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    Pain Dr abandoned me
    Teddor posted:
    I had been with a pain specialist for 11 years. Last fall he said he may have made a mistake since the beginning with me and that he probably should have given me stronger meds all along. I've been on Herco-Norco since 2003. He said he wanted me to go to another Dr for a second opinion.

    When I went to the second Dr they had no files or anything else about me. They talked to my Dr's office for awhile by phone then said I should go to my regular appointment.

    When I got to the appointment he wouldn't talk about the second opinion but I got odd vibes off him like he'd lost his confidence.

    Then the first week of May I called for a refill of the pain meds. The next day, Wedn, they called and said I needed an appointment since I hadn't been there in several months. I got the appointment date then expected my medicine like always. I called the druggist and was told no meds.

    Thursday the druggist and I called and called and called always getting a busy signal. Late that afternoon I got through and was guaranteed my medicine. Except no medicine.

    Friday I called the druggist and was told they got the prescription in an email. He said that is illegal and they know it. I began calling again. When I got through late Friday the woman said she'd get my medicine right away.

    I ran down to the druggist thinking finally! Except my meds had been changed to Tramadal. I almost had a stroke since I'd tried Tramadol several times with no relief. So I waited until Monday and called and was told the Tramadal is what I'm getting. I filled the prescription. Then Tuesday I got a call saying Dr .... didn't think he had anything to offer me so I needed to find another Dr.

    I got a call the next day to make sure I understood they didn't want me showing up for the appointment, that I had to go somewhere else.

    Since I don't know any other pain Drs, and my Dr saying the second Dr was a great Dr I had my family Dr get me an appointment which was today. I have to restart everything from day one. I'm not so disappointed with the new Dr following a protocol to keep him from getting into trouble or maybe I should say I understand.

    Tonight I've been wondering what the rule changes that have been made after hearing several times of the rule changes last summer. So I've been investigating. One of them is that I should have been seeing him every month. I've been seeing him about three times a year!

    After seeing his behavior the last two appointments and then the last time I tried to get a refill of the norco I am perplexed by the behavior: Dropping me without any explanation of any kind. And no help getting a new Dr. And changing my prescription without an explanation. I'm afraid he got into trouble not following the rules. No matter the reason I'm going to suffer a long time. I am what the old ladies call a lost soul.
    bpcookie responded:
    Oh you poor thing. Its so difficult to have chronic pain and also have to struggle to get your medication. Then the difficulty of getting ahold of your PS can cause extreme frustration which, only adds to your pain. I take Tramodol and I would have to agree that it does not work very well.

    Try to hang in there. Trying to find a good PS is difficult. I have went through three and the one Im seeing now, Im losing my confidence in her.
    Computers help us to do stupid things faster.
    77grace responded:
    I am sorry to hear about your difficulties,I kow from experience how that is!
    So are you now only on /Tramadol??
    I wish you the very best in finding a new Dr. and getting this strated out!
    I agree your last Dr. should have known better about the rules!!
    It's just to bad you have to suffer but know that he would never admit his mistake!

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