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    Chiropractor dislocated my rib
    Lotte posted:
    One week ago today my chiropractor caused severe pain under my lower left rib. He said he dislocated it and he said he put it back in place. I was told to ice it and it would hurt for a few days. One week later I still hurt just as bad and do not know if I need to go to a regular Dr. Or what. It really hurts to bend over patients to do my job. Please help. Also if a Dr. (Chiropractor) did this to me, what are my options? I work at a hospital and have legal services included. Any recommendations are welcome Thanks
    IamIrene responded:
    Hello Lotte. I'm not expert but I think that you should see a real doctor, an MD. I'm not a fan of chiropractors. Maybe he broke your rib?
    I don't know what your legal services can do but first try to get better.
    I hope that someone else here has better advice then I do.
    Opal40 replied to IamIrene's response:
    I used to work for an insurance company.....Chiro's are taboo.....That was company B.S.....A chiro got me back on my feet.....Like any doctor you have to find a good one and there really aren't that many.....In my experience and opinion 85% of doctors are bad and shouldn't be practicing medicine.....It reminds me of somethins you most likely have heard....What do you call a doctor at the bottom of his class?....Doctor...
    annette030 responded:
    I would see your family MD and get his input from examining you and doing whatever tests he requires. First comes your health, worry about the legal stuff later on.

    Take care, Annette
    Onehurtguy replied to annette030's response:
    This is why I would NEVER see a Chiroprator! They're fooling with thing s that they know nothing about, save for what's seen in an x ray, IF they even do that....

    Can you imagine if you had a bulging disk, or something like that?

    My wife had surgery on a bulging disk in her neck right after a masseuse aggregated it to a point where she was reduced to absolute agony.

    These people are quacks, and irresponsible ones at that!

    I don't mean to hate, but dam, how can you "manipulate" someone with severe pain not knowing what the underlying problem is. It's much too dangerous for my taste.

    I'd say sue him/her, but you sort of brought it on yourself. No disrespect meant please!
    Onehurtguy replied to Onehurtguy's response:
    Oh, and Chiroprators are not "Dr's" by the way...

    They weren't smart enough to be one, which is probably why they are what they are.

    The standing joke is"when a person isn't smart enough to be an MD, they become a dentist, when they aren't smart enough to be dentists, they become physical therapists, when they're not smart enough to me a PT, they become Chiroprators or Pharmacists. But what do I know, I'm just a self made millionaire, not smart enough for any of the above.

    lorigibs40734 responded:
    First, I'm so sorry this happened to you! Now, go see your family doctor right away, or go the ER. I won't step foot into a chiro's door anymore because was told by my then Ortho specialist to not ever ever ever go back. They can do more harm than good..I would get really bad headaches after seeing the chiropractor.

    They don't go to med school, the cannot diagnose you. Try to see your own doctor or an ER doctor right away. I think, if it's proven that you do have an actual broken rib, or cracked rib, or dislocated one, you should seek legal counsel, maybe not at the hospital if he's affiliated with them...
    Opal40 replied to Onehurtguy's response:
    Onehurtguy, Have you ever gone to a chiro?.....Doesn't your spine spine crack naturally when you exercise?.....When I exercise and stretch my spine moves and cracks and sometimes it gets stuck and that is when the chiro gets it to move.... I love a good massage and myofascial release but your wife must have gone to "The Hulk.".....If he hurt her so bad why didn't she tell them to stop?...Holostic and conventional medicine work best together....In my opinion...
    ctbeth responded:
    Dear Lotte,

    Another vote for get to an MD straight away.

    Please do not return to a chiropractor, especially the one who did this to you.

    They are not MDs and cannot order lag tests, MRIs, CAT scans. The only diagnostic tool that they have is xray imaging.

    Your legal status is dependent upon your long-term damages.

    Please make getting real medical care your priority and worry about legal actions after .

    The statute of limitation on a medical malpractice claim is two years post injury, so you have plenty of time, if your situation concludes with permanent damage.

    It may also be wise to carefully read the contract/ agreement for treatment that you signed with the chiropractor. You may have signed a release from liability statement.

    The more important matter is to get that rib evaluated.

    Good luck,

    ctbeth replied to ctbeth's response:
    typo: it is lab tests that they cannot order.
    Onehurtguy replied to Opal40's response:
    I love a good massage, and early on in my treatment I did see a Chiropractor ONCE. He snapped my neck and cracked my back all the while not knowing that I had a herniated disk in my neck at the c5-c6 level, and herniated disks at the t5-s1 in my back. I was lucky he didn't paralyze me.

    My wife had herniated disks in her c5-c7 levels that were severely abbreviated by her massage theropist. At the time, she did know of her issue, she thought it was old age or arthritis. She's pretty tough like that.

    Fact of the matter is that while these people have good intentions, their lack of clinical and radialogical diagnosis is terrifying. They just want another patient to sign up for a three year program. The chiropractor I saw promised me that he could fix my back IF I paid him 4k, and visited him twice a week for three years. He didn't even know what was wrong with me, and quote possibly could have paralyzed me be cause of his lack of knowledge.

    You see, some people can function daily through the pain that herniated or bulging disks may give. And because I'm not lying down, waiting for death like most, some people assume that I'm not as bad as some others. That's when things get dangerous with Chiropractors, they think a few minor adjustments will fix it all.

    So to answer your question, I love a good soft tissue massage, my back cannot be cracked, ad it's all bolted and screwed together.

    KellyOHara replied to Onehurtguy's response:
    There is definitely NOT enough oversight for Chiroquackters they make outrageous claims of "curing cancer" and one that I know nearly killed my friend by rupturing a vessel in her neck...As a last resort,suffering from excruciating back pain, I tried one and he made matters worse I will NEVER be that desperate again. Also, they never cure anything every patient is in for life..another friend has been going 20 years, a true believer, but in pain, anyway.
    Opal40 replied to KellyOHara's response:
    Curing Cancer? There are cons everywhere.....A patient for life can be applied to pain mgt also.....Chiro is a form of therapy....Xrays are taken by mine and he won't touch someone that shows problems.
    ctbeth replied to KellyOHara's response:
    Hi KellyOHara,

    I do not think that we have "met" yet.

    I'm Beth. I live in Connecticut, and I am also an RN.
    You can click on my name or little photo icon to read a little about my history.

    Regarding chiropractic:

    Chiropractic was dreamt up in Davenport, Iowa, in 1895 by a guy named Daniel David Palmer.

    Unburdened by any medical training, Palmer was a devotee of phrenology, magnetic therapy, and other meta-physically inclined notions of the era, and he conceived of chiropractic as a "philosophy, art, and science" of healing.

    Its core premises:

    (1) the body is possessed of an "innate intelligence" that permits it, under ordinary circumstances, to repair itself as needed;

    (2) this innate intelligence is transmitted through the nervous system, and disease is usually caused by disruptions in the "nerve flow" resulting from "subluxation," or misalignment, of the vertebrae; therefore

    3) pretty much any ailment — deafness, heart trouble, you name it — can be treated by manual adjustments to the spine. Hence the chiro- part, from a Greek root meaning "hand"; practice means "practical," as opposed to theoretical.

    Such an adjustment would typically consist of an abrupt push or pull on the back or neck, involving about the same range of movement as cracking your knuckles.

    Before we go any further, there's a nomenclature issue to address:

    In conventional medicine, a subluxation is a standard-issue partial dislocation, the kind of thing that's easily spotted on an X-ray.

    So when chiropractors appropriated the term to describe typically imperceptible spinal abnormalities or functional problems that don't lend themselves to direct observation — well, I won't say it's been the biggest barrier to mainstream acceptance of chiropractic, but it hasn't helped.

    So, Palmer was in no-small part a whacko, but this hardly differentiated him from many other quasi-medical pioneers of the era.

    Back then it was something of a seller's market for zany ideas about health.

    What's alarming is that most chiropractors working today haven't progressed much beyond Palmer's initial precepts.

    I had a good friend in California, when I lived there, who took their two-year old child to a chiropractor for his c/o headache. The chiro diagnosed the child as having (you guessed it) subluxations and began "adjustments".

    The child spiked a 106 F. fever the next night and exhibited a febrile convulsion. He was brought to the ER emergently and diagnosed with spinal meningitis.

    The child lived, but has lifelong disabilities as sequalae of the child's commencment on IV abx hours-later than clinically optimal.

    Chiropractors are not just quacks: they are dangerous quacks.

    Nice to "meet" you,
    ctbeth replied to ctbeth's response:
    Link to Sandra Nette's story:

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