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    Why is the stigma for needing pain medication so negative?
    sweetmalis posted:
    Hello, I am a 39 year old female that suffers from a lot of serious health issues. My main issue that causes me the most pain and which I am not being treated at all for are chronic migraine headaches. I had my first migraine at age 12 and have suffered throuhout my life with very few times of being functional and somewhat okay. I have tried every preventative medication out there no matter how sick I would get at times from the side effects, I spent almost two months at Jefferson Migraine Hospital in Philadelphia,PA and I live in Connecticut so I was there all alone and hooked up to my I.V. concotion of D.H.E. and lidocaine, and when I did come home it was with a catheter tube thing through my chest to continue this treatment for a few more months with no improvement, I have had an occipital stimulator implanted beneath my scalp, I did botox for five months straight before it was even approved for migraines but did it anyways, I also did trigger point injections in all my neck muscles since it was thought my tenseness in the neck could be contributing, I did accupunture, did physical thearpy and even pain management thearpy. And ended up with having to use the Imitrex Injections as my only out of the horrible pain. But even those shots are pain-ful to give yourself. Now I have done all this, and am on disability for over 8 years since I could no longer work due to the 3-4 migraines I get a week. But now I'm seeing another "migraine specialist" and the minute I even bring up the words "pain" medication right away its dismissed, ignored, and as if I was asking after refusing to try any other methods first. Thats my point and problem. I have done all any doctor has ever asked of me no matter how awful and painful and uncomfortable they were. But now that I have to go to the Emergency Room to get serious pain relief when my shots fail me at home and they actually have a protocol for me of IV fluids,phenergen,and Dilaudid. The reason they go right to the Dilaudid is that I broke my left femur in 2010 and had two operations and now have mainly just a metal rod in my upper left leg. I had to be on that medication for almost 8 months and finally was weaned down to vicodin 7.5mg which my primary care doctor continued with for the migraines and fibromyalgia I have. But she moved out of state and the doctor I see now I swear talks over me, cuts me off, its like I leave the office dizzy since its rushed and never are my concerns addressed. and if I do try to talk to a nurse or aprn of the doctor it turns into that I'm a difficult patient. I just want someone to keep me out of the ER since the last pain medication I've taken has been about a year and a half...and only get it at the ER. Can you just please tell me what I should do or say and if there are pain management doctors who would take my case? Thank-you for your time..Malissa Oliveira
    Suzwizdem replied to ljude38's response:
    Why, specifically is this drug seeking behavior? I have Ovarian cancer 4 years almost. 3 surgeries. I'm now in hospice, and I've heard a different story about pain meds from each of the 5 doctors I have talked to. Hospice says Oxy's are not on Medicare formulary, so they have to do an override. Morphine is the only drug they want to dispense. Morphine makes me nauseous and sleepy, so I would rather have oxycodone. Is that drug seeking behavior? I would rather not try methadone either!
    rhyenn responded:
    I started having back pain before I was 30 I have been dismissed that a MRI was not needed as it was surly a muscle spasm I was taking NSAIDs the pain continued while I was a stay at home Mom and couldn't just rest! I was at a park and overheard a man saying how much better he felt since a procedure and I scared him I'm sure but desperate! The Dr was a neurosurgeon and rated as the best I waited only to have a minor procedure NOT my disc shattered and I would need surgery ANGRY I was referred to one of the top 5 hospitals people flew from cross country to see him Great news new disc replacement and was done in Europe for years I would be in a trial close to being FDA approved - the best odds of any disc replacement was 50/50 UGH but I had the chartuea disc and was hopefully now FDA approved - Loved the Dr but he should have told me this is about to F**k your life up in ways you can't begin to imagine!!! I am one of two hundred who had the same now I'm one of three that still have not had to remove and have fusion- Pain Management was new but growing and I have yet to find one who I find criminal they will help with post surgery but they want the Money Injections and other procedures I had all but root burning and when you hurt more from these procedures they no longer continue to help with meds I desperately needed as my life as I knew it had long been gone!!! Fast forward today and one broken hip an two surgeries I'm recovering and they have only gotten worse - I am aware of the abuse of prescription but where does that leave the rest who are dependent to just have a piece of life without chronic pain and most just want a piece of a lost happy life- we would not settle for a gallbladder rupture without help with pain I'm Furious that we are treated as addicts and it is only getting worse so I would like to hear how we demand to not suffer for so long that we're depresses and more meds ENOUGH I would love to see if I'm only one of few or more than myself demand that this change 46 in a few days and I lost my 30"s and I was robbed of so much fun that I missed with my boy's and I'm still not really living I would love any feedback almost hopeless....
    rhyenn replied to ljude38's response:
    You can feel her pain?????
    periwinkle52 replied to rhyenn's response:
    Well, at least I'm not alone in this world!
    I have been on Pain Management since 2001 after many surgeries. I had not even been diagnosed with the ultimate reason as to why I was having so many difficulties & had yet reached 40 yrs. old!
    My diagnosis is a rare illness that even very few Dr.'s know much about it. It is Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia 1. "Many Tumors of the Endocrine System". So, considering our Endocrine System's manage ALL of our Bodies systems, needless to say, my issues are many. But @ this point, my Bones are my biggest problems as mine were robbed of Calcium for many yrs., prior diagnosis. My Hip was the first to go. Then my back stsarted, proceeding with a Fusion of my Lumbar area in 2009. I have had numerous breaks since, but right now, the slowest to mend is the bones in the top of my right foot. Very painful.
    The Pain Dr. problem started when I left my 1st one after 10yrs. with him! I have since had 2. But, after leaving the last one in early May, it took me until just finally my 1st visit with my new Pain Management Dr. 's last week! That's right! SIX Month's of trying to find a new Dr.! W.T.F.!!! I had no idea in the last several yrs. exactly how bad things had gone! I still have a "Time Magazine" with the Cover Page reading "Pain in America" then, Chronic Pain Patients Right to be Treated!! The article proceeds about how we needed many new Pain Mangaement Experts to treat all the Pain Patients, as we HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE TREATED!!! So somebody needs to explain to the DEA & anybody else about our illness' & our Need to be Treated! God Help Us...periwinkle
    jstbrznby replied to periwinkle52's response:
    OMG!!! I have been going thru this hell as well. I have had lots of broken bones fusion n my neck etc, anyway all my problems aren't the real point, when my surgeon finally gave up on me he sent me to pain management that was 1997.. She tried a few things until she put me on Methadone and I was finally able to return to work for the first time in almost 10 yrs. Now I had to move and can NOT find a pain management Dr that will treat me like she did. I am so beside myself with all this DEA and Government BS over this subject I just scream!! I have seen first hand the havac and hell the drug cartels are causing and bring much more addictive and dangerous drugs across our borders like a flowing river. Where is the justice in this situation? All these self righteous people who don't have to survive with chronic pain spout off all this BS but at least if Dr.s are aloud to treat us there are records of what is going on. This way they are just supporting the on going drug war that claims far more lives than allowing the pain management system to treat us!!
    rhyenn replied to periwinkle52's response:
    I had no idea this format existed but I as most all I've read and I didn't even know anyone read my or part of my story I honestly felt it must be me so THANKS !!! So I've got the answer down pat when I'm asked by most family and my sad absent group of friends I'm actually smiling as I write I'd laugh but don't want to wake my Husband who is about the only who truly cares, God I hope Hum, and it flies out like breathing ( I'm Fine) I'm very sincere but I've been dealing with this for so long I have to write with some sense of humor because laughter is one of the few things this journey wait I have seen too many episodes of the Bachelor, not on my DVR list anymore! Actually I was an active positive mother friend and wife and I've become angry I know positive thinking helps with pain so I've heard - Until all I've gone thru I shared that view and it does apply but when you've lost most all that was your life and your quality of life - I don't have words! But I am pissed why is the only time I was not treated with compassion when I broke my hip ,the point is these Pain Management Doctors who BTW are the only place to find relief as our GP's have been harassed so they are the Dr,s who know us best and no longer want to deal with just guessing but I'd put money on it the DEA!!!!!! I was so pleased that I wasn't alone I did not know how much to share and this is why I not anyone else feel I have been wronged lied to and torched - I was released after my charte disc surgery still can't spell what is still in my L5-S1 after 3 days of a wonderful drip of Dilated! I knew pain management Dr,s existed but at the time I was on Norco from GP so here's where I began to have my FIRST of now hell, I lost count of how many panic attics I'd ever experienced (still have the same shrink) hope that's not a broken rule but I know she doesn't mind when I call her that (Just saying) My two boys still young we're so happy to have Mom home!!! They were thrilled I was home and they would be back to their life with Me they have and are my greatest gift from God and little did I know this was the beginning of my guilt and sadness not to mention just how much I would miss and be left behind as family and the pittance of what I felt were friends I have book of how to live without friends I could write were slowing replacing my joy of seeing them smile laugh and moments I never would have imagined I would be left behind UGH hits you in your gut! Got off track but this is better than therapy! First night home I so wish I could use F**k as I was off to bed with what was left of my Norco and and script of Robaxin to spend my first night home I was sure at that moment that moment I would die of pain and when it never stopped I was praying for God to, well I just wanted to make it stop even for a few seconds I begged my husband to take me back and by the time we would have to drive it was so called Dr, nurse and literally said oops WTF I should have already have been and have a plan for aftercare - referral to a respected Dr and my first clue should have been Prime $$$ Real estate and was his suit tailored reeked of big Money and that will be something I will run from as my father always said and he came from old money that if you have to talk or show you his latest New car but all I wanted to hear was he was going to stop my pain and here's where the ride got even worse I was about 5ft 10in and 120 dripping wet and he quickly assessed me (very busy Dr) wrote wait for it .....3 100 micro or mg of Fentanyl Patches yes 3 to be applied to my skin and he was able but he had doubts but again It was after one call he ( the criminal ) my feelings! pointed out the dr next to him had a rapid detox program that now managed to get me 90 3 Acetic suckers per day as needed and Really I was off to pharmacy my Husband slapped three on me and sucker time whoa I was cured and HAPPY until I questioned him he dropped me and I'm out of letters but hope we can talk more
    cweinbl responded:
    I'm sorry about your pain. But I'm also a little confused. Migraines and Fibro often do not respond well to opioids. I'm wondering why you were given Dilaudid (not used very often these days) or Vicoden (Hydrocodone, a mild pain reliever). Phenergan I can somewhat comprehend because it has anti-nausea properties.

    Many of us with chronic moderate and severe pain benefit from having our GP, family doctor or internist prescribe all of our medications.

    First, most of us have a trusting relationship with our family doctor. In many cases, they have known your for years or decades.

    Second, having one person prescribe every medication is a good way to avoid adverse drug interactions.

    Third, such physicians are often easily reached and they are more responsive to the chronic pain needs of their patients. The ER doc or a surgeon represent the worst place to go. You might l receive one dose of the proper drug, or only a lesser-potent drug. Surgeons are notorious for refusing Schedule II requests. Good luck.
    periwinkle52 replied to cweinbl's response:
    Hi there, I'm sorry I guess I don't understand your point toward;s our PCP's or "Family Dr."
    Where I live, my PCP, Primary Care Phycisian, WILL NOT prescribe ANY Narcotics! They are required by law to have a special licsence to do so. They will refer us to a Pain Management Specialist. Beyond that, they will do nothing else when it comes to pain! Hence, the reason for our Pain Management Dr.'s!
    My Surgeon only write's meds for Post Surgery Pain! That's it! Again, the reason for Pain Management Dr.'s!
    ER. Dr.'s only treat for a problem long enough for you to get to whatever Specialist you may or may not, be in need of.
    At least, this is the way of the world, in my part of the woods, periwinkle
    periwinkle52 replied to periwinkle52's response:
    p.s. I also know several people, (friends) whom have been treated on a tempory basis, with Dilaudid for Migrains...
    periwinkle52 replied to rhyenn's response:
    You are welcome! I feel your pain when it comes to so called friends! I have to say, my "Family" is in the same category.
    Sometime I wonder, Would I be so crass, as to turn my back on someone I loved & cared for?
    After much soul searching, I can honestly say, NO! I still, to this day, cater to anyone whom has the misfortune, to be in a worse boat than I! That includes, giving rides, baking goodies, or cooking dinner. Sometimes it may be just listening to their woes, on the phone when I can not make it down my steps to my car!
    People don't understand how much a good ear, can do for someone whom is in terrific pain or a terrible depression.
    I really pray you find that Perfect Dr.! (if that exists) I once had one, to only lose him thru a terrible bout of surgeries & misunderstandings.They are few & far between, & I wish the the most of luck!! periwinkle
    jstbrznby replied to rhyenn's response:
    I share your entire experience! And wonder why we are so left on our own. I was 35 when I had my wreck and 41 when work comp released me into the care of pain management where I finally found salvation. For 10 years I never had a problem then I had to move to New Mexico and CAN NOT find a PM Dr who isn't afraid to just treat me. I have been thru all the injections therapy and on and on and found between meds and a good chiropractor I could keep my job. BUT now here sit with no help. I can get Vicodin or Percocet but those things are not meant for long term pain as we build up such a resistance to them. So, no I don't think you are alone, I just don't know how to fight the government on this!

    Take Care
    cweinbl replied to jstbrznby's response:
    If you have a spinal condition that might include a herniated disc, spinal fractures, osteoporosis or spondilothesis, then undergoing chiropractic manipulation is THE MOST DANGEROUS option. Chiropractors are not medical doctors. They do not attend medical school. They do not participate in a residency. They do not participate in a fellowship. Compared to a lawyer, they are a legal secretary.

    Fortunately, 80% of all humans have an experience with severe back pain and almost all of them get better on their own. Many such people praise their chiropractor when doing nothing would have the same result.

    However, after 43 years of sitting in the waiting rooms of neurologists, neurosurgeons, osteopaths, orthopedic surgeons and other medical doctors, I've seen the terrifying results of chiropractic manipulation. The medical doctors and surgeons have all told me that the most common symptom of new patients is for damage done by chiropractors.

    If you have a muscle, tendon or ligament problem, and it has been verified by a medical doctor with a CAT-scan, MRI or X-ray, then have at it with a chiro.

    But chiropractors, not being medical doctors, have few or no hospital privileges. Chiropractors cannot order and are not trained to interpret the most definitive diagnostic instruments, including radiological imaging. They only use X-ray. But soft tissue, like tumors and extruded disc material do not visualize on an X-ray. So a chiro is operating in the dark. You could go to a chiro with a spinal tumor for years and never discover it until it has metastasized into a fatal condition.

    Nothing is more important than your health. SO why treat it with someone who never went to medical school?
    rhyenn replied to jstbrznby's response:
    I would to have someone to share experiences with and I can't thank you enough for your experience and kind words My Email is ( I'm coming up on my Birthday is coming in a week or so and E Mail to me has become Viral but I'm hoping this is confidential but I believe by now these PM Doctor's have robe creative as you develop a tolerance if you have been on the medications so I'm praying for is all again thanks much Rhyenne,,,....

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