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    dr.loosing it slowly
    An_253395 posted:
    Wife and i have been seeing and being cared for by this female dr.for about 5 years now(WIFE LONGER THAN MYSELF).Since Mid 2012 her longtime and loyal staff all left for another practice after the Dr.s husband,who has no medical background took over in some capacity as office manager.My wife and Iwere shocked to see both of her staff of over 8+ years finally just move on to a diffrent practice.We found out from the one staf member that dr.s husband was the reason and whenthey left he wouldnt even let them say goodbyeto the Dr.
    Over the time since wife and i had been noticing a drastic change in her practice and personal appearance.Dr.was looking ddisheveled at times almost like she just woke up,.and loosing weight and just a mess.Apointments began to be canceled and rescheduled and just in the past 10-12 months this happend 5-6 times ,with 1 being for snow day.
    Now she has had another turnover of her staff and seems that dr.was getting a lil betterphysically.Now i am receiving care for lower chronic back pain with nerve isues(siatica)and take both 15mgand 30mg Roxycocode,depending on strength of pain.Also by her referral go to another Dr. for injections.which just began again.
    I have never once received meds from another dr nor hospital ,for not to violate prescription contract( i dont risk it nor would i play around with that). Now this month I was offered to begin employment out of state and would be gone fromthe 3rd of sept till aproximately the 22-23rd.And would have to leave prior to nexr apointment on the 5th and called dr if it would be possible to come in early and if it was possible to also recevie and take with me the script so i dont run out on the road.When icalled the office i was told dr. was very busy and only in half days.remeber now all i have mentioned as well as her physical personal illness of a recurrence of hepatitus which she contracted back in Med school.The staff i was speaking on the phone with said she was really tight with appointments and i said i really need to see the dr.prior to my trip which i already am set to leave on..the 3rd.
    I kept trying to explain my situation ,since i have always been able to since the dr.canceled so many appointments .to come in on short notice even to just explain things and that would be fine but this time the staff just wasnt getting it and now i have been discharged .the letter said for violatiting the contract which i never did but the staff told me on the phone it was because i was getting"" loud"on the phone.I have been told she has to by law continue for 30 days still fullfill my request for the scripts.for30 days opnly and yes i am already working feverously to be seen by a new Dr. wife ani have been finding out bit by but that she Dr is dropping patients left and right and it seems all of this BS has been going on since the Drs tag along husband has been in the office.
    My wife today spoke with the one staff member and explained how this had all been a mis understanding that i wanted to see the dr before my trip to have my meds adjusted,taken off the 30mg and just stick with the 15mg roxycodone .the one staff member thought i wanted to fill a new scipt before it was time and that i had run out.No and NO i only wanted to see dr. and before my trip be given a script so i wouldnt RUN OUT WHILE ON THE ROAD or out of town.GRRRRRR.My wife spoke with the first staff member this morning and the staffmemebr said she eunderstands and that the dr. didnt want to be bothered... NOt cool and also we find out that a lot of her patients have had the same thing happen to them.Its sad cause this dr.really had her act together.
    sorry for such a lonng story now this has caused a lot of unnessceesary stress Me or my wife need right now.WE are both down to Earth respectfull patients and not drug seekrers at all. but the dr. did have quite a bit of them and since has dropped her pain mangment title .
    Any Ideas???
    davedsel responded:
    IMHO, it is time to change doctors. You are in charge of your health care, and if you do not like your current doctor then find one you do. It may be time consuming and involve some research, but it will be worth the effort.
    Click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    philglesfan2013 replied to davedsel's response:
    derinetly unfortunatly the Dr,was a good Dr.till her husband showed up and started treating evryone like crapfromwhat we been told.Funny thing once i said to the one staff girlthat I think i have to find a new Dr.cause she is so diffilcult to see ,after that then did they start ignoring only concern is she doesnt fullfil her obligation of my script for 30 days after she discharged me for a bogus reason.
    blessedladyptl responded:
    Alot of states have/are changing their state laws so that in order to say you're Pain Management you must have special training in pain management.

    When you're taking pain meds, it's up to the dr if they want to give you a rx for 30 days and they don't have you give you the same thing you've been taking. If the meds are for something different like blood pressure, cardiac problems, ect then the drs usually don't have a problem.

    You might want to get a copy of your medical records to see what has been written there regarding your discharge. The next dr you get will have those records and you may find it very difficult to find a new dr that will rx you the same meds if your records state you were discharged due to unacceptable behavior. You also have a right to ask your current dr to correct mistakes in your medical records . If she won't, you have the write to enter a statement and it must be added to your records.

    Irregardless, there is no way to get this settled before your trip.

    Your Medical Records-
    philglesfan2013 replied to blessedladyptl's response:
    I was told on the phone by a staff memebr and she also told my wife i am discharged due to my attitude when was explaining to them the need to see the Dr prior to my trip and since thr dr. cancled the previous 2 appointmenrs we had.The dishcarg letter about violating the pain contract is run of the mill which she always uses .Nothing was violated .The staff asked me if i was out of meds Isaid yes but the misunderstanding is right there.I was going to run out while on the road if i didnt get to see the dr.since i would have to be leaving before the scripts needed filling andbefore the next set appointment.Thing is the dr. is ill with hepatitis like symptoms we were told and when my wife called to speak to a staff about my situation ,the staff member said "I understand".which proves there was a big misunderstanding.I never violated any such contracted,beive me thats one thing now adays u dont play around with.I really think the dr.should be reported due to her illness.If she has hep type symptoms thenshe cant be seeing patients.I looked it up on Pa board of med and some other sights which detail dr. by laws.she give botox injections and other type of injections where a dr. in her situation reallt shouldnt be messing with syringes right?? Should she be shut down till she is healthier??
    philglesfan2013 replied to philglesfan2013's response:
    Whats really sad is tht this dr. was really decent and really helped usout and we had almost perfect relationship with her .Hell,one day we stoppedin to pick up scripts and we noticed that her planrs in the front of her building were ripped out and thrown around.Another patient had come in and I guess was refused help and freaked out.I was the one who tryed to replant them and The staff were along with the dr.telling me thank you and what happened.Thing is i believe she had too many dirtballs coming to her and just seeking scripts and also the DEA was coming down on her along with other dr.s thing is im in the middle cause of the misunderstanding and not being able to get seen .they are not able to deal with things there and i really think she needs to regroup for some time. Something isnt right with her whole practice.I spoke with another dr. office and they said that office is seeing alot of patients from our dr. looking to be seen by someone i said this dr. is slowly falling apart.
    philglesfan2013 replied to philglesfan2013's response:
    One thing more,this al came down after i said to the receptionists I feel I might need to see a new dr. and this is just the office's way of being spitefull since i said i might have to go another dr. where i am not cancelled everytime i turn around .
    blessedladyptl replied to philglesfan2013's response:
    philglesfan2013 ,

    The bottom line is what is really important is what is written in your medical records. Your new dr will have to get a copy of those records before they can treat you and your wife. And what is written there about the discharge could prevent you from getting the meds you've been taking or taken in the past.
    annette030 replied to philglesfan2013's response:
    It is interesting that you did not say until this post that you felt she should not be in practice anymore. I personally do not believe that hepatitis in many of its' forms should be a good reason to stop practicing medicine. You should really nose out of her private health business, and find yourself and your wife a new doctor.

    Take care, Annette
    77grace responded:
    hello there and welcome, I really hope that you get the help you so despretly need !I'mm sorry it's such a hassel and I hope you will look into a different Dr. for the future,sounds like she is loosing it !!
    Best of luck ,77grace
    ctbeth responded:
    Hi from Connecticut,

    It appears as if you've been way too interested in gossip and this MD's personal life and other people's opinions

    If you're not comfortable with this MD, then find another with who you think and feel is attentive to your needs

    It does your treatment no good to concern yourself with your MD's personal life, her husband, her former staff members, her other patients, et al

    Once you find another MD, please consider paying heed to your health and pain issues and stay out of the MD's personal life.

    Good wishes
    ctbeth replied to ctbeth's response:
    Also, am I correct that your concern is that the MD is losing it, and not loosing it?
    ctbeth replied to philglesfan2013's response:
    I just read this entire discussion very carefully.

    I think your problem arose when the staff person asked you if you ran out of meds, and you said, "yes".

    I cannot help but wonder why you replied "yes", when you had not run out. That is not a misunderstanding on their

    When you phoned wanting to see the MD early and indicated that you had run out of meds early, you admitted to a violation of your contract.

    Had you replied "no, I have not run out of meds"', you probably would not have been discharged.

    There is no reason that she should not practice related to hepatitis.

    The best option may be for you to move on and keep the past in the past. Please go forward with the knowledge that your MD's personal life is not your concern.

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