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    Uncontrolled Spinal pain 7 years plus.
    An_255077 posted:
    All I need help. I'm a female 60 years of age that has been through physical therapy, spinal injections, SI joint injections, laminectomy, spinal fusion, spinal cord stimulator implanted, and now looking at getting my SI joint fused in a few months. I take so much oral liquid medication daily for pain.
    I take hydrcodone and morphine at the same time 3 - 4 times daily to get through the day. As the years have moved on I have to increase the dosage to get the same relief, I worry how much pain meds I consume daily to control my pain.
    My thoughts are a pain pump since nothing else has helped me with pain control in the past.
    I just want to know if anyone else has been going through the same thing and did the pain pump help them. If so does anyone know of a good DR in the Michigan area they would recommend to see for treatment.
    77grace responded:
    Wll first of all I want you to know that I totally relate to what you are saying !!I will be 60 soon and have chronic neck and back pain for probally at least 30 years or more !!!!!
    AS far as the meds yes I had to increase mine after 10 years .Thank TGod that it nis helping !At least it takes the edge off !
    I have not tried the pump ,its a thought though !!If I knew it would work and no complications I would dod it !!!
    Let me know 77grace
    godofcats replied to 77grace's response:
    Where in MI
    ctbeth responded:
    Hi from Connecticut,

    In this community, we are not allowed to recommend doctors, or even write about our doctor by name.

    I'm sorry that spinal cord stimulation hasn't worked for you.

    Regarding an implanted reservoir delivery (pump), has your doctor spoken with you about whether you're a candidate for this treatment?

    That's a good place to begin; speak about it with your pain management MD.

    Naturally, there's are pro and con for every treatment.

    After getting some facts about the procedure, then you can weigh the good and bad about this delivery system and make an informed decision if this may be the best option for you.
    periwinkle52 responded:
    Good morning,
    1st off, Please know I think most of us here know of the issues with pain & how to control it! That is the reason we are here!
    At any rate, I have had the Pain Infusion Pump Implant! I did enjoy all of the benefits, BUT, it did have it's drawbacks! Which is why I write in the Past Tense! It is wonderful Pain Control given you are a good candidate & you have a Great Dr.!
    I have seen on Medtronic's Website where they have designed a much smaller device! Perhaps that is where you may find some valuable information? Definitely, your Dr., is the beginning of your search for info before have an implantation
    I wish you the Best Luck whichever way you proceed, periwinkle.
    ruthbischoff replied to godofcats's response:
    Lapeer, it is in Mid Michigan
    ruthbischoff replied to ctbeth's response:
    CT Beth, I will be having the SI fusion soon if that doesn't help with the pain.
    I will be looking into finding a pain clinic doctor about the pump. I'm so tired of letting the narcotics control my life making sure I have enough with me when I travel or leave my home.
    ruthbischoff replied to 77grace's response:
    Hello 77 Grace. I'm glad you are still getting good pain relief. As the years roll on I have had to keep increasing the amounts to get the same affect. I don't know anyone that has a pump but would like to talk to someone before moving ahead. I have a great deal of research to do before moving ahead. Good luck. Pain is a tough thing to deal with on a daily basis.
    ctbeth replied to ruthbischoff's response:
    Hi Ruth,

    Yeah, I know.

    I think we all feel like that sometime.

    However, if I view med management as something that I have to do to keep my pain at a tolerable level, then the logistics aren't such a big deal.

    It's about perspective; having pain meds gives me the comfort level that enables me to travel, participate in life a little more, sleep better, et al

    The doctor who prescribes your pain meds should be able to refer you to a neurosurgeon who implants the "pump".

    You'll want to go to a surgeon who works well with your pain management group/MD, as the scheduled filling of the reservoir of the pump is done at the pain management Dr's office.

    To clarify, are you having the L5- S1 level fused?

    The surgeon who is doing this surgery would most-likely also do the pump implantation.

    Have you spoken with your pain MD yet about this?

    Since the actual taking pills is bothersome to you, perhaps you and your MD could discuss Trans-dermal medication, such as BuTrans or Duragesic.

    If you don't mind answering, what was the problem with the spinal cord stimulator?

    Thanks, and best wishes.
    ruthbischoff replied to ctbeth's response:
    Hello Beth, that is my daughter name also. I had a four level fusion done about five years ago L 3,4,5 S1, and still had pain from day one after the fusion. The nerosurgeon could not give me an answer to why. Then I had the SCS put in and it helped a little at first but now seems to do nothing for my pain. So after physical therapy, injections, surgerys, also I did radio ferency ablasion to the spinal nerves last spring with no pain reduction, next is the SI fusion for pain relief. So if that doesn't work I plan on moving ahead with the internal pump. I'm in a holding pattern till I'm on medicare as of May 1,
    ctbeth replied to ruthbischoff's response:
    So you had Lumbar 3-4, lumbar 4-5, and lumbar 5-Sacral-1.

    Have you still the SCS, or was it explanted/ removed?

    If it's still in there, have you tried having the techs adjust the programming? This has helped me thought the years I've had SCS. I've had it since 2007.

    It's. to important, but I'm wondering to what level is S1 is going to be fused, of you've already had L5-S1. I'm probably missing something here.

    Yeah, it seems like the same "menu" that many of us have been served: Physical therapy, Epidural steroids, Medicines- anti- inflammatories, anti spasm, SSRIs, opiate Radio frequency ablations,

    and on, and on- right?

    Maybe consider calling the company rep and see if the adjustments may give you some relief.

    I hope that one of the modalities that you're considering offers you some relief

    I don't have a "pain pump", but I know a few who have it. Like all other treatments, it works great for some people and others not so great.

    I hope you'll be among the former.
    77grace replied to godofcats's response:
    I'm not sure sure what you mean? Or are you just messing around ??
    Whatever , 77grace
    ruthbischoff replied to ctbeth's response:
    Beth. I still have the SCS implanted I just turned it off for a while since it wasn't doing me any good. I have thought about getting it adjusted I think I will follow up on that.
    I'm having my SI joint fused not my spine. The Dr did a trial injection under x-ray to see if a numbing agent blocked my pain for at least 6 hours which it did for 24 hours. I was so excited that for the first time in years I had a full day with no pain. Although I was having withdrawals from opiates so I was taking 1/2 doses. So time will tell what the next move is for me.

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