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    SIJoint Surgery
    mazzarisi posted:
    Unsure about surgery Ihave symptoms of numbness and pain down myl left leg and buttock.I have 2 spinal fusions L4L5 s1 Ialso experience burning pain down both my legs and feet This the 2nd time I am scheduling the surgery but still have more questions for my neurosurgeon Ifeel this is a serious surgery even though the procedure is minamilly invasive This diagnosis was deteermined with CT guided SI injection Being I felt relief after it was an indication that it was the SIjoint The recovery is long and I am not confident it will really help with all my symptoms PLEASE ADVISE! Mazzarisi
    annette030 responded:
    Please ask your surgeon all your questions prior to having anything done.

    Take care, Annette
    psymommy responded:
    Try to look for alternative treatments. Have an appointment with a local physical therapist.
    ctbeth responded:
    Hi mazzarisi,

    What is the surgery that is being considered?

    May I ask, did you have a two- level fusion, L4-5, L5-S-1, or did you have one level fused initially, then had a second surgery for the second level? Actually, this does make a difference.

    Again, your saying that this surgery is a minimally- invasive procedure.

    And this make a huge difference: are you considering open back neuro- surgery, or a minimally- invasive procedure?

    If you're considering a minimally-invasive procedure on a level that has proven to relieve pain when treated with an injection, well, that's a fairly good indication.

    As Annette said, as reply to your writing that you still have many questions- by all means, ASK every question. If you're not certain that you completely understand the answers, tell the MD that, too.

    After you get your questions answered, and if it is a minimally- invasive procedure, then you'll probably be better able to make an informed decision.

    Psymommy, what sort of "alternative treatments" would be indicated for neuro- genic pain caused by pressure on spinal nerves? Clearly, NOT chiropractic, which is not indicated in spinal nerve conditions.

    Since chiros are only allowed to use X-rays as the sole diagnostic tool, they can cause significant harm to an unstable vertebral column.

    Another concern with "alternative treatments" is that insurance companies not cover many of these pseudo- therapies.

    Some do cover chiropractic, but chiro isn't a good option for neuro. problems.

    Some also cover acupuncture, although the scientific evidence doesn't support acupuncture as an effective treatment for spinal nerve compression.

    Biofeedback can be quite helpful in long- term pain management, but biofeedback is no longer considered an " alternative" medical treatment.

    Once there is scientific evidence that an alternative treatment is effective, it is no longer called "alternative"; it is then called medical treatment.

    Be careful. The non- scientifically supported "alternative" treatments are quite expensive and most do or stand up as effective when exposed to scientific study.

    Best wishes, and I do hope that you'll come back and tell us what you're thinking,


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