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    chronic pain,and lack of proper treatment
    solongsotired posted:
    I had surgery 6 yrs ago for cervical stenosis, After fusion on c-4-c5, c-5-c6.Shortly after, I was diag, with fibromyalgia. All of my pain has returned.After 1 yr of pain shots in my neck, that just mad my neck worse, I now refuse to let any DR shot needles in my back. Having slight degenerative problems in middle back, I let my DR give me shots in my middle back which doesn't hurt, all because I don't want my DR to drop me.I have the one size fits all medication given to me.My DR doesn't care about treating my pain, Everyday, its a struggle to do the smallest of things, like brush my teeth, comb my hair, take a shower etc..I spend 90 to 95% of time in bed. I've tried to talk to my DR, I can feel it doing damage to my body, being in pain 24/7, where do I go what do I do, who can I talk to, its not right to not treat my pain, and sometimes ask myself, would my DR let his mother,daughter,son or anyone he loved go through what I do everyday????. Then there's the depression , that after trying everthing, including changing DR's, & letting them do anything & everything to me,its sad I have to get shots that I don't need, in fear he will drop me, because I refuse, and there's no money in giving me proper meds, nor does he seem to care, what do I do ??????
    darlyn05 responded:
    Are you on any other medication besides the shots, and what is contained in the solution they use for the shots?
    lorigibs40734 responded:
    Do you live in Kentucky? I swear it's almost becoming an epidemic on how Doctors treat chronic pain patients anymore. I really wish they would teach more about chronic pain patients in med school, and teach the med students how to be compassionate and to NOT jump to conclusions about a patient who complains of pain.

    My PM specialist is a great one and I appreciate him and his office so much. The only bad thing I have to do (again) is to take the shots over.

    I've already had them, and won't go into the story about why I have to take them again here, but needless to say, I have to have the three rounds again. They don't help, I know they don't help, the doctor knows they don't help, but he says it's a requirement that they try different methods of treatment when treating chronic pain patients.

    Some recommend that patients keep a pain diary, and take it to each appointment. You can also write questions you'd like to ask in it so they would be handy in case you forgot.

    Try talking to him, explain that you get no relief whatsoever with the shots and you are ready to try something different. Maybe changing medications or starting them. Tell him how you hurt.

    If that doesn't work, you might have to look into changing to another PM Specialist.

    I wish you the best of luck!!
    77grace responded:
    HI solongsotired,
    Hope I got the nsame right!!!
    It sure does'nt sound like the Dr, . is helping you!!Why do you have to get the shot to stay his patient ???Especially if they don't help???I like whaat Lori said about "Find a new Dr.!!!
    I remember I endured getting Botox injections for years but art least I had some good results!Then ,changed Drs. and she was no good so I stopped them!!Not worth it !Before ast least they helped the wrinkles on my forhead so I stuck with it!
    Let us know,77grace
    blessedladyptl responded:
    What do you mean when you say "I have the one size fits all medication given to me ?"
    solongsotired replied to darlyn05's response:
    I'm taking 10mg methadone 4 times a day, 1 soma a day, 1 lyrica 4 times a day @ 1 cymbalta.I have told my DR I have really bad spasms I take the soma only when I have them I take 1 every 6 hours they last about 4 days, then my neck is really sore from the spasms.Needless to say I don't have enough to get through the month.The response when telling my DR is, I thats only what I prescribe.
    solongsotired replied to lorigibs40734's response:
    The DR I have now doesn't take the time to listen.I have changed DR 's twice, both times were a nightmare. The new DR's want to start on class 1 drugs and are into rehabilitation, and (accupunture)sorry spelled that wrong, anyway I explained I needed to control my pain, just to get there, & that I always have a ride due to taking class 2 drugs ,& he gave me class 1 drugs, and I just couldn't make it. My primary DR called another pain management DR to try to get some relief, and was told the DR dosen't doesn't give pain meds to. The other DR I tried was the same, they don't understand the severe pain I'm in, if I could conrol my pain, I would be open to try other things, but I need to be able to get out of bed
    solongsotired replied to 77grace's response:
    I have a list of pain DR's there isn't very many ,and they all seem to be inadequate to help, I have kept pain diaries, and they all have the get you in, get you out mantality.
    solongsotired replied to blessedladyptl's response:
    A friend gave me a ride to DR , he knew alot of guys from work that see the same DR. As I have tears in my eyes, leaning on my friends shoulder, waiting to be called, he was talking to them, and they were getting the same meds as me. Thats what I meant about 1 size fits all. It just seems so unfair, these people work ,drive,& I stay in bed and cry.
    lorigibs40734 replied to solongsotired's response:
    I'm sorry you're going through this. It's infuriating when Doctors won't take the time to LISTEN to us. I had one like that, about 6 years ago. He was in and out. I decided to stand in front of the door when he came in. At the time, I was also seeing a worker's comp doctor for my carpal and cubital tunnel. But had to see my own doctor for the shoulder and back pain.

    The doctor was always in and out so I blocked his exit and told him that we either can talk about what's going on with me, or I can find another doctor who would be happy to help me. I also told him that since I had a scheduled appointment, he was going to sit down and listen to me whether he liked it or not. He apologized of course and actually sit down. We had a long discussion about my pain and he set up appointments for X Ray's and MRI's.

    From then on, he would come in and sit down, open his laptop up, (everything was electronic in their office). Of course, the X Ray's had to come first, then the MRI but things stared working out better than they were.

    I changed from that office when my youngest was 13 (she's not 17) He treated her for IBS for five months. He didn't do an ultra sound on her because all X Ray's showed she wasn't emptying her colon. I changed her to an actual peds doctor who diagnosed her with gallstones. Her gallbladder was FULL of stones and she had to have surgery. (Yes he is still alive)

    Be firm and tell your doctor you need to talk to him about your pain. If he doesn't listen to you, it's time to find a doctor who will.

    Sorry for the long post. I do tend to ramble at times

    I wish you the best of luck!!
    ctbeth responded:
    Hi solong,

    I'm guessing that you're being treated by a pain management MD.

    Since you're trying to cope with fibromyalgia, perhaps a rheumatologist would be a beneficial MD for you to consult.

    I do not have FMS, but some others in this group do. There is also a web MD fibromyalgia support community.

    What's going on with the Soma? Is it prescribed for you to take so often? If you're running out of it so quickly, that alludes to your taking it more than prescribed.

    Since you're spending much of your time in bed and your screen name indicates that you're very tired, perhaps the Soma is adding to these problems, or actually causing them to an extent.

    Please bring this up with your MD.
    I'm not recommending anything regarding which meds you're prescribed, but I take Norflex for spasm, which is a huge issue with my pain syndrome, and it is long acting. I take one every 24 hours.

    Please do not take more than prescribed. This is important for many reasons.

    Keep in touch,

    solongsotired replied to ctbeth's response:
    For those who have severe spasms, know that a DR can feel them, It is not uncommon to take soma, every six hours until spasms have subsided. My regular pyhsician felt how severe my spasms were, and wrote a script for soma to take 1 every six hours I take soma, only when I need them, not 1 a day when I don't. nothing has worked on spasms I have besides soma, after years of pain, it has been an ongoing problem, when most people take other medication for spasms, it has worked for them, however, unfortunatly, other medication has not for me, So alluding the fact, I take them other than prescribed, is not the case at all. I appreciate your concern reguarding somas, & only wish they helped me sleep:)

    That being said, you gave me a suggestion that may benifit me, & I hadn't thought of seeing another type of Dr for FM , thank you. for that.

    My pain DR has ordered another MRI, for my neck, & upper back, Since I have degeneration disc disease, He will be able to compare my last one, to see whats going on.

    Take care & thanks again for your concern, I hope I didn;t come across too strong, Between my neck & FM, the pain has brought me to my knees.
    solongsotired replied to lorigibs40734's response:
    Thank you for making me laugh, I have indeed stood in front of the door, keeping my pain DR from leaving, until all of my questions had been answered. Unfortuatly, I still have to do that, & what makes it even harder, he has a foreign accent, & speaks fast. So I guess I will continue to stand in front of the door!! I have a hard time finding humor, in much of thank you. In a way it also helped to remind me of the time I did stand in front of the door, I have two MRI's coming up so it's a good time to remember to, & maybe he will remember me,as a patient he has seen before I'm sorry your daughter had to go through surgery, & glad she's okay.

    I like my regular DR, they too, come in with a laptop, and actually take the time to listen, I can't tell you how much I wish my PM was like that, I go to him once a month, yet he looks at me like he's never seen me

    talk about rambling, thanks again for making me laugh, it's been awhile

    good luck to you as well!
    lorigibs40734 replied to solongsotired's response:
    Yes! My PM specialist is foreign too and sometimes I have a really hard time keeping up with him, especially if he starts to talk really fast. I hold up my hand like a crossing guard and he slows down. He says he has trouble keeping up with my "Kentucky talk" as he calls it. So we kid each other about the accents. He has a great sense of humor but not all doctors do.

    Hope you have better luck! Sometimes you just gotta jump in there and tell them to SLOW down.

    Glad I made you laugh!!
    lorigibs40734 replied to solongsotired's response:
    Oh! My daughter's fine (at least one of them is LOL) she's 17 now and you can barely see the scar from her surgery. I swear if I'd gotten a hold of our old doctor when they did the ultra sound, I'd have strangled him right there. Let's just say that I'm not allowed back in his office. Ever. For any reason.

    She's going to be leaving me pretty soon though. She's going to Florida to stay with her daddy for the summer, and taking her cousin with her. It's going to be really quiet here without her. I can't wait!! LOL!!!

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