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    skydncr posted:
    what is the difference in the two? does one have acetaminophen and the other does not? if one does how would it be worded
    Is Oxy IR: Oxycodone Immediate Release?
    How would Oxycodone with acetaminophen be written?

    I am asking because I took a prescription to the pharmacy
    written Oxy IR they told me it was fake I just about passed out, I took it back to the dr and he told me to take it to another pharmacy, so I did and they filled it no problem.
    a few days ago I went to the ER and the dr wrote me a script for oxycontin every 12 hours extended release
    and also oxycodone HCL it was suppose to have acetaminophen in it to take ever 6 hours immediate release
    took it to my reg pharmacy they wouldn't fill it because they said I had some at home... I had the timed release at home needed the immediate release.. still would do it for 2 days.. picked that up today and it is the same exact pill I had at home... again they told me the dr wrote the script wrong
    the first was my primary dr they said wrote it wrong, now it is the ER dr wrote it wrong.. I need to know before I leave the offices what it should be
    Thanx so much
    77grace responded:
    Hi ,
    Well first of all I am a professional just a pain suffer too !As far as I know oxycontin is slowly released over an extended period of time !It's like your main pain med and oxycodone ir is immediate release !It works right away for breakthrough pain !
    But then I think you asked is there a difference between Oxy Ir and oxycodone ?I don't think so but I'm not sure
    Hope you find out and you will we have a lot of Nurses on this site !
    Take care ,77grace
    skydncr replied to 77grace's response:
    The thing is, the ER Dr knew I had the Immediate release oxycodone I had brought my bottle of meds with me, he wanted me to take the oxycodone with the tylenol in it for the break through pain..why is it one pharmacy is always telling me the dr wrote it wrong, instead of telling me why do they not call the dr and find out his instructions instead of accusing me of wriging it myself, especially since I bring more than one in with the same signature, same handwriting etc,
    what do I know I am neither a dr or a pharmacist, I am in extreme pain and can't walk.. I didn't go to school for this, why accuse me of something without talking to the dr, I am very upset
    Thank you for you time.. I hope we can get this straight
    77grace replied to skydncr's response:
    HI skydnc ,
    I'm confused!Do you mean they think that you wrote the script ?? That's a real drag !Sorry for you !!!
    Are you still needing one of the prescriptions ????
    Maybe call your Dr. and have them straighten it al out I know how frustrating this can be !
    Hang in there ,good luck !77grace
    skydncr replied to 77grace's response:
    yes, they way they talked to me at first they said it was a fake script.. and I had never taken it before, I showed her my bottle from a different pharmacy and explained the reason I had been getting it at a different pharmacy was because every time I brought it in they were out and it would be in til next week, so My Dr. told me to take it to another pharmacy, where I had no problems.. I tried again at my regular pharmacy and that is when they told me it was a fake they also told me it didn't come in that dosage it was 10 mg they said it didn't come in 10 mg and that I had never taken it before, they checked my records.. so I took the bottle out of my purse and said yes I have taken it, I have had to get it filled elsewhere because you never have it in stock, I was just hoping to get them all in one place instead of having to travel all over town.. She informed me to take it back to my dr.. I did told him what they said, he disagreed with them, copied a page out of his pharmacy book and highlighted the mg's it does come in and circled the 10 mg.. and told me to tell the to please be sure to keep it on hand because I would be getting this script every 30 days.. I took it back up to the pharmacy.. was told again it was written wrong, and they can not change the name of a medication by law, tried to show her to paper he copied for me and she wouldn't look at.. so I took it to the other pharmacy and they filled it no problem..
    Then when I went to ER He changed the oxycodone to the one with tylenol in it, because he also put me on 20 mg of oxycontin every 12 hours.... My daughter took the scripts to have them filled and the refused to fill the one saying I had some at home... they couldn't fill them for 2 days, so when my son-in-law pick it up 4 days later, since they didn't call to say it was ready, he opened it, and called me to say ummm this is not what you told me it should look like, I called the pharmacy explained they had given me the wrong script, and they said no we gave you what the dr wrote, I said it was suppose to have tylenol in it.. well the dr wrote the script wrong them (another dr wrote it wrong).. so he snotted off that I should just take 2 tylenol with it, it's the SAME thing.. well if that is true, then I'd be taking 1000 mg of tylenol because my tablets are 500, which is still over the 325 FDA recommendation.
    I guess what I want to know is, how can one pharmacy know exactly what it should be, and another tell you it is wrong and against the law for them to fill it, and accuse you at first of pretty much using a fake script..

    should it say oxycodone 10/325
    or oxycodone 10mg
    one writes it oxy 10mg

    I am confused, stressed, in severe pain and my doctor left for vacation on friday for 2 weeks... My appt was cancelled on Wed due to 10 inches of snow... GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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