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    I will post this this in ONE place in HOPES it reaches
    2honest83 posted:
    Pain mgmt DR fired me for told i Meds taken from cold turkey Was lied to by nurse about drug test results. Was told I couldn't obtain med records. Was told I could not speak with physician my back pain was terrible,withdraw symptoms the worst, Emotionally I was breaking down. I was degraded, belittled, disrespected and ignored. I did not eat or sleep for 3 days withdrew from family and friends and was questioning if I really had serious problem. I was honest about everything and at 1st appt told dr I was dependent and afraid to hurt. Everything was twisted and turned and I felt helpless and lost trust of anyone who I put faith in to help me 3 /31 my meds ran out like supposed
    2honest83 responded:
    I called my dr office to find out how to get med records and info on where I needed to go for treatment. This time the med assistant was the one in the room when important things were discussed. She Also had worked at my neurosurgeons office. She would have known certainly if I displayed a need for meds other reasons right?? I mean the signs wood be obvious!! I decided I would lay my case out ONE last time, I HAD too she could tell in my voice i was upset. I couldn't belie that she didn't know. I asked her if she would walk step by step with me through all the reasons I was provided by her and the valid reason that could be proven and seen for themselves. She listened and I sobbed through my words and kept running out of breath while trying to give her every detail Some of the items she even commented... "Yes, I remember him saying you could fill that refill of Valium .... Or " I really don't see the multiple providers filling RX. You have filled the same RX by only the two we are aware of.. And not only RX from us since 2/28." I finished my timeline with the way this nurse just broke me down an would NOT listen? I have never felt the need to prove to my friends and family that I was nothing more than doing what i had to do to get better and that I was on my way to the end my battle with pain and dependence and it would be done the proper way... And just a little FYI- stress does make pain worse. I WAS DONE... I gave everything I had. She told that it would be tomorrow before she would see him but that she would. Talk to him one more time..... 30 mins later my phone rings and and said that she had talked to him and the PA and that they were appalled this nurse. And that they would like to please have me come back under their care and that they would make sure things would move in a positive direction...and that action had been taken to nurse for behavior and i would never have to see or deal with her. Ever, Asked me to come in tomorrow and would need to sign new agreement and another drug test. I did it. And now I'm afraid..... I'm afraid of every action I take and make with others be documented and signed by 3rd party... I'm afraid to tell them my med is not working or something else of importance that could be used against me... TRUST AND CONFIDENCE THIS OFFICE AND DOCTOR IS GONE. So even though I fought and fought.... It wasn't about the pills. It was about the Pain Management. I can not take my pride and pain to a new doctor who will have every bit of this info available up front.
    77grace replied to 2honest83's response:

    HiIt sounds like things are sounding better for you!Right?
    I'm a bit confused because I realized by your other posts and diferent name that you must have been going through hell and then with all the withdrawels scattered on some things!
    Am I right??I just want you to know that as a person who has had an addiction problem ,if you ever need help or quetions ,I am here for you!
    Good Luck 77grace
    dfromspencer replied to 2honest83's response:
    Hey, you threw me off with the new name, but I have been following this.

    Its a damned shame what that nurse did to you, I hope she doesn't work in P.Mgt. anymore?

    No one should have to go through what you did, from a false positive drug screen. I hope they get you as close to pain free as possible!!!

    Do not be afraid to tell your doctor that the meds are not working! Ask them if the pain level should be this high? That way, it leaves it to them to raise the dosage, it worked for me.

    I wish you all the best!!!

    2honest83 responded:
    Hi All, I have been doing all of the posting from my cell phone...This is the first time I have looked at PC version. My have of the mess i posted makes no sense...

    I am feeling better- Thank you- and I am back with the pain management doctor, UDS, contract and all but-I am not on any pain meds....the RAPID NOT BY MY CHOICE DETOX-put into I was measuring my pain. I Asked to not have the medicine right i can be truthful on determining my true pain level. I do have pain-I have a valid reason...I guess i would have rather been in pain and not have any meds to prove a point,

    I have a lot of trust issues, and the office staff are aware that I will be calling them a million times to tell them something un important...BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!

    2honest83 replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Yes, She was fired...and i found out she was a med tech "self-labeling" nurse...hmph
    annette030 replied to 2honest83's response:
    I think it is good that the doctor took you back and has dealt with the "nurse" who gave you incorrect information. I would always take a third person with you to take notes. Ask again for your medical records in writing, be sure and sign the letter and it may help to include your birth date. Federal rules say you must have access to your medical records, read them carefully and initial each page so you know you have already read it. This should be what they would send on to another doctor. They may or may not include personal conversations you had with the medical assistant "nurse" on the telephone.

    Best of luck to you, you did the right thing.

    Take care, Annette
    2honest83 replied to annette030's response:
    UHMMMMM!! HELP ME! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO THINK!!!! I Just did a little research and guess what !!! this "nurse" IS THE DOCTORS WIFE!!!!!!!!!!! Who has had license in other states and multiple NPI numbers.....SOMETHING IS FISHY....conflict of interest maybe???!!!
    lorigibs40734 replied to 2honest83's response:
    Well bless your heart. I've tried to fit all of the posts together but I end up confusing myself. I know it's very difficult to try to get your point across while you're typing. It is for me sometimes.

    I'm very glad that you got to go back to your PM doctor. Always be truthful with them, especially about your pain and the levels of pain. They need to know this so they can treat you appropriately.

    Good luck!
    ctbeth replied to lorigibs40734's response:
    Hi Lori,

    Since the MD assured her that she will not have contact with his wife, there is no reason that 2honest83 should have any interest in this woman, who clearly does not like her.

    I would also suggest that she refrain from, " ..calling them a million times to tell them something un important..."

    That will only get her labelled as a drama queen.


    Anon_57995 replied to 2honest83's response:
    What happened to Perc and valium?
    2honest83 replied to ctbeth's response:
    The MD told me the "nurse" was let go and and obviously....she is not a nurse and.....HE NEVER SAID IT WAS HIS WIFE. Obviously someone who had been wrongly accused and lied too...there will be trust issues. I will call them every time i take my meds if I want to...Id rather be a drama queen than liar or addict....
    2honest83 replied to Anon_57995's response:
    What about it?
    annette030 replied to 2honest83's response:
    Lots of wives help out their doctor husbands at the office and work under his license.

    But if she is telling patients she is a nurse, she better be able to provide documentation of that.

    What is an NPI number?

    Take care, Annette
    ctbeth replied to annette030's response:
    Hi Annette,

    A National Provider Identification, or NPI is a unique 10-digit identification number issued to health care providers in the USA by the Medicare and Medicaid.

    It's not like a DEA provider number, that's used to prescribe controlled meds, but is used for billing and coding purposes.

    If an MD has had offices in different states, or even at different offices, he/ she'd have multiple NPI numbers.

    Looks as if the person on question may have identified herself as a nurse and a medical assistant.

    A couple of newsflashes ago the MD had told her that this employee was "fired" due to the manner in which 2honest was treated.

    At the most-recent newsflash, the person who was fired now became the MD's wife.

    As we know, it is a felony to impersonate a Registered Nurse or a medical Doctor.

    The case of Kermit Gosnell has quite a few illegally-represented players- and many other horrors, of course.

    Take care, and always nice to see you.


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