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    Walgreens and Wal-Mart Pharmacy Denies Chronic Pain Sufferers Their Medications
    dinaspeaks posted:
    Dear Friends,

    I suffer physical pain 24/7.
    Since January 2013, it has been like pulling teeth to have my prescription for Oxycodone 15mg filled by Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and CVS. Wal-Mart filled my script for two months- then began the same denial tactic as Walgreens.

    This is how it went: I phoned my local Walgreens/Wal-Mart/CVS Pharmacy and asked if they have the drug in stock. I am sometimes told (1) No. We do not have it in stock, or (2) It is a controlled substance and we cannot provide that information over-the-phone. I then made a trip to my two nearest Walgreens pharmacies- only to be told they do not have the drug in stock. I ask the pharmacist to give me an approximate date - of when they'll have the medication. The answer, almost always is- the DEA limits our supply; try CVS or Wal-Mart. When I ask Walgreens staff to accept my prescription for the Oxycodone 15mg and place the order for same, they refuse- stating they cannot keep my prescription since it is for a controlled substance.

    Can you imagine being with sometimes level 8 or 9 pain and to have to maneuver around in my scooter to these pharmacies. To me, this is criminal!

    Private citizens cannot fill their own prescriptions. Drugstores, such as Walgreens and Wal-Mart - elected to be in business to fill non-narcotic and narcotic prescriptions. Is their denial legal? Is it not a violation of their licensing board- to arbitrarily deny chronic pain consumers their prescribed narcotic pain management medications? Isn't this practice similar to businesses denying selling of their goods and services to people-of-color? Chronic pain sufferers are flat out being discriminated against- in this great U.S.A.

    We cannot allow this discrimination to continue. Please, talk about it; text about it; discuss it at every forum possible; write the ACLU; write your state and federal officials; DOCUMENT EACH DENIAL BY WALGREENS, CVS AND/OR WAL-MART (include date, time, store location, name of pharmacist and other staff, word-for-word what was said to you, and whether over-the-phone or in-store visit.)

    LIKE the Facebook page: Class Action Lawsuit against the DEA, Walgreens &/or CVS

    Get involved with rallying up attorneys in your area who'd be willing to take on a "Class Action" suit against Walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVS and the DEA.

    Lastly, KEEP A PERSONAL JOURNAL and enter your physical and emotional pain experience - as a result of being denied your prescribed pain management medications by Walgreens, Wal-Mart and/or CVS.

    Please understand that I know our chronic pain places us amongst the most vulnerable in society. This reminds me of President Obama's mother being denied medications and treatment she desperately needed. How sad must it have been for our President to watch his mother utilize the little energy she had- to fight insurance and drug companies.

    Remember, you are not alone. Don't let your voice be silenced! There is strength in numbers.

    With love,
    Patient and Advocate
    [email protected]

    Take the Poll

    Is anyone on this board having difficulty getting their prescriptions for Oxycodone 15mg, Fentanyl Patch 25 mcg and/or other narcotic medications - filled by Walgreens, Wal-Mart or CVS Pharmacies?
    • Yes. Walgreens Denied Filling My Narcotic Pain Prescription.
    • Yes. CVS Denied Filling My Narcotic Pain Prescription.
    • Yes. Wal-Mart Denied Filling My Narcotic Pain Prescription.
    • Yes. It is discrimination
    View Poll Results
    dfromspencer responded:
    Wow, thank you! I never even knew any of this? Why would a legitimate, licensed pharmacy deny anyone pain meds? This makes zero sense to me!

    It looks like you have a fight on your hands, and I hope you win, and win big!!!

    Good luck!!!

    77grace replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Hi Spencer,
    Well,I read this post and I'm confused because I used to get oxycodone filled at CVS with no problem ,so I don't understand where this is coming from !This post is to the writer too,I should reply to you but right now I need to lay down because I am hurting too much to sit here anymore!
    smann68 responded:
    Dear dinaspeaks,

    I used to get my narcotics filled by cvs also (like 77grace) w/out any problem.

    When did this start? I haven't heard of this before.
    ctbeth responded:
    No law can demand a pharmacy to stock more of any medicine than it wishes to, can afford to, of for any reason the at the management wishes to do so, or not.

    The pharmacist is correct in that they cannot physically keep your hard copy prescription for a controlled substance, nor can the reserve controlled meds for you- or anyone.

    If the meds that you need are for persons who live with chronic pain, against WHOM do you believe the pharmacies are discriminating?

    There should be an option on your poll for "NO".

    I'd like to address a few of your claims:
    . YOur words are in bold lettering:

    " Is it not a violation of their licensing board- to arbitrarily deny chronic pain consumers their prescribed narcotic pain management medications?" - First, no, it is not a violation of their licensing board.

    Second, why do you think that you're being denied?

    The meds that you're talking about are oxycontin and fentanyl They are medicines that treat chronic pain.

    If you're not, for whatever reason, able to get your Rx filled, for whom is the pharmacy filling Rx?

    Are you saying that persons with chronic pain are not being given access to their meds because the pharmacy is selling them to other persons with chronic pain?

    Your entire discussion makes no sense.

    Isn't this practice similar to businesses denying selling of their goods and services to people-of-color? How ridiculous! No, it is not, in any way, similar to businesses denying goods and services to persons of colour.
    Just whom, in your mind, are getting preferred treatment?
    And the pharmacy is guilty of something because of...what? What group of people is getting preferable care over your group?
    Who is your group being discriminate?
    Who is the group being given preferred treatment?

    Chronic pain sufferers are flat out being discriminated against- in this great U.S.A.
    How, in your mind, is this happening?
    Why, do you think, this is happening?

    Did you know that any pharmacist can deny filling a prescription for a controlled substance if he/ she assesses you to be unsafe?

    If you go about writing petitions saying that chronic pain patients are being discriminated against, in favour of chronic pain patients, like blacks and Jews have been, you run the risk of being judged to be a trouble maker, and unsafe.

    Again, discriminating against WHOM by WHOM?

    Better that you steer your energy into some positive venue if you want to be an advocate. Just for whom it that you're advocating?

    If you do find an atty who will listen to you, please do not pay a consultation fee. If a case is worthy, no atty will ask for upfront money.

    Last, have you any idea how many persons need to have a valid complaint for a class-action lawsuit?
    How can you, or anyone, prove any damages?
    What are the damages that others would need to document to be a part of this class action suit?

    Do you know what a class action law suit is?

    These are important legal and civil rights. Throwing around legal terms about which you have no knowledge can only come to bad result.
    nikkita22 responded:
    I live in VA, and have had a horrible time getting my meds filled especially at Giant. I am shocked at the pharmacies that overcharge. CVS is so bad, I no longer even go there. I am anxiously waiting for attorneys to get involved in these cases. I also believe these pain clinics are over stepping their boundaries and need a watchdog.
    Anon_2912 responded:
    Legally they can deny you if they choose too...

    Find another pharmacy.
    77grace responded:
    Hello again,
    It's 77grace!
    I just read your post again and I'm even more confused!It sounds like you may have had a bad experience at one or all of these,but IF it is all then there is definatly something that you are not telling us!Maybe wanting a refill to soon or something???Remember these pharms. can look up anyone's History,(I think/) Anyway I hope you heed some of the advice here with Love and just find another Pharmacy,Why get so angry?That will definatly make your Pain worse!
    Hope you find peace with this!
    Anon_1421 responded:
    Actually pain patients are being discriminated against in different areas. It also happened to me, but at an HEB pharmacy. I had done business with them for over 10 years! I would call and request them to request a refill from my doctor as this is how my doctor handles some of his prescriptions-at first they would. But after a year or so, I started having problems. I would call to see if they had gotten approval from my doctor and if my medicine was ready-and would be told "No, not yet." After going through this for a couple of DAYS (and out of my medication by then!) I called the doctor's office and they told me they had sent the request 2 days before! So I called my pharmacy back and got the same answer-"No, not yet." I told them "ok, let's get my doctor's office on a 3 way conference call and get this straightened out"-and the pharmacy worker started stammering and finally admitted they had "MISPLACED" my approval! After this things went ok for awhile..then I started having problems again-I would call them to have them put in a request for approval from my doctor; I would wait, call the pharmacy who would tell me they hadn't gotten approval yet-then I called my doctor who said they hadn't sent a request at all! Then my doctor's office would call them and straighten things out! This never happened with my high blood pressure medicine-only my pain medicine. I have never requested my medication early-because I have never needed to because I don't abuse my medication and run out early. I have never been confrontational or made a scene when they were jerking me around (I know better!). And still they treated me this way even though I gave them no cause to do so. In talking with three different older friends who also have chronic pain issues they were treated the same way! And they go to a different doctor than me-so the pharmacy didn't have an issue with just me, or my doctor-they had an issue with legitimate chronic pain patients that take narcotics to manage their pain. I finally discussed this with my doctor and said I had to switch pharmacies-and he was relieved because he was tired of dealing with them too! He also told me several of his patients were having the same problem as I was. I spoke with the nurse that manages the front desk-and she told me that some of my doctor's patients that went to different pharmacies than me were also having this problem! This is happening and it is a form of discrimination. And if you live in a smaller town with very few pharmacies it can make things even harder. Some interesting links....... / / / / / I could go on but I'd run out of room. And it's not just Florida either. The information is out there, all you have to do is look. Sure, one can go to another pharmacy-but if this continues, how many other pharmacies are going to start doing this?
    annette030 responded:
    I use WalMart now, as I had a change in my Part D insurance as of 1/1/13. I have had no problems at all, I get both oxycodone and methadone filled there. I used to go to a different chain drug store, before then and had no problems at all. Both will hold my RXs until they are due as my doctor writes three months at a time, on separate RX forms, with a hand written do not fill before a particular date. I do make copies and give them the originals, keeping the copies until I have had all three months filled.

    I will say that I get my oxycodone in 5 mg. pills and take 4-5 at a time for breakthrough pain. The pharmacist told me there was a shortage of larger pills being sent to them, but that was several years ago. I have continued to get the 5 mg. pills.

    In all the 15 years I have been on pain meds, I have never had any problem filling them. I have been to large chain drug stores and small single store pharmacies.

    Why doesn't your poll have a "NO" vote for folks like me?

    Take care, Annette
    annette030 replied to ctbeth's response:
    Hi Beth,

    In the second paragraph of your post, you mentioned a pharmacy keeping the hard copy and reserving meds for someone. You said that they cannot legally do this.

    My pharmacy in Oregon does this routinely, and the last pharmacy I used also did this, also in Oregon. I see my doctor once every three months, and she writes out three monthly RXs, I give them to my pharmacist. She holds them until it is time to fill them.

    I know you are in Conn., perhaps this is a state/local law, rather than a federal one?

    Hugs, Annette
    An_251736 responded:
    It truly is NOT the pharmacy's fault. our complaint should be with D.E.A. and any drug abusers that you know who have made the war on drugs turn into the war on pain patients.
    ctbeth replied to An_251736's response:
    If your complaint is with the DEA, it would serve the petition-and-letter writers to completely and thoroughly read the complete text of the DEA mandates.

    Be certain to separate your complaints by DEA (federal) and state law.

    Talk about a class action law suit against Walgreens AND wal-Mart pharmacy for not filling pain meds because other patients who have Rx fro pain meds get theirs filled, and calling it discrimination, will only cause the person who authored the petition, and those who sign it, to appear as fools.
    ctbeth replied to annette030's response:
    Hi Annette,

    It is, indeed, a state reg.

    A pharmacy cannot physically hold an Rx for a controlled med. for more-than forty-eight hours. I do not know why; maybe it's a liability thing.

    Before I got my meds directly from my MD, I used Duragesic patches. It Walgreens did not have them within forty-eight hours, I'd have to retrieve the written Rx.

    If they did not have the dose prescribed in stock, a courier from another Walgreens would drive the patches.

    Walgreens is very serious about patients complying with MD's controlled med contracts.
    Although NOT legally-binding agreements, our contracts should be familiar to our pharmacists.

    I'd be jiggered and swaggered (Brit terms) if an atty would even hear, let alone represent a class-action personal ijury case against Walgreens or Wal-Mart.

    I cannot seem to wrap my brain around what it is that the originator of the discussion claims that these pharmacies have done that is illegal, immoral, or damaging.

    ~Does anyone else get what she's trying to say?~

    What are the damages incurred?
    What are the losses?
    What do the potential-plaintiffs of this class-action suit want as reward for damages?
    ctbeth replied to Anon_1421's response:
    So you can now go to the pharmacy that your MD has suggested.

    Could the delay in approval be due to your insurance company?

    If you're taking a SCH II med, your MD cannot give approval over the phone anyway. If it's a re-fill, your MD writes this with a six-month refill that does not require additional approval.

    It sounds as if you could have just called the MD's office and had them call the pharmacy with refill info.

    You have another pharmacy option now, so good luck with that.

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