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    Pain Management Contracts
    Justtryingtogetanswersformom posted:
    I am trying to do some research for my mother and she is currently on a Pain Management Contract and she lives in the state of Ohio is wondering how long a pain contract in effect for from the time she signed it, this information is not included on the agreement she signed and I cant find anything on the laws of this.
    _swank_ responded:
    It's in effect for as long as she is seeing that particular pain management doctor. It's an agreement between her and the doctor, not the state of Ohio or anyone else. If she stops seeing that doctor then she can tear up the contract and do what she wants.
    annette030 responded:
    I know it is called a contract, but legally it is more of an agreement between a patient and her/his doctor. Some doctors use it indefinitely, for as long as the patient stays with the practice, some renew them yearly.

    Take care, Annette
    soresoul1973 responded:
    Well for me being on one I can certainly tell you that they are renewed for me yearly and I have to sign them yearly and I live in the New England area. Good Luck!!!
    Mrs. Soresoul1973
    ctbeth replied to soresoul1973's response:
    I also live in New England and my contract is also annually renewed.

    Soresoul, where are you?
    soresoul1973 replied to ctbeth's response:
    Massachusetts and you?
    Mrs. Soresoul1973
    ctbeth replied to soresoul1973's response:
    Hi Mrs Soresoul,

    I am in Southern Connecticut about halfway between Boston and NYC. The city directly to the north has the distinction of being halfway between Red Sox and Yankee territory.

    Those on one side of town favour the Sox and the other favour the Yanks.

    I am, technically, in Yankee territory, but am a Sox fan.

    My pain management group is in West Hartford, so it's quite an hour's ride.
    soresoul1973 replied to ctbeth's response:
    Dear CTBeth,
    I like the New York Giants and I get crap for it all the time.... I hate the Doctors in New England or just docs in general they all look at you like you are a drug addict. What PISSES ME OFF is all these people that you hear about that don't take their pain medications and they are out there selling them and getting busted are ruining for the people that really need to take it with chronic debilitating pain diseases (DDD) such as myself. They give us all a bad name and so all doctors make you sign a contract with them to even give you your script and then piss test you. See the thing with my doctor is that she seems to think with all these fancy drug tests she does on me that cost tons of extra money for insurance companies that I fall in the category of a crack head in her mind and I have never seen the crap. Pisses me off so bad last time she did a UDS on me she did like three different kinds of Drug Screenings and that is ridiculous and found absolutely nothing due to the fact I do and take as told and don't abuse mistreat or misuse my medication at all... It is so hurtful that she does NOT understand the pain I am in....
    Its nice to chat with you Ill try to keep up with you and just keep rooting for the teams that are your favorite and who cares what anyone else thinks due to the fact that, that is exactly why it is called a free country... Take Care MrsSourSoul1973
    Mrs. Soresoul1973
    ctbeth replied to soresoul1973's response:
    Hi Mrssoresoul!

    So nice to hear from you.

    It's like 420 AM (sorry about the 420 reference, but it actually is!), and I look forward to "chatting you up" a bit.

    More later in the day.

    I don't really understand American football, but all of my brothers kids and grandbabies wear NY Giants hoodies and go to Giants games, so I guess I can root them on for you and them

    TTY tomorrow

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