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    Depression,Aniexty Disorder,Chronic neck & back pain, & bi-lateral carpel tunnel
    An_249998 posted:
    I'm new to this site and I'm looking for help. I'm a 46 yr old female, I have been diagnosed with all the above plus more. I have been on anti-depressants,anixety, & pain meds. since the 90's as well as collecting disabitlty from the state(2001) for the above diseases/injuries. The meds. that I take daily Cymbalta90mg,Alpralazam.5mg,Vicodin 7.5mg,Doxepin 40mg at nite.Theses medicines have helped me to continue my daily activities(housework,raising now a(13 & 16yrs old) I have moved from a big city to a small town. I had to change drs. due to this move, it has been almost 6yrs in my new community. As reading some of the potstings I too have been let go by my PCP did get a 30day notice to find a new one right after Christmas. I asked why when I called an operator told me that my urine test came up negative. After thought I called back and was told thatthere were none of my pain meds in my system and my dr. had to let me go. Now I get a 30day supply of all meds an need to call for my "narcatics" monthly. Over the holidays 2rxs were dated of when to be filled, now I have had 3 diff. drs. at this facilty each one has had there own way of doing things an my last dr. had told me that on narcotics she will only give a 3day prior oof when it's due. Apparently In Nov 2012 I recvd. my meds. on the 5th, I called 3days ahead recvd. on 12/01/2012.( I don't pay cash or try to get any medication prior to 3days ahead I have the pharmacy print out to prove this plus my medicare part D won't pay if your not in this 3day, and I don't have the cash) Anyway from 12/1 to 12/31 is past my 30days. i called Drs. office on the 31st for my refill and they said Im not due till Jan.4,2013??? I was back & forth with operators on hte dates and was told I had to wait until the 3rd now cause my dr. will be back from vacation & I could talk to her then. Fine, but late Wed.afternoon 1/2 I got a call to do a urine test(no problem) about 4pm & I needed to be down there before office closed at 5pm. I had no vehicle & explained could I do it first thing Thurs(1/3) morning was told that was fine. I got down there did urine test and asked what this was for. The nurse said to see if I had any "street drugs" in my system since I supposedly called more then 3days of when my rxs. were due. Once aagain it was fine. Now I recvd. this letter after considerable evaluation my dr. could now longer be my pcp and I have 30days from this letter to find a new one. I was upset and callled the in mind the dr. never called me personally or was available when I called) I asked why regarding letter, I was told that there was nothing in my system?? As she explain no signs of my Alpralazam or Vicodin in my urine screen. At this time I've been trying to get new dr. but always asked what meds am I on or what is my diagnosis or what insurance. I get were not taking new patients at this time, or this dr doesn't handle the rxs. that I am on. I can't get my medical records unless I have a new dr. to send them to, or I have to pay for each page out of my own pcket to recv. my records. I don't have that kind of money & if your dr there no longer wants me as a patient I feel just give me my file. I was dumb not to make copies when I first came up here, I had originals of drs, dentist, obgyn,etc file...and I gave them without no thought of what is happening now. I feel lost,scared with no one to talk to. I felt I did nothing wrong but if anyone out there could lend me a ear I would greatly be thankful as I am really starting to loose it!
    ctbeth responded:
    Hello newcomer

    May I ask you to make clear a few things?

    Perhaps your primary care MD wants you to have your pain syndrome treated my a pain management MD.

    What is the causing your back and neck pain? Have you seen any specialists regarding this pain?

    How about MRIs, CAT scans, etc?

    In the future, please try to separate your posting into paragraph form. It's very difficult to follow as you've posted, and I really want to understand what you're going through.

    I am having a particularly hard time following the reason that you ran out of meds early and why you didn't show any of your meds in your urine if you've been taking them daily.

    You do have the receipts stating on what date you filled your prescriptions. Have you copied and sent these to your MD? If they are saying that you filled them later than you did, you have the receipts that prove that you're being honest.

    I'm glad that you came to write.

    If you would please to explain a little more clearly,

    One last thought: if you're not too far from the MD that you saw before your move, could you return to that practice?

    Perhaps, if you're too far away, that MD whom you were seeing before moving, could refer you to an pain management in your new area.

    Hope to "see" you again,

    smann68 responded:

    Sorry to hear about what you're going thru! I got a little lost in your post, but it sounds like just a misunderstanding that can be cleared up.

    Even though you picked your meds up on 12/1, you shouldn't have been out until 12/4 if you started the month on 11/5, right?

    I'm also confused about how long you've been seeing this dr. You said you've been in the community for 6 yrs. now and have seen several diff dr.'s at this facility. If you've seen several dr.'s at the same facility, they should have your records to prove that you don't take more than you should.

    I also think it would be a good idea to find a pain management dr. in your area.

    I wish the best for you. I hope you can get all this straightened out. Keep in touch.
    77grace responded:
    I feel bad for you that you are having such a hard time with all this!I see you have a couple of replies,I guess they think the Math dose'st add up for this!But I thought it sounded like you could of been a few days off and unable to reach your Dr.,so maybe that's it,but if you did not have any for even 3 days I would think they would still shown up?So,I think when they test us sometimes its to see if we are taking these right ,selling them or whatever!But I alos know Pain really well and I pray that you can get all this straytened out!
    Try to count out your daily doses and put them in a pill box!
    Take care,77grace
    annette030 responded:
    I also found your post to be very confusing to read. Try posting again in proper paragraphs.

    I would suggest you make an appt. and go see your doctor in person for answers to any questions, write the questions down and write the answers as he gives them to you. It is difficult if not impossible to remember everything otherwise. I would not play phone tag with anyone else.

    If you got a letter "right after Christmas" and you wrote this post on January 20, the whole part about the dates you filled RXs is kind of pointless. By now, he is probably no longer your doctor and does not need to write RXs for you at all.

    I would concentrate on finding a new doctor.

    Take care, Annette

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