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    II am an addict and have FM
    Addictinpain posted:
    Hello I am new to this sight and am having a hard time finding support..2 1/2 yrs ago my chronic pain started I began taking pain pills and within in 9 mths I became a full blown addict taking tons of pills mostly adderal and pain meds to get high...prior to that I am 43 years old and never took anything , drink or smoke...I then went into detox and an outpatient program and saw a pain doctor and was on flexeril(spelling ??) ibuprofen and celexa outpatient program supported me and I saw doctors for my pain that new about my addiction... They would say FM but I thought my pain was tricking me and it was for pills...I then began to go to NA meetings and went to third doctor who again checked me and said FM and we are going to work on a plan with no narcotics (because I cannot use them for pain without abusing them...I tried to get a sponsor 4 times and reach out and all of them said because of my celexa and flexeril I am still using and one said the pain is in my head and that the only way to help me is to stop all pills even Tylenol so I did and by 3 weeks I was so sick of the nagging pain and went to doctor and we are working together but a few ladies said I am welcome at meetings but cannot share because I am still using my flexeril (never ever a used) and my celexa ...I feel so alone and depressed.. Sorry so long
    Anon_57995 responded:
    It is none of your NA friends business what your MD has prescribed for your pain!

    The one who said that the pain is in your head: How the heck does SHE know what you feel? How dare she!

    Your MDs are professionals. You are clearly willing to work on doing things the right way, and you deserve respect and support for this.

    What gives these "ladies" the right to tell you that you are not welcome to meetings and/ or that you cannot share?

    My suggestion: find some new meetings. Do not tell anyone the meds that your MDs have decided to prescribe for your pain. The MDs are professionals and are aware of your addictive history.

    Your sponsor's role is to help you through the 12 steps, NOT to run your life or tell you how to manage your pain. You have a doctor for that.

    Have you ever heard the assassine 12-step slogan, "You're as sick as the secrets you keep"? NOT SO!
    There are some things that are none of anyone's business. Your medical condition and prescribed medications are in this list.

    If you think that you need NA to stay clean, then you'll have to go to meetings.

    NA meetings are not the same as your MD and professional care. The NA ladies are NOT professionals and have no business telling you what to do about your pain.

    What you have to ask yourself is are you taking meds to get high or to relieve your pain? Only you know.

    Please discuss this with your MD. Perhaps print out the discussion that you wrote above. This says a lot!
    ctbeth responded:
    Web MD also has a Fibromyalgia Support Community.

    You may find support in this community as well.

    WebMD Fibromyalgia Community
    foreversore responded:
    Hi Addictinpain, I am also a member of Web MD's FM community and over there we concentrate on the person as a whole and we have a lot of ideas for pain relief that in addition to medications also includes supplements and therapy modalities such as moist heat, ice and gentle exercise.

    If your doctors are all aware of your history they will steer you clear of addictive meds so please follow their advice. I would also urge you to ask your doctor to check your serum Vitamin D level as so many of us FMers have low vitamin D and it is believed to be somewhat linked to our pain. You have to ask for this test because it is not standardly done.

    As for your NA meetings I agree with the previous poster that your condition and the medications prescribed by a doctor that is aware of your situation for this condition are none of their business. i understand WHY you told them but they are not in a position to truly understand what you are going through. Ask your doctor if there is a local support group he/she knows about for addicts that live with chronic pain and of course you are welcome to continue posting both here and in the FM community.

    I hope to see more form you later. Both communities have very helpful and caring people who are ready and willing to listen.

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