff and nurses, who have all had attitudes before any of this so called epidemic happened. I agree an i think they know there is blood on there hands, how can they sleep at night. Take care for we are not going were they are in the after life. Much Respect...

    .PS. They say that the count of prescribed medications overdoses have increased ? What about the number of the population as a whole over the years, are we to stay at the same number of citizens over the next 15 years. I can't say that any of us expected the number of younger male & female age's would rise with injury's but look at the statistics form 16-28 yrs old have been in some kind of trauma situation. Over the years 30 we forget how fragile the human body really is when younger. I'm tired of seeing myself and others being mistreated for all the wrong reasons from the DR Nurses and Pharmacy's .
    _swank_ replied to annette030's response:
    I agree with Annette on this. This is the new world with Obamacare leading the way. Individual doctors are having to struggle to stay open. Many of them are getting bought up by hospital systems. Once that happens, they become employees of that system and have to follow their rules. Doctors at Kaiser are no different. They all want to keep their jobs the same as everyone else.
    lorigibs40734 responded:
    That is just bullcrap!! I can't believe they're not going continue treatment!

    And Beth, are they doing you the same way?
    Anon_1421 replied to ctbeth's response:
    Agree with you, CTBeth-and I find it ironic that some of these same doctors push push push the steroid shots-which can have some very nasty side effects, cause many serious problems, but they keep pushing them, nevermind what it might do to the patient, as long as it makes the doctor lots of $$$$$. Our doctors are supposed to be working for US (they are, after all being paid by us and our insurance) and yet some of us are at the mercy of their whims; if they mistreat us and we try to find a doctor who doesn't, we are "doctor shopping". If a pharmacy discriminates against us and we seek to switch, we are "drug seeking". I am so tired of being treated like a drug addict just because I want to have some kind of life, be able to do things and care for those I love. It is infuriating that addicts on the street seem to be able to get what they want, and celebrities can get what ever they want while regular pain patients suffer! You are right, they can rot in hell, the doctors who are supposed to help relieve our suffering are adding to it-and making lots of money off us on top of it!
    ctbeth replied to lorigibs40734's response:
    Hi Lori,

    Actually, my MD and neuro-surgeon are fine, BUT there is a PA in my MD's office who is horrible!

    It was she, three months ago, who told me a pure lie about a "new" program at a drug and alcohol rehab that has a program to reduce tolerance in NON ADDICT chronic pain patients.

    I considered this, then did my own research on the "hospital".

    There is no "new" program. It's an addiction treatment program that takes non-addicts in their program.

    I spoke with the director of the program and he assessed that I am NOT a proper candidate for their program.

    The PA bold faced lied to me. This was a few months ago and I'm over it, I will NEVER see this PA in my care again and my MD knows this.

    Other than that, my SCS battery is dead and I'm miserable.
    I have an appt with the neuro-surgeon to change the battery, but it'll be weeks before this happens, with insurance company approval and all.

    I don't see the neuro-surgeon, whom I adore, until 26 Feb. He's done five of my surgeries already and I trust him 100%. I have almost no sensation in the area where the incision is made, so the battery change is pretty easy for me, but the wait is very difficult.
    Opal40 responded:
    Kaiser: If the premiums don't kill you, their procedures will.....If you have pain in your foot the doctor pokes you in your eye!....No more foot pain!..
    Pink187 responded:
    Read my post about the "opiate nazis". I've been on Dilaudid for the past 5 yrs. I'm a transplant patient & can't take anything with Tylenol or Motrin. It works without any side effects & unlike other people, it has a paradox effect on me where I can get up & get everything done (opiates don't make me loopy-they do the opposite). I also have a high tolerance for opiates & a low pain tolerance. I thought only Iowa was cracking down on opiates. What in the hell is going on????????
    Pink187 replied to ctbeth's response:
    CTBeth: you hit it right on the head!!! I wonder how these same people would feel being us for even 1 day??? I bet they wouldn't be able to hang with that for 2 seconds. Doctors take a Hippocratic Oath as doctors to "first do no harm". What do they think? I've never had a single problem with up to 8 4mg. Diludid a day for 5 yrs. Then I lost my chicken dr. went through withdrawal (don't they know that can KILL us???). They don't give a damn about us. We're a liability to them. They can lose their license. Well, STOP prescribing to the actual junkies & grow a set & take care of those of us that actually MUST live with debilitating, miserable diseases that, again, we did NOT cause, did NOT ask for & do NOT want!! Who the hell would want to be addicted to pain killers for the rest of their lives? WE NEED HELP!!! SOMEBODY OUT THERE HAS TO STAND UP & TELL THOSE THAT ARE TOO "SCARED" TO HELP, THAT THIS IS NOT OUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pink187 replied to ctbeth's response:
    Lord, deliver me from the PAs! 2 yrs of school & they think they're "doctors". I know more about my body & condition than they ever will. Not only that I took care of my Mom & MIL right up until they passed. The doctors I trusted: 1 left me after over a decade with the current scandal going on in Des Moines, they sent me to someone else who didn't want any Medicaid patients, my other doctor's cancer came back so he retired. My regular primary cares I've had for 14 yrs. but now since I'm a chronic pain patient, Medicaid wants to stick me in some "lock-in" program. I feel like we're all under some kind of Communist Regime. We ARE in the US aren't we????
    ctbeth replied to Pink187's response:
    Dear Pink,
    I think you may be confusing Medical Assistant with Physician Assistant
    The majority of physician assistant programs graduate programs leading to the award of master's degrees in either Physician Assistant Studies, Health Science, or Medical Science, and require a bachelor's degree and GRE or MCAT scores for entry.
    Professional licensure is regulated by the medical boards of the individual states .
    Physician assistant education is based on medical education, although unlike medical school, which lasts four years plus a specialty-specific residency,

    PA training is usually 2 to 3 years in duration, completed as post-graduate studies, for a total of 4—7 years of post-secondary education.

    Yes, the health care situation for chronic pain is in a difficult state.
    No, we are not living in a Communist regime.
    Can you tell more about the Medicaid "Lock-In' program?
    I think that Medicaid is a state, rather than a federal program and I know nothing about your part of the country.
    Medical care is worse in most EU nations, and better in Sweden, which is a socialist country, as you most probably know.

    Please do explain the "lock-in" program.

    ctbeth replied to ctbeth's response:
    Yes, I see that the numbers do not add up.

    I was looking up PA programs in USA and UK.

    The UK requires less time requirements, thus the 4-7 years:

    Less in UK; more in US

    Sorry for the mis-understanding.
    lorigibs40734 replied to ctbeth's response:
    I'm sorry it's going to take so long to get the battery you need. Insurance companies can drag their feet until you want to hunt them down and strangle every last one of them. Maybe your neurosurgeon can help you more when you so see him soon.


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