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    Just in pain & Haven't posted in forever so i wanted to say hi!
    nowthis posted:
    SOOO A lot has happened since I last posted I'm sure...Hope all is well with everyone, as well as can be anyway.

    I have been on the 15mg Oxycodone for about 4 years now and had been between the 30mg Oxycontin every 12 hrs & 30mg morphine 3x day/every 8 hours off and on the last 4 years depending on insurance....WELL recently the Oxycontin pretty much just wasn't doing it for me SOOO, I decided to go off for a few months to give my body a chance to hopefully get the tolerance down, so I was off for 3 months and suffered through on the Morphine, b/c it sure doesn't give me the relief that I got from Oxycontin! Well I went back on the Oxycontin and BAM...sure enough, didn't work still!

    SO I made another trip back to the DR and he put me on Fentanyl 50mcg patches which I can tell have made a difference and am happy with how they work other than they don't last QUITE the 72 hours, about 60 is about what I'm getting. I am going to mention this next visit BUT I am considering calling tomorrow(if they are open, Atlanta is pretty much shut down bc of the weather if you haven't watched any tv in the last couple days lol) to see aobut getting in b/c the 15mg Oxycodone just isn't doing it anymore either, it's only lasting MAYBE 3 hours, then I'm back to pretty severe pain, I also had another epidural about a week ago, which usually helps and it didn't help much this time I'm sad to say! I'm going to suggest going up to the 30mg on the Oxycodone and if he gives any reservation I'll suggest cutting it back to 3 a day instead of 4 or we can change it all together to something else, I really DON'T CARE so long as I can get more relief. I sit constantly at work and this doesn't help but their isn't much I can do to change it! He told me the other day before my epidural he would be happy to keep doing these so long as I was happy with the results, otherwise I'm looking at surgery. I'm honestly very seriously considering it, ESPECIALLY since I've met my deductible and out of pocket max for the year already!!!!! I'm SO TIRED of this!!! It's been 12 years of pain at this point, and I'm only 28!!!!I If their is a 50% chance it'll relieve pain then I'd have it with no questions asked to be quite honest!!! I honestly have no idea what he would even do but I fully trust him, He's never steered me wrong in 4 years.....

    Anyway, Sorry to post such a long post, but was feeling bad(hurting) & wanted to post!


    Sorry if there were any spelling errors, i really didn't feel like going back to read through for spelling errors!
    nowthis responded:
    BTW, July 25, 2012, I had weight loss surgery, was 275, am now 170! I really thought doing this would totally reduce my pain by a great amount but it didn't do ANYTHING at all to reduce it! I was very disappointed about that, but that was the ONLY thing I was disappointed in with my decision LOL...I'm loving the life it gave me back! anyway just wanted to add that!
    davedsel2 replied to nowthis's response:
    Hello, Jonathan and welcome back. I remember you.

    I am sorry to read you are in so much pain still. I fully understand. My spinal conditions are genetic and I started with symptoms in my late teens. 35 years later I am still seeking ways to find some type of relief.

    Have you considered or had ablation, aka rhizotomy? My wife is disabled as well due to a lower back injury she suffered at work 3 years ago. She had two rhizotimies, one one each side about a month apart and had good results - about 60% pain reduction that lasted a total of about 7 or 8 months. She will be having another set next month. I will also start seeing her pain management physiatrist and am considering the same procedure.

    Congratulations on your weight loss!! What type of bariatric surgery did you have? I have fought obesity all my life and have been considering gastric sleeve surgery for a few years and I may be having that this year.

    Good to see a post from you and hope to see more soon.

    I will be praying that you can find ways to relieve your pain.
    Please click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    dfromspencer replied to nowthis's response:
    Congratulations on the success!!! 170? Amazing!!! By the photo, you look very slim? Again, congrats!!!

    Sorry about the pain! Some of us will never get any relief! I suffer from nerve damage and nothing seems to touch it??? I tried those nerve blocks, it lasted maybe two hours, then back to full on hurt!!! I take 4-100mg. ms.contin, (Full morphine) plus 5- 5mg. oxycodone per day. Also, I have to take 600mg. of Lyrica per day. All laughable at best?! Nothing they know of will touch the burn?! So, I suffer, day in, day out! Sleeping is the worst!

    I hope you find the relief you seek?! Good luck!

    nowthis replied to davedsel2's response:
    I'm going to read into the Rhizotomy. I called & got an appt to get in and see him AGAIN next friday. Not sure what were going to do yet, for the moment until we can try another procedure or figure something out I'm hoping we can at least increase the mg on my meds for the short acting, it just wears off too soon and I'm not getting the relief I need, even if he'd go from the 15mg to 30 mg from 4x day to 3x a day I think it could make a difference, idk we'll see!

    I actually had the sleeve! LOVE IT! No side effects whatsoever! Best decision of my life!

    Thanks for the info in your post, I appreciate it!!!

    nowthis replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Good grief I am so sorry to hear you take so much morphine with little relief! Morphine has never really done much for me unless given via IV!

    This is really the first time my epidural didn't help my leg pain! but as far as my back goes, I just think I've been on this med so long it's just not near as useful but I'm so scared to try something else that wouldn't help at's just scary switching my immediate release med! have you tried long acting like the Fentanyl or oxycontin??

    We'll see what happens at my Dr's appt next friday! And thanks for the congrats, It feels great to be a "normal" sized person, at least what society deems normal anyway!

    Good luck!

    ctbeth responded:
    Hi my sweet friend!

    It so nice to see you here, even though I see you on Facebook!

    First, I'm so happy that you put up a new profile picture.

    I'm so honored that I got to see your photos through that past year and a half of your weight loss.

    You look so beautiful! Good job!

    There has been so much else going on in your life this past month or so, that I didn't read how you did with your last epidural. Since you did so well with the one before, I'm bummed that this one hasn't been great.

    Welcome back to the group, and I'll talk to you later.

    Regarding a 50% pain reduction: some would not have surgery with those odds. As for me, I'd do anything for any relief.

    50% may not seem like a great reduction! but if you look it as five pain numbers! then it may seem like a better option! especially since you're young! healthy! and haven't had back surgery before.

    A 50% reduction equals a pain number 8 reduced to a pain number 3.

    All of the sudden, 50% seems nice! right?

    Your family has been through so much these past few years. You are a very strong and fine man, JD,


    77grace responded:
    Hi Johnathon ,
    Congratulations on your weight loss,That's great !
    As far as pain ,I can relate too!I have had cronic pain over 25 years so I know how hard it is !!
    Also ,tolerance !I am dealing with the same thing !!I am on a lot of medication and still in pain !I know about Fentanyl not lasting 72 hours !Some people I know tell their Dr. and they know it too so they let them take it every 48 hrs. or 60 ??
    It's about time for me to try and get my tolerance down too but I just don't know how I'll handle the pain !
    Take care 77grace
    tuloud54 replied to nowthis's response:
    Normally,you would have to get divorced to lose that kind of weight!! Sorry the weight loss did not help the pain but helped every other part of your system for sure. Your heart,lungs and all the other parts thank you. On the back of the fentanyl pamphlet it actually says may not last 72hrs.I went through this and with no back up meds,w/d every month. Do not let this happen with you. Although you do have back up meds so may not notice as much. I really am sorry surgery may ne needed at your age. There is no going back.Hopefully the patch will give you some much needed relief. Read my history for any patch onfo that may help.New dr put me on 48hrs to change the patch on my first visit with him. Good luck and best advice I can give is try and keep moving as much as possible. God spped. Tom

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