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    RE: Morphine and MS Contin versus Methadone
    Anon_27116 posted:
    I posted a discussion about methadone and morphine and which is better for pain control. My other pain mgt. dr. referred me to a new one and she seems to be very knowledgeable about treating chronic pain. I have only seen her one time and will see her next week for a follow up since she took me off of methadone and put me on morphine sulfate 30 mg. and morphine for breakthrough pain.
    This week I had to have oral surgery with a tooth that had a crown and a root canal under it that had gone real bad. I never expected to have so much pain since I have never had a tooth removed. Thank goodness it was a tooth way in the back so no one can see that it is gone.
    They also did a deep tooth cleaning since it had been a while since I had my teeth cleaned. I can't open my mouth very far due to jaw problems.
    Getting back to changing my pain meds - well, before I had the oral surgery things finally were much better, but now with the oral surgery (had to have IV sedation) my pain level is way over a 10. Every 3 to 4 hrs. I wake up because of the pain.

    Just thought I would give you an update on the meds my new pain dr. has prescribed. I have called their office to let them know all of this and I have asked them to get back to me and they have not. I have lelft 3 messages in the past days and get no response. I can't say that I am impressed with them not returning my call with an answer to my questions.

    Oh, the new pain dr. did up my one muscle relaxer med (valium), but told me to stop taking the other muscle relaxant pill. I am so tired of drs. messing things up that worked in the past.

    Sign me UPSET!
    77grace responded:
    Thanks for updating us,who are you??You can use a code name if you want!
    I'm curious because I have been on Methadone for quite awhile and I would like to know if it was hard to change over????Were you on it a long time too???
    How is your paain controlled now??
    Well,best of Luck with all this !Which mucsel relaxer did she take away?That's another thing we have in common!
    Peace be with you,77grace
    ScUaRnVcIeVoR responded:
    Depends on dose of morphine compareds domes. Are they trying to perscribe ir morphine or ms cotin?
    ScUaRnVcIeVoR responded:
    Sorry I want to add more stuff I only read half of ur message before the first time. I was on about 80 to 110 mg of methadone for three years and it was the best pain med ive been on since I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2002. 2 best I mean u could ask ur dr to perscribe what I take which 6 40 mg opana er 3 in morn three at night. And 6 to 8 break through oxymorphone 10s. But not many dr perscribe oxycodone or opana anymore. Its shame works very good I can sleep 3 hours with all my pain problems. But back to ur morphine if it dosent work for u talk to ur dr there are probably 50 other options to take. A lot of people tell me there scared to ask there dr to change well I spent three years straight in the hospital tell my cancer was gone so now I kinda treat dr like friends and explain how things have been going.
    77grace replied to ScUaRnVcIeVoR's response:
    Hi ScUaRnVcleVoR,
    Thanks for the info,The only thing I have'nt tried is the Opana !I have been on pain meds a long time too!
    Why don't Dr.s like to prescribe Opana or Oxycodone??
    It seems like maybe 6 months ago my Dr. was mentioning Opana if I wanted to change but I 'm not ready!It was so hard to find anything that would help and the Methadone usually does pretty good!As you know ,some days,nothing relly does much!
    Was it hard on you physically changing from Methadone to Opana??It's a whole different group of medication?
    Anyway,take care and be good to yourself ,it sounds like you have been to Hell and Back!
    ctbeth replied to 77grace's response:
    Hi Gracie,

    I don't know why you would think that doctors don't like to prescribe Opana or oxycodone.

    There is caution in prescribing all controlled meds.

    It should not be physically difficult to change from any opiate to another; your MD will do the dose calculation. It doesn't matter if you happen to have the equation; your MD is going to make the dosing decision anyway.

    Methadone and Opana/ Oxymorphone are both synthetic opiate analgesics Scheduled II meds. They are not different "groups" at all.

    Regarding pain meds, it is always good to be educated on our treatment and prescribed meds.

    Better to discuss "med groups", which opiate analgesics that doctors may-or-may-not "like to prescribe" with your physician.

    In groups like this, from time-to-time, people tend to drop by and present very know-it-all stories filled with self-agrandizations, one-up-man-ship, and seem to post their saga on many discussions at once- usually with zero replies.

    They are referred to as trolls, creeps, grand-stander, or other terms.

    It has been found best to ignore them; if they don't get their enormous attention needs met, they tend to quickly disappear.

    They also tend to be very drug focused with a caviler attitude toward controlled meds.
    77grace replied to ctbeth's response:
    Hi Beth,
    The only reason I thought that there was a problem with the opana or oxycodone is I saw this posted on this site!That the Dr. said they would not prescripe it anymore !So I thought I'd ask!
    It did not make sense to me because only a couple of month's ago my Dr. talked about opanamas a possibility for me to change to instead of Methadone ,But he did not push it so I did not pay much attention to it!What do you know about swithching from Methadone to Opana???I mean one's in the Moriphine family right???I really don't know!
    Anuway ,Gotta go,77grace
    annette030 replied to 77grace's response:
    Please let your doctor worry about this.

    Changing from one opioid to another is usually no big deal. I have done it myself, several times for short acting meds, and once for long acting ones. From MS Contin (generic) to methadone.

    As long as he lets you treat the pain with short-acting pills during the change over, and adjusts the dose of the long acting ones appropriately don't worry about it.

    All the long acting pain meds are related in some way, the only difference is if they are synthetic or not, and the doctors know about this. Drop this from your worry list.

    Take care, Annette
    BetteK replied to annette030's response:
    Hi All,

    I just looked on here from the fibromyalgia support board. I have to add my 2 cents here.

    My husband was switched from oxycontin to methadone and couldn't stay awake. He fell asleep in a restaurant during lunch. It was unsafe for him to drive.

    We have both been switched from oxycontin to fentanyl patches and back. It's a way to keep the same level of pain control without having to increase dosage as your body gets used to a med and needs more to get the same relief.

    So far, we've had no trouble getting any meds at Walgreens.
    But we all know that things can change.

    As to changing from med to med, we are all different. Some people cannot use aspirin; others get sick on Tylenol. The only way to see if your body will tolerate a dose is to try it. So that's what our doctors have us do.

    BetteK in rural western NY
    annette030 replied to BetteK's response:
    Well said, BetteK.

    My husband was also on methadone for awhile, he was very touchy with his breathing as he increased his dose of methadone. I called his doctor and explained to him that he was only breathing 6 times a minute. He was fine with decreasing his dose.

    Take care of yourself.


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