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    RE: Dr's Taking Away our Meds
    Anon_27116 posted:
    My pain management dr. told me about 3 months ago that his practice had changed and that I would have to find another pain mgt. dr. He did say that he would not leave me cold turkey though. The last time that I saw him he told me that he had not found a new pm dr. for me yet. He said that most of the ones that he knows want to have me completely detoxed off of the meds that I have taken for many, many years.
    He also said that he believed that even though I am not a cancer patient that he believes that I need these strong opiate meds. Once again I am at a crossroads with having to find a new pm dr.
    This is driving me crazy and I am so tired of this happening to me every 2 or 3 yrs.
    I am extremely tired of hearing about this ... and really wish and hope that I could find a very competant pain mgt. dr. that would not dump me and would listen to me and work w/me.
    I mean, come on, guys, this is getting way too serious to just think that it will go "bye bye" because it will not.
    Just the other day I was helping my daughter with something in her bedroom and one of our new cats ran under her bed. I bent down to try and catch the kitty and darn, I ended up twrilling around and bumped my own forehead on a piece of furniture and blood was spraying out of my head like a water sprinkler. I went to the closest hospital in an ambulance. At the ER, I never even saw a Dr., they sent in a PA and he was so reluctant to prescribe anything for my pain even when I had told them what meds that I was taking. After he used the DrmaGlue on my forehead to stop the bleeding instead of using stiches, I asked him for a scrip for a muscle relaxant and he said no. He said he would let me have 1 (5 mg. Valium) in the hospital and then I could go home. They did a CT scan of my head and neck, but I was never examened any further. When I got home I went to bed and later took a bath and have a huge black and blue bruise on my left side when I fell. They never even saw that because they did not examine me me properly.
    Today that same hospital called to get my feedback as to how I was treated there. I told the woman that I was treated like a "drug addict" and explained more info to her that I had told the PA and the nurse at the hospital ER dept. She apologized and said that she would give the info to the director of the hospital. I told her that I would never come back there unless I was about to die.
    I am fed up with the entire system that tries so hard to keep chronic patients from receiving the proper meds to treat us. I do not know what the answers are and will never understand why they treat us like we are "drug addicts". I have had it.
    dfromspencer responded:
    Wow, i am so sorry you had to go through that! As for the pain doctor, i hope you find a good one soon. Why they want to treat us like addicts, i just don't know? Thanks to a few, we are all condemmed!!! Please don't give up, there is one out there that will help you as you need it. Stay strong!!!

    Anon_2912 responded:
    Unfortunately, many doctors are getting away from prescribing opiates.

    Many people have ruined it for the real sufferers.
    ctbeth responded:
    Wow, this is terrible that your MD told you that he would find you a new PM MD, and then did not do what he said! I'm mad and it's not happening to me.

    At least, as I am understanding, the MD is changing and not prescribing opioids any more, right? It's not about you.

    Not that this is helping you and, right?

    What can you do? If the MD told you that he would find a new MD for you, then he really should! This is just wrong.

    I guess that you'll have to try to find a pain management MD yourself, right/

    I can think of only one possible option: can you see a specialist who works with patients who have whatever your underlying disease, disorder, injury that you suffer?

    For example, if you have a spine injury that is causing you pain can you see an orthopaedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon/ neurologist?

    Perhaps the MD who specializes in your medical problem can refer you to a pain management MD.

    I cannot help but ask if you are in Florida. I am not, but it sounds as if getting properly medicated is especially tough down there.

    Regarding the bruising, most times the discolouring of a bruise does not show up for many hours after impact.

    A CAT or MRI will show if you had any intra-cranial bleeding, which is a potentially life-threatening issue.

    As there was no internal bleeding, there was really nothing else they could do for you, so you were discharged home.

    In my humble opinion, and as an RN, Tylenol would be prescribed for the injury that you described. Seldom would an opioid be appropriate for this type situation.

    Frankly, I am surprised that they gave you a Valium. Your level of consciousness should be assessed after a head injury, minor as it may seem to you.

    Even though you went home, if you were to become unusually groggy or excessively sleepy, this would indicate that you may need to be re-evaluated.

    Do you have a doctor who treats your underlying condition that causes the pain? I hope that this MD will be able to help you.

    Please let us know, okay?

    Best wishes,

    An_249553 replied to Anon_2912's response:
    I have only been prescribed meds one month, and I am assuming percocet isnt a real intense narcotic, but I feel like I am treated like a drug addict already.
    Gee, what is going on?
    smann68 replied to An_249553's response:
    It's unfortunate, but many times we are treated and looked aat like addicts. I would think that a real addict would get their drugs off the street, but how would I know? It is very sad that chronic pain sufferers must also suffer by being treated like you're an addict. It's not like we don't have enough problems without that.
    ctbeth replied to An_249553's response:
    Percocet is a, "real intense" narcotic.

    Since the initiator of the discussion has a pain management MD who is prescribing, she probably has a contract.

    This contract would not allow her to request controlled meds from an ER doctor without her pain management MD's consent.

    Therefore, that the ER MD did not give her any pain meds for her laceration is justified.

    If the laceration was closed with surgical glue, not sutures, and the CAT/ MRI did not indicate an intra-cranial bleed, that is really the proper treatment for an ER.

    The CAT/ MRI must be interpreted by an MD, so this patient did get proper MD attention to the ER complaint.

    I do wonder why this patient was given a 5 mg Valium upon this occasion. Valium is not a med indicated for a laceration.

    Perhaps there is some behavioural issue.

    As many have pointed out, we who require opioid medications for our pain management, in order for us to function, need to watch every step that we make.

    It is a witch hunt and we are the witches!

    We MUST follow our contracts to the absolute letter.
    The DEA is, indeed, scrutinizing our pain management MDS.

    They can protect our pain management only so much.

    It is our responsibility to follow our contracts exactly, with more care than ever before, lest our MDs not be able to treat us.

    I am feeling and thinking that some-of-us are not taking this threat seriously and think that I am some kind of iron-fisted nun.

    This is NOT about me! This is about the social climate toward non-cancer chronic-pain patients and our MD's ability to treat us.

    ANY violation of our contracts can, and will, be the kiss of death to our being medicated to some-kind of comfort.

    I am, sadly, a harbinger of doom.

    I am writing these things because I care so deeply about every one of us who is suffering.

    My friends on this site know this is true.

    I communicate via email, phone, chat, Facebook, in person- any way that I can offer any person in pain info on SCS, a little hope when it seems hopeless, a word of encouragement from someone (me) who has had two fusions and other nasty surgeries, and an RN.

    I freely post me email address for anyone who may with to speak to me privately.

    I personally CARE about us and what is happening with the DEA, insurance "protocols", MDs under attack, NCCP under attack.

    Please heed my words and be extra, extra careful!

    What we may view as a minor thing, the DEA may view as a reason to fore our MD to stop prescribing our meds.

    This is NOT a personal attack against anyone!

    I am frightened for all of us.
    ctbeth replied to smann68's response:

    YES! We ARE being looked upon as addicts!

    This is why we must behave 100% accountable to our pain management contracts, do absolutely nothing that can, and may, be used against us.

    I, personally, have no issue with keeping meds after the RX has been discontinued,


    if this could possibly be discovered, then it can lead to disaster for me and for my pain management MD.

    As I have said, over-and-over:

    There is a witch hunt going on, and WE are the witches!

    It is not time to do anything- anything- that could possibly violate out contract, and our ability to get the medications that we need to function

    The DEA and insurance companies, with their mandates and "suggestions" of how much morphine, or trivalent, our MDs can prescribe, are 100% serious.

    We must answer this threat to our well-being with as much seriousness.

    Our adherence to our contracts MUST be 100%.

    I do not like it, and, heretofore, I have stockpiled (mostly for having a day-or-two of meds at family members homes should I not feel up to driving home and stay overnight), but, with society's fuelled-up negativism directed toward nccp, I have, indeed, relinquished every single little pill.

    100% compliance is among the only thing that we can do, in addition to alerting our elected reps about our stance, to protect us, and our MDs.

    This MUST be taken very, very seriously!
    nikkita22 replied to ctbeth's response:
    I guess I am going to find out what the "contract" is in Jan., and having read all this, I will take it very seriously. I get it. I get it now. I have never been to a pain clinic, did not realize the DEA is doing this. NO WONDER my current Docs have been very restrictive with my pain pills, and in my eyes "uncoorperative" in giving me more, or something stronger.
    This is so disappointing to hear, to read. My Heavens, I know I cry most of the day because I hurt so badly. Its so depressing.
    ctbeth replied to nikkita22's response:
    Oh I get so sad when I hear of anyone crying in pain.

    It brings me back to those days in my life when all I could do was cry when it got bad. I would cry until I was so exhausted; that is how I slept.

    Then, I got the help that I needed to make my pain less-intolerable. I don't think that any of us who live with chronic pain ever gets to be pain free, even in our sleep, we sigh, weep, spasm. Any of our sleeping partners will attest to that.

    Pain management did help more-than I had expected. It is a process and, sadly, the right answer or combination of meds and therapies may not happen with your first visit, but you will get some relief.

    Ultimately, for me, it was a spinal cord stimulator that gave me the comfort to live a semi-normal life.

    The message is to never lose hope. If you must, hang on one day at a time. Get through each day knowing that it is one day closer to your pain management MD appt.

    I have posted my email address all over the site, but I am posting again if you want to talk privately, or more, or communicate on a different venue. Having people with whom to talk may help, especially until you get to see the pain management MD, will make a difference.

    Mostly, stop by this site often; you are never alone here.

    In all this time, I have never gotten spam, get put on a bot list, nor has anyone emailed me in any inappropriate manner.

    Hang in there, Nikkita.
    foreversore replied to ctbeth's response:
    Beth, I live in Illinois and have run the gauntlet of specialists for my neck/back/FM issues. The original work comp doctor (occupational medicine) I saw started me on Norco and Flexeril and the ortho spine surgeon he sent me to kept me on those same meds for a while. Between those 2 doctors I took those meds all day every day for almost 2 years and then the ortho said I don't treat chronic pain and I don't want to do surgery so you need to go to your primary care and he cut me off cold turkey. Now having said that WITH the Norco and Flexeril my pain level was a 5-6 and I was still miserable. Primary care put me on Tramadol which of course didn't even make a dent in my pain. i was having odd dreams a funny sleeping issues on Tramadol so I was taken off of that and referred to a second ortho spine specialist. They also declined surgery as an option and basically refused to treat me so I was referred to a rheumy. He diagnosed the FM and put me on Savella BID and Flexeril at bedtime only. He then refers me to Pain Management for my neck/back. They did the lumbar epidural first I was immediately worse and still nothing for pain. they did a cervical epidural that did nothing at all and still no pain medication. I am on a cycle where I am awake for about 48 hours and then I fall into bed exhausted. i am in bed for about 12 hours but am lucky to get 3 hours of restless sleep. My days are filled with pain, exhaustion and confusion/fibro fog. I keep forgetting to return phone calls to doctors offices so I am even having a hard time helping myself. During the day noise, light and commotion cause me anxiety, headaches and confusion I seem to be more coherent late at night when I am the only one up and I can sit in darkness and control the noise level around me. Going to the store is a nightmare. I have to go when my hubby is awake during the day because I am afraid to drive. I can't turn my head to see the blind spot. i was denied SSD/SSI so now I have to add lawyer appts to the mix. I refuse to go to the ER because when I do go for a migraine I am treated like a drug addict and I have to have that migraine for 48 hours and not be able to get rid of it on my own before I will go to the ER (my rule not theirs). And of course being a medicaid patient doesn't help matters either. It takes the state a year and a half to pay the doctor the 33 cents on the dollar that they pay him/her so they hate it when patients like me come in. I fear that I am one of those that have fallen through the cracks of the health care system and I don't know how to fix it.
    joopiter296 responded:
    I live in Virginia Beach and have lived with severe RSD or CRPS for over 10 years. This past June, in the middle of a major flare-up my pain doc tried to drop me as a patient!! Mainly because his ROM test exaccerbated the pain and i let him know. I spend an entire day and called a dozen other pain doctors/clinics in my area and much to my surprise, none of them would take me! I am on both MSContin and Oxycodone and sadly my pain is still off the charts. I get little to no relief. Most docs refused to take me because they will not give me the heavy-duty meds I need. Some wouldn't take my insurance and some simply wouldn't take my difficult "case." Yes, I'm just a "case", not a real person in agony 24/7. Does anybody know of a compassionate doc in the Hampton Roads area of VA Beach that isn't afraid to deal with a REAL chronic pain patient?? I'm so desperate I don't know how much more pain I can tolerate let alone doctors who don't want to help! Any help would be appreciated!
    smann68 replied to ctbeth's response:

    I agree that we are the "witches"! It just makes me so angry sometimes. I also agree that we have no choice but to adhere to our contracts to the "t". Sometimes, that's hard to do. I have short term memory loss and cannot always remember everything in the contract, which makes this very scary for me. Once when I had a surgery, I forgot to contact my PM dr. and was taking addt'l pain meds due to the surgery and got in trouble. Bad mistake!

    I just don't know why they(DEA) can't understand that we(non-cancer chronic pain sufferers) are not the "witches" that they are looking for???
    smann68 replied to nikkita22's response:

    CTBeth is right-the main thing for you right now is: Don't give up! Keep working on it until you find the right mix for you.
    blessedladyptl replied to foreversore's response:
    Google "Senator Charles Grassley." His actions over the past few years has just added to the difficulty in physicians being able to prescribe pain meds and other meds if you receive medicaid.

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